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Kenya Moore & Porsha Stewart (Almost) OFFICIAL "RHOA" Castmates + Kanye Gets Served A Subpoena By Kris Humphries...In A Nordstrom Box!

It's (almost) official!  We posted pics of Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams-Stewart getting cozy with the current "Real Housewives of Atlanta" over the weekend at Wonderland Kids Safari fashion show.  We've been saying for motnhs now both ladies are rumored to be the castmates.  Now, we hear they've officially signed a contract with Bravo. 


Deets inside, plus how Kris Humphries just served Kanye West papers to get back at his estranged wife!

Porsha and Kenya were schmoozing front row at the fashion show this weekend with current 'Housewives" NeNe Leakes & Phaedra Parks for a reason.  According to In Touch Weekly, the two have officially signed their contract with Bravo to become the new additions to the cast.  It's officially Bye Bye Marlo!

Porsha is married to retired football player Kordell Stewart (New Orleans!).  And beauty queen Kenya...well I guess we'll just have to find out how she will fit into this since she mainly lives in L.A. (but calls Atlanta her second home and has been staying there during taping) and is single.  In Touch reports:

Bravo has signed on former Miss USA Kenya Moore. The 5’10” beauty has lots of experience in front of the camera, with roles in Waiting to Exhale, Deliver Us from Eva and I know who Killed Me with Lindsay Lohan.

Porsha Williams-Stewart, who is married to football player Kordell Stewart, is also joining the cast. She was recently spotted attending castmate Cynthia Bailey’s launch party for her new P.T. Rose Moscato in Atlanta.

Filming has already begun, a source says, and the fresh blood comes just in time. “Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes are still not speaking,” an insider tells In Touch. “So these two will add some very needed new drama and storylines.”

Bravo had no comment about the new developments, but other reports also claim that Kim’s role on the show will be cut down significantly because of her new pregnancy.

What we already knew is being confirmed....kinda.

Speaking of reality stars, Kim K.'s estranged husband, NBA baller Kris Humphries, just dropped a doozy on her new boo Kanye West.  Disguised inside of a Nordstrom box (Kris knew exactly how to get Kim or Kanye to open something), Kris' lawyers served Kanye a subpoena to appear in court for the divorce proceedings.

Why?  According to TMZ, Kim's lawyers claim they don't know what it is Kris wants exactly, but he is stuck on "putting reality tv on trial" because he feels their whole wedding was a sham.  And Kris wants to bring Kanye into the mix since he and Kim started dating 5 minutes after she filed for divorce.

Looks like Kanye is already gonna end up in court over his "perfect b*tch."  Good luck with that...




Why would Kris marry her

Why would Kris marry her knowing the type of person Kim is? Go on with your life Kris. Kim will get hers.
cotton candy's picture

they won't last & i hope Kim

they won't last & i hope Kim goes down!!!!! CHECK OUT MY BLOG ---------> http://givingherhers.blogspot.com/
NeimanJMarcus's picture

Kanye look sexy as heck in

Kanye look sexy as heck in that pic oo we; those eyes are intense. He is sexy.
I_love_laughing's picture

I just said the same thing to

I just said the same thing to myself. He looks handsome and brooding!!!
Yudessi's picture

Hmmm... Kris' actions make

Hmmm... Kris' actions make perfect sense. He doesn't want a divorce -- he wants an annulment. In other words, the marriage never happened because it wasn't valid. To do that, he needs to prove that the whole wedding/marriage was a fraud. If Kim wants this over and done with, she's either going to have to admit that the marriage was a sham and let him have the annulment or prove the negative and move forward with the divorce. Either way won't be a good PR look for her.
Sepia Siren's picture

