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COUPLE QUICKIES: Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Boo'd Up In Switzerland + Tamera Mowry-Housley Celebrates Hubby's Birthday & Her BABY SHOWER!

We've got cutesy couple snapshots of Gabby & D-Wade & a very pregnant Tamera Mowry-Housley and her hubby.  Check it inside...

The "Tia & Tamera" star may be about ready to pop with her new baby boy on the way, but twin actress Tamera still made time to host a cutesy 41st birthday get together for her husband Adam Housley in their new Napa Valley home.  And at the same time, having her baby shower.

The glowing mom-to-be gave her hubby a San Francisco Giants MLB themed vanilla, chocolate and caramel Cold Stone Creamery ice cream birthday cake.  Yum!

And it was also Tamera and hubby's baby shower day, hosted by her twin Tia Mowry Hardrict, her best friend and her cousin Jerome.  It was all taped for the twins' reality show.  Here's a few sweet pics: 

Tamera's looking fabulous by the way.  She's due October 30th!



And over in Switzerland, Gabby Union was swept to yet another country during her boyfriend Dwyane Wade's off season.  The twosome jetted from London over to Lake Geneva yesterday to attend a Hublot event.  And they looked happy as pie to be sipping champagne, looking fab and living it up.

Dwyane kept it dapper in his neutral two-toned double-breasted Tom Ford suit and custom designed DelToro shoes.  While Gabby kept it sexy in an Alexander Wang dress, Brian Atwood shoes and a Mulberry bag. Kissy kissy!


Pics: Cheryl McClean/Black Celeb Kids




Aww, Tamera! She looks so

Aww, Tamera! She looks so beautiful and happy. Love it!
LisaNiños's picture

Jesus Loves you amen and amen

Jesus Loves you amen and amen Yay!!!!!!! God Bless
JESUS LOVES's picture

Dwayne needs a stylist and if

Dwayne needs a stylist and if he has one ~ he/she should be fired. So not cute. ↓
GetUrLife's picture

she is so beautiful...i can't

she is so beautiful...i can't wait to tune in to see her and that bundle, i love them!!
_speak's picture

Happy Birthday, Adam! …

Happy Birthday, Adam! … Dwyane, and Gabrielle looks like a nice solid-couple! ... Tamera, reminds me of a “Beautiful Black Nubian Queen”, with the Hairdo, an all! … ok, Dwyane Wade, how did you get that “Nagging Black Sister” to go to Switzerland with you “Brother”, can’t you see she’s Beautiful, and she drinks too?...in “Eddie Murphy’s” best voice “Yes! Yes! In the Face; put it in the Face!”
rebellious soul's picture

Tamera is a stunning woman.

Tamera is a stunning woman. I like her husband; he seems nice.
Happy Lady's picture

Tamera looks so

Tamera looks so beautiful!...that husband of her's is cute too!...congratulations on becoming new parents soon.
Lola's picture

Pregnant women are beautiful.

Pregnant women are beautiful.

Tamera & her hubby look so

Tamera & her hubby look so cute! Can't wait to see the baby!
Beautyfulones's picture

Tamera looks so beautiful and

Tamera looks so beautiful and radiant!!!! She's happy and you can tell because it's all over her.
knm931's picture

Tamera looks so beautiful -

Tamera looks so beautiful - she is absolutely glowing. Love that dress on Gabby. Not those shoes D.Wade...not those shoes.
Denise2007's picture

tamera looks

tamera looks stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a boy bc she is glowing
leesh's picture

Tamera looks radiant, so

Tamera looks radiant, so beautiful! Gabrielle Union is gorgeous and Wade looks nice. Fashion is all about taking risks. Why are people so bitter? DAAAAMN!! If any celeb couple's life style doesn't look better than the average person it's Beyonce and Jay Z. Besides buying a private plane with bedrooms and renting a mansion for $500k a month they seem so boring to me. They live in a Tribeca apartment in NYC NOT EVEN Manhattan. The Carters are hardly seen together and when they are one person seems to be into the other more *cough* Beyonce.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Love Tamera. Can't stand

Love Tamera. Can't stand gabrielle n Dwayne. Two ugly ppl.
FrenchieAmerican's picture

