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THE SHOW MUST GO ON: Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada Still Set To Air As Planned

It's no surprise, but VH1 has every plan to go forth with Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada's "Ev & Ocho" reality show, despite their domestic abuse scandal this weekend....


Since pulling any show that has been given a boost of publicity due to a domestic abuse and arrest would just be foolish, VH1 is still set to kick off the couple's reality show this September.

ABC News Radio reports:

ABC News Radio has learned that VH1 still plans to air "Ev & Ocho" as planned. The series, which follows the couple as they prepare for the nuptials with the help of wedding planner Diann Valentine, is set to premiere on the network on Sept. 3, 2012 at 9:30 PM PT/ET.

It's still unclear whether cameras are still rolling (even though we wouldn't be surprised if they just so happened to get cut back on today if they weren't).  The show, however, is being promoted as Chad & Evelyn's wedding planning ups and down before their big day--which was only a month ago.

Meanwhile, both Chad & Evelyn appeared on HBO's "Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins" docuseries (pictured above) recently about the pre-season trials and tribulations of NFL players.  And Chad, the newest Dolphin at the time the series was taped, gave plenty of red flags about what was to come.

"You think the critics are bad," Chad said during a confessional.  "When I'm not doing well, she's actually the worst critic of them all. I didn't have sex the entire season last year because of my play. But I scored a touchdown, she allowed me to score. But after that, went back on cobweb mode."

The couple talked on the show about their first date at McDonald's after meeting on Twitter. And how Chad was calling Evelyn everything he could except for the B word, just to piss her off. But then, "hate turned into love," Evelyn said on the show. Chad's epiphany?  "Whenever you pause [video game] Call of Duty for someone, that's the f*cking one."

And when the the players were given a few days off, Chad jokingly (we hope) said, "I promise you I'm getting arrested while we're off."

Planned publicity stunt?  Who knows. But even though Chad has been fired from the Dolphins as of last night, he's still got a show to look forward to.  Will you be watching?

Photo Credit: Piotr Sikora




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jenny's picture

Both nasty and disgusting

Both nasty and disgusting they deserve each other and all the STD'S they share.
DominicanQueen's picture

Chad never seems

Chad never seems serious....and you damn skippy VH1 is going to air this show. The ratings are prolly gonna be through the roof.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

well when u lie down with a

well when u lie down with a slut low life woman nothing positive is going to prevail.

She stupid "hate turned into

She stupid "hate turned into love?" WTF?!?
WTF's picture

The Ass Clown needs the money

The Ass Clown needs the money now......and Evelyn's 1st words to him after jail ---> "You're lucky I'm a slut"......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

stupid idiots!! I can't....

stupid idiots!! I can't....
lifeisgood's picture

I just can't with these 2.

I just can't with these 2. They stay doing the most.
holmesa925's picture

There's no fool like this

There's no fool like this fool!!!!
goeze's picture

VH1 and all the producers and

VH1 and all the producers and who ever have to eat, at the end of the day, Chad is the one who got hurt the most, he want to jail, lost his football career over some ignorant ass woman so for VH1 to continue with the show is not surprising, they want to keep showing how MOST BLACK MEN ESP. THOSE IN THE NFL AND OTHER SPORTS ACT IGNORANT. Some people just take up space on earth, and some people are a disease on earth.
Cashing out's picture

I'm surprised at vh1 for

I'm surprised at vh1 for still airing this mess. I guess a soon-to-be broke nigga and a his bully wife hitting each other is a good catch for their pocket!!!
Let's get it poppin's picture

"I'm not surprised"

"I'm not surprised"
Let's get it poppin's picture

If this isn't evidence that

If this isn't evidence that VHI is the new pimp...
VIRTUOUS1's picture

You are right, except for the

You are right, except for the fact that VH1 is not a new pimp, VH1 has been pimping for the longest most people are just now realizing that, or just now opining up their eyes and brains. #amjustsaying
Cashing out's picture

welp. after its all said and

welp. after its all said and done they are both still richer than me. they'll be alright.
shuga's picture

I can't believe this dude

I can't believe this dude just trashed his football career (main source of income) to get some cheap publicity for a reality show.
slc's picture

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