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WOMP: Chad Johnson DROPPED By The Miami Dolphins

After his arrest for domestic violence Saturday night, Chad Johnson has been released by the Miami Dolphins.  Deets inside...

Chad was previously released by the New England Patriots and was recently picked up by the Miami Dolphins after he battled for a spot ont he team.

And after his appearance on a recent episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks", the inside look into how NFL Teams go through the pre-season, it was clear Chad was already on thin ice due to his behavior in interviews.

The arrest was apparently the last straw for the team, as they took to Twitter with the announcement saying:

The Miami Dolphins have terminated the contract of WR Chad Johnson.

Chad also needs to worry about the legal ramifications of his fight with wife Evelyn.  ESPN reports:

If convicted, Johnson faces a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. He could also receive community service, probation or anger management classes.





I guess we should look

I guess we should look forward to Chad Johnson in "The Johnson: the new porno flick coming to XXX video store near you HaHaHa #Ev&Ocho

stupid ass, that's what this

stupid ass, that's what this dummy gets.
sunra's picture

This is a bunch of b.s.!!

This is a bunch of b.s.!! There are NFL players who've done far worse and didn't get fired!! I think that was a bit extreme.
qtpa2t's picture

Not to mention he hasn't even

Not to mention he hasn't even been convicted of anything yet. Prime example of guilty until proven innocent. Not saying he is innocent...just sayin.
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jenny's picture

Bawahahahahaha! Now that

Bawahahahahaha! Now that nigga needs to come back down to earth!
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Yas's picture

Chad honestly should have

Chad honestly should have walked away from the situation. He knew Ev was "about that life", that life being a media whore and athlete groupie, plus Chad had a NO tolerance stipulation in his contract because of all HIS foolery behavior off the field. Evelyn's race has nothing to do with what happened, at the end of the day she is a grimey FEMALE, and last time I checked they came in ALL races!! You females are a mess to think a black woman wouldn't call the cops in that situation. Are you saying black men should ONLY date black women because if they beat them, they won't call the cops and f*ck up their paper???
tori's picture

this isn't about him marrying

this isn't about him marrying a latina. this is about him making a bad decision, and gettin the game mixed up. evelyn is on TV, trying to beat someone up every week, yet he still went in and married her...his job is football, not some reality cameras..love is great, but when you are unemployed as a result, you are a Fool. ain't no man/woman/whatever stoppin the dinero (well, not for Me) and yeah he's old enough to know the diff, but maybe he's making his choice - to be a messy ass dude with a messy ass chick. you Never see peacocks with pigeons and i betcha chad and ev gone be real happy now.

oooo i bet he really wants to

oooo i bet he really wants to beat evelyn's a* now.
brownlace's picture

Chad when you play in the

Chad when you play in the gutter you're bound to get bit by a hood rat (your wifey). Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz you need to click those golden slippers you wore to your wedding three times and come on back home.
Denise2007's picture

Wow, out of a great job that

Wow, out of a great job that quick with foolywang! I don't know how he thought getting with such a high-drama chick would be smooth sailing anyway...Big dummy. Chad is learning a lesson that Terrell Owens and Dennis Rodman learned...no matter how talented you are on the field/court, there's always someone better coming up the line that will be grateful for the opportunity. Teams would easily throw you to the side for that one that will not act a fool all the time!
Coffy's picture

Evelyn is the devil. She will

Evelyn is the devil. She will be his demise #thatsall
SkeeWee's picture

Good I am glad she got her

Good I am glad she got her ass kicked. That is what happens to bullies. Plus this was a disaster from the beginning. Sad part is that she will be back with him tomorrow or Tonight. F
lola69's picture

hope they signed a prenup.