Tamera looks so happy and is

Tamera looks so happy and is glowing. She looks amazing pregnant and I'm sure her baby will be a cutie just like their mama. I'm loving the Cold Stone cake (not the team), they have the best sweet treats!!
tori's picture

Gabrielle and Dwade cannot

Gabrielle and Dwade cannot dress for shit!.....sorry stans lol
star's picture

cutesyyyy! r Dwayne & gabby

cutesyyyy! r Dwayne & gabby ever gonna get married? CHECK OUT MY BLOG ---------> http://givingherhers.blogspot.com/
NeimanJMarcus's picture

Why does Gabby Union always

Why does Gabby Union always look like she just got a new dress of the sale rack at Ross? Stylist are for people who can't pick out nice clothing for themselves. Gabby you need one ASAP! For all the names you have been called thru the years like; Hoe, Homewrecker and so on I think he could at least pay for you to have a Stylist. Who knows when he will ask for your hand in HOLY MATRIMONY. You certainly have put in the work for this guy and his and his Ex-wife kids.
Shay's picture

There is a guy by the name of

There is a guy by the name of Sinqua Hall that plays on Teen Wolf on MTV that looks like he could be Dwayne Wades younger much better looking brother who made it as a model. No Lie! He has DW face but 1,000 no 1000000 times better. Google him he's DW minus the Big wide nose and the ugly flipped up lips. We all know someone that looks like someone but they look 200% better. Sinqua is that guy! Tamera looks so pretty she's just glowing! Tamera has really grown on me this season. Love,Love Love both of those girls! Tia don't respond to people talking about your child anymore and yes people are cruel and do talk about babies too! Just take the high road about people's opinion of you and your family.
Shay's picture

cant wait to see the baby. So

cant wait to see the baby. So happy for both of them.
stepup2's picture


LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

They both needs to get slap

They both needs to get slap for wearing shoes like that
Cashing out's picture

Gabrielle needs to start

Gabrielle needs to start learning how to loosing her mouth when she smiles,
Cashing out's picture

The word is loosen baby not

The word is loosen baby not loosing. STAY IN SCHOOL, DON'T BE NO FOOL
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Why is it that celebs lives

Why is it that celebs lives are puffed up like theirs is so much better than a normal person? Just thought about that reading Gabbi and Dewayne part of the post. Glad they had fun. Anywho, Tia and Tamera's show I LOVE!! They are so down to earth. And Tamera is having a Scorpio, yay!!!

Gabrielle and Dwayne look

Gabrielle and Dwayne look nice...but not feeling the shoes...custom or not!
Chica-Chica's picture

Tamera looks absolutely

Tamera looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
Taj's picture

Tamera looks soooo cute

Tamera looks soooo cute pregnant!!!! Love her!!!
PhillyPhemale's picture

Fabby Gabby has certainly

Fabby Gabby has certainly made D. Wade a better man.....and just b/c Tamera is Preggo....doesn't mean it's o.k. to wear the shower curtain (smh).............Interracial Love is so Beautiful (if you're pretty enuff & educated....you too can get a white man and be truly happy:) for the first time ever) *does the snoopy dance then orders Surf n' Turf from Outback Steakhouse*..................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

That "shower curtain" looks

That "shower curtain" looks good on Tamera. I think women look beautiful when they wear free flowing dresses during pregnancy.
CLS1986's picture

Do you ever get tired of

Do you ever get tired of posting stupidity? Every time I read a post and you comment there's usually rubbish that comes out of your mouth. Why is that?
PiscesC33's picture

"You can't handle the Truth"

"You can't handle the Truth" Jack Nicholson (movie: A Few Good Men) watch it on YouTube....classic, with Tom Cruise...................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

And @lisaray claims to be 35

And @lisaray claims to be 35 fawkin years old........Pathetic or just crazy........actually both.....
Kai's picture

She just wants attention and

She just wants attention and for people to respond to her stupid comments lol
DW's picture

Lol at the curtain .... I

Lol at the curtain .... I know u had a "soft mind" to think u have to be pretty n educated to get a white man, ONLY YOU WILL SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT, I kind of knew it was something a little loss in you brain. It's ok thou, it's more than a hand full of yall out here. But the good news is they are coming up with a treatment for that. #amjustsaying
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