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Rick Ross Talks Being A Correctional Officer With ROLLING STONE + Trey Songz DECLARES R. Kelly "King"...And ENDS Beef!

The biggest boss Rick Ross COVERS the latest issue of ROLLING STONE where he finally talks about being a corrections officer. And also his weed addiction, those seizures, and gay marriage. Find out what he said inside and get deets on Trey Songz putting his R. Kelly beef to bed.

It turns out the 50 Cent was right. At one point in time, there really was an "Officer Ricky."  In the latest issue of ROLLING STONE, rapper Rick Ross opens up about his past as a corrections officer.  The rapper with the #1 album in the country right now claims he used to "wash his hands" of past misdeeds after he saw his BFF go down with 10-years for drug dealing.  He revealed,

"This was my best friend, who I ate peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches with, and pork and beans with, my buddy, my partner, my number-one dude. Suddenly I'm talking to him over federal phone calls. Hearing the way it was building, I knew I couldn't take nothing for granted."

"My homey's father was a huge influence on my life, too . . . He was the one who was like, 'Yo, go get a job somewhere, man. Go be a fireman. Or go be a fucking corrections officer. Just go sit down somewhere."

Here are other highlights from the interview:

 On his seizures and smoking too much weed: "I'm most definitely an avid user, a pothead, however you want to look at it. I call it green caviar. It's like a short vacation – it helps me chill out. And people really love it when I chill out, because I can really be a dickhead."

On going to a small Christian school: "They wanted me to learn the Ten Commandments. I told them I didn't really have time for that right now," recalls Ross, who eventually made his way back to public school and excelled as an offensive lineman in high school football. "I got through high school on my popularity and shit," Ross says. "But my grades was never good. I was never good at math."

On the Colorado theater shooting: "Such a cowardly act.  I think we all have a right to bear arms, whichever amendment that is." (Even assault rifles? He shrugs.) "I got 'em."

On freedom of speech on gay marriage issue: "Chick-fil-A obviously took their stand. That's their right – the same way the pro-gay people are taking their stand. I believe everybody got the right to live their own life the way they want to." (So does that mean he'd support a Chick-fil-A boycott?) "Naw. I love that spicy chicken."

LOL!  The issue hits stands on Friday and his latest LP (which is the hotness by the way), God Forgives, I Don't, is in stores now.



In other music news.......

Trey Songz and R. Kelly have ended their "beef" as the Chapter 5 crooner declares him the a "king" of music. A couple years ago, Trey got a little big for his britches saying R stole Aaron Hall's whole steez.  Now, he's playing nice:

"I love R. Kelly. He recently said that he would love to work with me, said that he's a fan of mine and that's very special to me," Trey told MTV News. "I can't really explain how much that means to me. He's been an influencer and an idol for me for a long time. We had our differences and right now we're in a great place. No matter how well I do, [R. Kelly] is the king forever in my eyes."

Earlier, R. Kelly had his own positive words for Trey and warned young artists to avoid beefs.  He told MTV News,

"I feel there's a lot of talented guys out there when it comes to R&B, and what I urge guys out there to do, that's coming up under me, [aiming for] longevity, is to stay away from beef."

"Stay away from beef, stay true and respectful to music and to the ones that inspired you to do what you do. I think that's going to be the key to having longevity and it's also going to be the key to keeping R&B alive. You don't want R&B singers to get into beef. Leave that to the rappers, let them do that — R&B, be classy. That's for the ladies and having babies and having fun."


Watch Trey discuss R. Kelly here:

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As I said before. Officer

As I said before. Officer Ricky sit yo ass down somewhere. You were never nor are u now a gangster. U surround ya self wit thugs & pay them to be around u just to portray an image. Fat disgusting clown
Tiff's picture

OMG!!!! He even had his

OMG!!!! He even had his breasts tattooed! Lol!
Lila's picture

Rick Ross needs to keep his

Rick Ross needs to keep his shirt on. Sweet lord, he is gross.
FrenchieAmerican's picture

y does Rozay seriously think

y does Rozay seriously think that's cute/cool? #FAIL CHECK OUT MY BLOG ---------> http://givingherhers.blogspot.com/
NeimanJMarcus's picture

I ♥ you Ricky Rozay aka Rick

I ♥ you Ricky Rozay aka Rick Ross and I am a HUGE FAN!!! I coppped "GOD FORGIVES BUT I DON'T" on iTunes the day it debuted BUTTTTT>>>> I'mma NEED you to KEEP your shirt ON at concerts PLEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

Extra, Extra escape gorilla

Extra, Extra escape gorilla last seen on a cover of a magazine. There is something i rather not see, and that's his fat ass on a magazine while i am at the check out line.
stepup2's picture

