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PROFESSOR OF CLASS: Happy 54th Birthday Angela Bassett!

Actress Angela Bassett turns 54-years-old today.  Join in the fun of our fave classy YBF chick inside....


Though fans can't tell from looking at her, gorgeous leading lady Angela Bassett turns 54 today.  Known for her grace on red carpets, at charitable events, and the big screen, she can indeed teach a few of these yongins a thing or two on keeping it cassy...and not trashy.

Angela also continues to use her high profile image to encourage others to be their best selves. She recently teamed with Virginia State University where she recorded a PSA about education.


Celebrate with Angela in the gallery and watch her video here:




Definition of a classy,

Definition of a classy, beautiful and strong black woman. Loves her!!

Angela “You are the

Angela “You are the Greatest!” … Happy Birthday, lovely lady!
rebellious soul's picture

Happy Birthday Ang, you are

Happy Birthday Ang, you are the go-to-gal when it comes to biographic films. I'm gonna need for Hollyweird to hook you up with some oscars because it is LOOOOOOONG overdue, wishing you and your hubby the best.
tori's picture

The epitome of class &

The epitome of class & elegance. Happy birthday Ms Angella, looking more like 34. You dont get the props you deserve in Hollywood but we'll always appreciate you.
Realist's picture

Happy Birthday to one of the

Happy Birthday to one of the prettiest, classiest, most talented & stylish women in the world. Not to mention, a fellow-fab Leo Diva like me. Have a Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Angela! You

Happy Birthday, Angela! You make 54 look so damn good, you GO girl! It's a shame how there's so many young girls who look much older than you, all that hard, fast, nasty living sho' ain't good. You are an inspiration to me and so many young girls/women because you've managed longevity and have a stellar career without having to dumb yourself down, shake your ass for cash, be anything/anyone other than who you truly are, exude class and genuine beauty, keep your clothes on and STILL be sexy as sexy is...Umph. Thank you, may God continue to shine in and through you, God bless and may you enjoy your day and see many, many, many more! OXOXO
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I second every word you

I second every word you typed! Angela is SHEER ELEGANCE.



Happy Birthday Ms

Happy Birthday Ms Angela!...still so beautiful and youthful.
Lola's picture

Happy Birthday Queen!!

Happy Birthday Queen!!
lifeisgood's picture

I love Angela Bassett I have

I love Angela Bassett I have always seen her as one of thee best actresses out! She is gorgeous
Gabriall Its-Alright Moore's picture

and looking dam good! thats

and looking dam good! thats another sexy ass leo for ya.
shuga's picture

she looks amazing! giving me

she looks amazing! giving me hope!

she's almost 20 years older

she's almost 20 years older than Lauryn Hill
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

dang..that puts things in

dang..that puts things in perspective... black don't crack for some, but for others ... a hard life/baby-daddy stresses will definitely show up eventually
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