hope they signed a prenup.
shuga's picture

I am not even going to say

I am not even going to say that’s what happens when all this black men thinks white and Latinos are better for them, I will be lying. Because black females to come with their own baggage and issues, but as a MAN, you saw that woman jump on top of a table to fight Jennifer, you saw and knew she was trouble and violence before you get married to her. Is not like he didn’t have time to call off the weeding but yet again he proceeded with the weeding, so with all that said and done HE deserve it. AND I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR HIS BLACK ASS.
Cashing out's picture

It's Evelyn's fault. Why did

It's Evelyn's fault. Why did she call the police? It seems like his head should be hurt because Evelyn got a big forhead too just like Rihanna.
I_love_laughing's picture

With regard to him and

With regard to him and Evelyn, I think it was a publicity stunt that went way wrong, but then again I don't think he even wanted to play the game of football anymore. Didn't seem like his heart was in it. He was playing for pennies. I hope he invested and saved well.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

he deserved to get dropped.

he deserved to get dropped. humble yourself or be humbled by life.
leesh's picture

This is what happens when you

This is what happens when you forget for real what's it all about...Chad wants to be a celebrity/tv reality/movie star and using football as a stepping stone...obviously he can't play the game like that....don't really know who butt heads with whom but I do know he should charge this shit to the game and him and Evelyn should end it here and go there separate ways before things get really out of hand...If he indeed head butt Evelyn as said - why would she want to stay with a man that like - that's just giving her a preview of what's to come later down the line....
lifeisgood's picture

shit just got real

shit just got real
Tishaboo's picture

LMAO...... You get what you

LMAO...... You get what you deserve
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Gee that was quick

Gee that was quick

Wow!~was it worth it?¿!

Wow!~was it worth it?¿! There are 3 sides to EVery story ~ I want to see how EVil is going to spin this one. All that "where I'm from bullsh*t". Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeez ↓
GetUrLife's picture

Now it just got serious !!!!

Now it just got serious !!!! I mean you made ur bed , lay in it. He say he dnt like black woman, he only like Latina ,see look at u now. Cause he never been in trouble before until he got wt this ghetto Latina. Sold yourself out for tv. Putting black woman out. I don't feel sorry for his ass. And no we should have stay wt d white girls huh, Pls means you hate your mama.
esensi's picture

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
knm931's picture

Well, I am sorry to hear

Well, I am sorry to hear about him losing his contract but he needs to get his life in order and focus on football. If he gets another contract somewhere hopefully he will take it seriously and stop being a media whore. As for Evelyn, I think she knew what she was getting into when she married this dude. I wonder if this incident will end the marriage or if they will continue on in their relationship.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

Now that he is on his way to

Now that he is on his way to "BROKE CITY", i think ms bullying aka lozada will think twice before she decide to stay with him.....
Let's get it poppin's picture

thats really unfortunate.

thats really unfortunate.
shuga's picture

you never hear about Sistas

you never hear about Sistas having their men arrested for domesting violence...when will these brothas learn to leave these LSLH women ALONE!
BEEMA's picture

So Rihanna is not black?????

So Rihanna is not black????? Umm K. Michelle might not have called the cops but she sure as hell is trying to put an end to MempIHITZWOMEN career.
tori's picture

Please speak for yourself! I

Please speak for yourself! I am a black woman and I wouldn't hesitate to call the police if a man head butts me. My SIX older brothers would also pay him a visit upon his release from jail!
CLS1986's picture

Whoa! I don't think that is

Whoa! I don't think that is exactly a good thing that sistah's don't have their men arrested for DOMESTIC violence, are you serious? If more women did that, if more black women took this men to court for child support, if more of then turn down some of these no count men, a great message would be sent forth and we could change some of the negative statistics out there about our community. Nobody should put their hands on anybody, period and I don't care what race/ethnicity or socio-economic brackets they belong, keep your damn hands and in this case head to yourself! If you cannot speak with your mouth, if you are so choked up with anger than your hands are the only ways to demonstrate your emotions, you need to WALK AWAY!
Marek's Wifey's picture

STOP making sense!!

STOP making sense!!
CLS1986's picture

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