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Toni Braxton Gets UNCENSORED For JET Magazine, Tamar Talks Plastic Surgery Necessities

The Braxtons are prepping their return to reality tv this fall.  And Toni B. is covering the brand new issue of JET magazine and dishing about her decision to ax her own brother-in-law, and her sisters are giving uncensored talk about plastic surgery and "oral transactions."

The stars of Braxton Family Values— WEtv’s No. 1 reality series—are feature din the new JET magazine, on stands today (8/13).

Tamar Braxton spoke on people's criticism of the plastic surgery they believe she's had.  Her response: “I don’t need a bunch of work done to be cute. I’m pretty.” Oh?

And, Toni says about giving the ax to her ex-manager/ brother-in-law Vincent Herbert, adding: “…Being family and working together was just too much.”

Guess we'll get to hear Vince's take on it when his spinoff show with wife Tamar airs this fall as well.

The new season of We's "Braxton Family Values" premieres August 16th at 9p/8c.  And "Tamar & Vince" premieres September 20th at 10p/9c.




Why are ppl getting worked up

Why are ppl getting worked up about a pic that was taken 3 years ago? Why ppl feel they need to tell someone how to dress when they are in their 40s. Toni can dress how she wants, its her right. PPl just love to hate and try to find every opportunity to say negative things about someone. But the more they hate the more Toni succeed. To each is own, if you in your 40s and want to dress like you are 90 go right ahead. You are as young as you feel. Don't let society determine your life, what you should and should not do , by the time you aged you will regret it. By the way Toni is sexy , and does not have to try hard. And ppl you do also have insecure ppl, fully clothe walking around everyday. Society filled your heads with garbage telling you what you should do, i suggest you live your life how you want it.

I guess the resident 'ol

I guess the resident 'ol head' of the site has SPOKEN!!!!
tori's picture

I love Toni but is she still

I love Toni but is she still going to be doing that pose when she's 50? It waaaaaaaaaaaay overdone at this point.
Denise2007's picture

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jenny's picture

Toni's dress looks like it

Toni's dress looks like it has a sh*t stain smack dab in the middle of it smh. Some people like to say that Toni and her sisters are like the Kardashians, "but with talent," when in my opinion they are more like the Kardashians "withOUT the looks." They all looked jacked up and knifed up, especially Tamar's loud, ghetto, over-the-top a$$. I like Braxton Family Values, but don't understand why that show and Tamar and Vince show would be airing at the same time...GET IT TOGETHER WEtv!!
tori's picture

What is up with that "hand on

What is up with that "hand on the head" pose??? SHe has been doing that so often in photo shoots... You don't need to be a model to take a damn picture, but give your fans some change!!! That pose looks like she's trying to be a damsal in distress!

Toni's always been beautiful.

Toni's always been beautiful. The way that she dresses has been her m.o since her "You Making Me High" days.
Tagirl27's picture

She has had surgery...I was

She has had surgery...I was just looking at her old videos...SMH she was beautiful back in the day
DW's picture

Sade is older than Toni B and

Sade is older than Toni B and is naturally sexy without even trying. What everyone is simply saying is she TRYS TOO HARD AND STILL FAILS! When you have to be overly sexy at concerts but is coming across as an woman that still thinks she is and looks 20 it's a fail. When you have to do the hand on your face pose you did when you were in your 20's it's a fail! I saw Sade in a concert and she still has It!. WEARING AGE APPROPIATE "WITH IT CLOTHING". Still looking sexy as ever. Toni take note Sade is just naturally sexy and she don't even have to try at it!
Shay's picture

I mean Vince WAS managing her

I mean Vince WAS managing her career and as much as I like Toni, there was not much to manage. I DO think that Tamar is pretty but her personality is very overwhelming. The surgery she had on her nose was ok, but all that other work was overboard.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

All of these women have

All of these women have serious self-esteem issues (and their father was "A Man of God". That alone....tells you what a house-of-cards it is....smh).....Oral transactions are more intimate than SEX.....those freaks just like SUCKING ON STRANGE COCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

This is Toni; she's just

This is Toni; she's just being herself and she's been this way for years. She is a sexy individual who turns up the sex in her performances and that's her trade mark. And you can't be sexy @ 40? I have never heard such foolishness before. There are plenty of women 40 + who are sexier than women in their 20's and Toni is one of them. I think she always poses with her hand close to her face to draw attention to her pretty face.
I_love_laughing's picture


You REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to take reading lessons!!! Who said that women can't be sexy at 40????????? You need to re-read what is written below........ I was talking about toni braxton trying toooooo hard to be sexy when she is not. In the other hand, halle berry WHO IS BEYOND 40 is sexy without even trying.
Let's get it poppin's picture

Toni Braxton not sexy?? WTF??

Toni Braxton not sexy?? WTF?? You need to go sit your blind/hating/whatever ass down somewhere. Must be out your damn mind.
JN's picture

Toni has never been what i

Toni has never been what i call pretty but some what attractive but the bad nose job ain't helping matter's none. It's never a good thing when an woman in her 40's is trying to be sexy. Friends of mine recently saw her in the caribbean doing a concert and they said she was still trying to act like she looked in her video's for You're making me high and He was'nt man enough for me. Toni back then you were in your 20's now you're in your 40's. You do not look the same! That's what I have always liked about Sade she never had to act sexy because she just was sexy! 40's 50's some woman just have it and other's have to try too hard and still fail!
Shay's picture

Exactely!!!! Shout out to

Exactely!!!! Shout out to Shade!!! She's the best without even trying.
Let's get it poppin's picture

yes, Toni. yes, you are

yes, Toni. yes, you are cute.
shuga's picture

Man, Toni been posing the

Man, Toni been posing the same way since she first came out. what's up with her damn hand on head all the time?
Pam's picture

This woman seems to be very

This woman seems to be very insecure. She's either wearing short outfits or shows up in public in almost naked outfits. At age 40 with kids you must tone down the "over sexiness". A 40 and something woman can still be sexy with an age appropriate outfit. I know halle berry is sexy without even trying. Everything about her scream self confidence! Yet you will never see her walking around almost naked !
Let's get it poppin's picture


star's picture

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