Kris Hump, You are dragging

Kris Hump, You are dragging you feet on the divorce you sorry a$$ wipe... you signed a pre nup, treat Kim bad throwing her on the bed, blowing off her business dinners saying you didn't give a f^ck, put your damn dirty dogs in the bed to sleep.. and keep the place a mess knowing she likes things in place.... This should have been over within 30 days of filing for divorce... watch the previous season of the Kardashians show they did not even eat together at the rehearsal dinne,r they sat at separate tables.... Kris H wants more shine he did not get this much attention before Kim K even though he played for the NJ NETS Team.... BYE BYE Kris.. I hope Brooklyn peeps gets to spankin that ass for the KIM K/Kanye disrespect..
lovinmyheels's picture

Kenya has had the RHOA

Kenya has had the RHOA cameras following her around for 5 months and following Porsha for nearly a month and a half so of course they are cast mates. They actually just shot the new opening scenes this week, I'm interested to see how the newbies fit in with the rest of the ladies..I guess Kenya is the new (and improved) Marlo on the show. Kris Humphries is trying to prove something to us that we already know, Kim is as fake as her a$$ and that million dollar wedding was for show, poor thing atleast 'Ye didn't have Jay drop him from the team...yet!!
tori's picture

oh he is so bitter...and im

oh he is so bitter...and im so tired of this whole situation...wasn't he caught chilling with someone as well...i do believe so, no lie's...at first i was like "Kim why would you do him that way" but after watching their wedding and taking New York, i can see why she did what she did, maybe they should have got to know each other a little better before saying "I do" but he and she had to get married, so this is the outcome when you rush into things, i blame them both...i feel like it was something that they both where seeing before they got married, but brushed it off. she did what she saw fit, he's a giant goof ball, and way to immature...they fell in love and out of love, pass him a tissue box, and lets get on to the next story.
_speak's picture

i am with you on this one. I

i am with you on this one. I can't stand Chris he is ignorant, childish and yes a goofball. Didn't he knock up that girl he been with after him and Kim broke up? What's he trying to prove and why is he getting Kanye involved. I don't know what attracted Kim to Chris in the first place, omg what an idiot. he acts like he's 10
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

He wants an annulment, not a

He wants an annulment, not a divorce. Big difference. And based on the buffoonery of the Kardashian clan he should be granted one.
PacificGirl's picture

I don't blame Kris, Kim is a

I don't blame Kris, Kim is a hoe and always will be one. Kris didn't know Kim had that shit planned from the gate. He has every right to be mad at that hoe Kenya and Kim. Kenya acted like he gonna marry his perfect bitch wow.
Bad LiL Chick's picture

why does kim always have

why does kim always have porno face?
litebrite's picture

All of them are dumb, tired

All of them are dumb, tired and washed up anyway!!! Kanye will get some material for a new song with this subpoena( explaining why he went through a lot for his perfect bitch, why she is a keeper and yada yada etc...). So next!!!
Let's get it poppin's picture

I feel bad for Kris. I mean,

I feel bad for Kris. I mean, he married Kim and then weeks later his wife is traipsing around town with Kanye...and Kanye dropping verses in reference to Kris. I would be VERY pissed.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

I think this is a smart move

I think this is a smart move for Kris. Now Kanye has to tell the truth about his relationship with Kim and now she likes to overlap. What is done in the dark will come to light. Team Humphries!
PacificGirl's picture

I'm saying doh, after seeing

I'm saying doh, after seeing Kim's pics the other day with the added weight, is that ice cream she eating??? LOL
srenitamoore's picture

I love Kimye.......

I love Kimye.......


Mi Mi's picture

Kim is soooo EVIL <--- just

Kim is soooo EVIL <--- just look @ her face (every photo is like that) *gets the douche chills*......................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I know it must hurt but just

I know it must hurt but just let it go KH and focus on being the best at your own career. dont make a career out of chasing behind Kim. She gone's gone, she doesnt love you and if it wasnt for kanye it would have been somebody else. Dont let her make you look like an even bigger simp.
shuga's picture

This is going to be a boring

This is going to be a boring season of RHOA! I won't be watching. Who wants to see NeNe dominate everybody?! They need Kim and Sheree to check her.
BEEMA's picture

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