Tattoo's aren't shirts and

Tattoo's aren't shirts and just reading part of that interview...hell naw!!! He better LEARN how to do damn math before he ends up with nothing...owing the IRS more than he has...hello. Trey, I love him, but live...R. Kelly has him beat all day and night...he's just not a strong singer...
Chica-Chica's picture

Dude chest bigger than

Dude chest bigger than mine!!! He looks a hot mess. Ricky needs to keep a shirt on at all times.
PhillyPhemale's picture

Everybody talking about rick

Everybody talking about rick Ross, how fat looking he is, he is this and that, I bet if he ask for his dick to get sucked by you all broke females you guys will do it ( EVEN FOR FREE) including all the men taking trash…MONEY TALKS BULLSHIT WALKS. His fats ass is getting paid and walking him all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to the BANK.
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Awwww you're fat like him

Awwww you're fat like him huh?? Fat but broke so you're not getting girls huh? Well don't feel bad baby. His nasty disgusting fat ass only gets dumb ass chicks that want his money but secretly gag when they have to look at that fat disgusting body. So in reality he's as miserable as u are because it has to suck to know people are only around u because of what u have! He's a clown! Plain & simple!
Tiff's picture

Are you Rick Ross or, are you

Are you Rick Ross or, are you the same size he is? Which one is it?
I_love_laughing's picture

I hate to be judgmental but

I hate to be judgmental but IMO he is disgusting to look at. He looks like he stinks to me. Can't imagine ANY woman wanting to sleep with him if it were not for his cash. I love me some money but I think I would have to draw the line with that.
LBA1's picture

He WILL NOT even sleep with

He WILL NOT even sleep with you FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, at list this man was a correctional officer, he was doing something with his life before coming in to the hip hop game. Give credit when deserve, people always try to find something negative to say about people who are at list making it in life.
Cashing out's picture

Dang are you fucking him.

Dang are you fucking him. Nobody wants to put his nasty dick in there mouth.. KK IS THAT YOU? I am happy he's making money doing his thing. But we don't need to see his breast.
stepup2's picture

He looks nasty and sloppy on

He looks nasty and sloppy on this cover and sounds very ignorant in the article. Is this the image he wants to portray?

What do you mean he sounds

What do you mean he sounds ignorant? He is shearing his past life with everyone else, he was not a gangster, he was not a thug, he had a job, most of this young black man now our days CANT EVEN KEEP A DEM JOB, yes he is fat so what? Some people are meant to be fat. And what do you mean is that the kind of image he is trying to portray? He is now a rapper, used to be a correctional officer, what else do you guys want? I bet he got more money than you. *roll eyes*
Cashing out's picture

To say that you don't have

To say that you don't have time to learn the 10 commandments, that you were never good at math and that you bypassed high school off your personality sounds very ignorant in my opinion. This is something that he should not be proud of, let alone speak of in a feature article. Is this what he wants to be known for? Is this what he wants his young fans to know of him? If so, I feel sorry for those who "think" those statements are newsworthy. Also, I did not comment on his weight at all. I said he looks nasty and sloppy. A person of any size can look nasty and sloppy. I ask again, is this the image he wants to portray? If so, I will pray for him and this future generation of fools who think this is "cool."

he doesnt sound ignorant he

he doesnt sound ignorant he is just talking about his life, i think its your bias

I bet he made those prisoners

I bet he made those prisoners lives hell (including the women if you know what I mean). That photo of him up there makes me wanna throw up everything i've ever eaten in life. Truly disgusting.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

He looks stank on that cover.

He looks stank on that cover. Thank you. Come again.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

I think officer Ricky Roses

I think officer Ricky Roses got all those tats to cover up them stretch marks...LMAO! His album is hot though, one of my favs of the summer!! I think R. Kelly is trying to play nice with Trey because his old a$$ is tryin to stay relevant!
tori's picture

Yea right, you were a good

Yea right, you were a good boy all your life, stop with the lies. This rap thing is all a fantasy now, just admit the truth.
SkeeWee's picture

Rick Ross: Ewww!

Rick Ross: Ewww!
Anonymously Speaking's picture

Ok so does this mean Trey

Ok so does this mean Trey Songz will stop trying so hard to sound note for note like R. Kelly??? Because I originally use to like Trey Songz but when I started thinking that it was R. Kelly singing those songs only to find out it was Trey...I lost respect for him. Its one thing to admire someone its a whole entirely case when you "steal" their sound and swag. However I pray R. Kelly can get back to his best because I so was not feeling his last album....I loves me some old school music but that album was waaay too old sounding for me. Glad to see some artist learn their place. He may actually go far now. #humbleyourselftotheonesbeforeyou
Anonymously Speaking's picture

he needs to correct himself

he needs to correct himself
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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