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BACK TO WORK: Rihanna Lands In TOKYO For Huge Stadium Performances

Rihanna's beach days are over--for right now---as she's officially back to work.  The "Only Girl In The World" just landed at Tokyo Narita airport ahead of a huge gig.  Pics & deets inside....

Rocking her airport casual look of jeans and a Versace "Palace" tee, sneakers, and her new Gucci USA GG Flag Collection Boston Bag ($895).  The pop chick is across the world gearing up for her weekend performance at the biggest stadium concerts--Summer Sonic In Tokyo & Osaka.  Rih is performing Saturday and Sunday.

She appears to be hopping another plane to Osaka as she tweeted just a couple hours ago:

Osaka I'm almost there!!!

And it's also her dad's birthday today as she tweeted:

Happy birthday Daddy!!!! Me and pops spent his entire bday on the plane!!! SMH!!

The fashion-based reality series she produced, "Styled To Rock," also premiered this week on Sky TV in the UK.  Nice.

Pics: Getty




ri ri can do much better

ri ri can do much better

Love the t-shirt, jeans, and

Love the t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers but that $895 for that ugly purse? NEVER!
I_love_laughing's picture

Ri Ri, boo give up the drugs!

Ri Ri, boo give up the drugs! It's only a matter of time. We see thru you. At one point you were flawless. Your turning into a junkie. Your pictures and comments tell it all. Seek help before its too late.
Dumbo's picture

My god her feet are HUGGGGE!!

My god her feet are HUGGGGE!! Digging the outfit though.
tori's picture

Bitch how could u tell she

Bitch how could u tell she has big feet when ur fawkin eyes are crossed......lmao lol lol.....this ho be talking all that trash about people and puts up this High School Picture from Grade 11 and her eyes are cross as a mofo........lmao . U look like fawkin Deebo from the movie Friday......hahahahahahahahahahaha. I am dying.....
Kai's picture

B*tch clearly you need

B*tch clearly you need glasses because my eyes are not crossed in the least. I actually took that pic with my iPad cam so what are you talking about?? Sweetie I am GROWN, please don't try and come for me because I will EMBARRASS you!!! You can't say sh*t about anyone's user pic when yours is a f*ckin phantom...work that out then come and say something!! I know me on my worst day would make you on your best day look like sh*t...LMAO..Thats why you maaaaaaaaaad!!
tori's picture

Whad up Deeboo, u mad cus ur

Whad up Deeboo, u mad cus ur spic ass cross eyed, u probably bow legged and pigeon toed.......Please dont ever talk about any looks......Cus u sure is .....U...G...L....Y. Listen here president of the lonely hearts club u a damn fool.....how in the heeeell u gonna embarrass a anonymous blogger.....even if i put up a picture and /or name doesn't mean ur lame ass knows me....u seriously need a hobby and real, life friends.....Stop trolling the blogs looking for friends only losers do that.....now get...
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I get that you are jealous of

I get that you are jealous of me because you are some fat, acne faced, ugly, burnt troll with no friends, life, career, or purpose on this earth but in case you didn't get the memo, UGLY people shouldn't mean and since you talk so much crap, yet don't have a pic of yourself up speaks volumes about how you look. How am I looking for friends??? I post comments, I rarely even post replies to other peoples comments so again, what are you talking about?? B*tch you always replying to MY comments so get it RIGHT, u sick lezzy I DO NOT LIKE YOU!!!! Stop replying to MY comments ho! You like the stalker chick on twitter with the goose egg avatar that leaves creepy comments on folks timelines...NOW U GETTTT, you are replying to MY comment...remember dumb f*ck!!!
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Deebo u dumb pathetic

Deebo u dumb pathetic fuck.....who in the heeeell going around changing their picture every other day on a blog this aint face book bitch and no one cares.....its seems like you are trying to get notoriety cus u have no life......also your immaturity speaks volumes ...u are not restraint and mature enuff to ignore my crap huh....u just gotta clap back like sum bad ass bitch.....have a seat bitch then again you probably cant find one wid dem cross eyes....
Kai's picture

I like the casual look. i

I like the casual look. i cant wait until she goes back to the short hair, i think maybe the next album. but congrats to her for going number1 again in the UK

Looking good Ms Rih.

Looking good Ms Rih.
Realist's picture

Rih is so FINE. I believe she

Rih is so FINE. I believe she is the best looking woman in the music industry. NO LIE!!!
BigJohn's picture

she's dope

she's dope
litebrite's picture

Just found out why Jay Z is

Just found out why Jay Z is working RiRi so hard.....The Brooklyn Nets Owner (Russian Billionaire) just kicked Jay Z to the curb <---- LMAO...............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

He may only own 1/15th of 1%

He may only own 1/15th of 1% the team but his influence is about 100%. He designed the logo and uniforms, the music, the DJ, designed the suites, the champagne served he has part ownership, the advertising agency he has part ownership, there's a 40/40 club and rocawear store at the arena, oh and he owns part of the arena too. He is definitely WINNING.
PacificGirl's picture

he was USED as a FRONT <----

he was USED as a FRONT <---- for multiple reasons. The Russian Billionaire got what he wanted then discarded the Camel....................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Seems like Jay is the one

Seems like Jay is the one that got "dropped from the team!" I bet Kris DUMphries is in the Nets locker room playing with the frankenstein bolts in his neck dying the f*ck laughing!!
tori's picture

Work girl..

Work girl..
Janelle McIver's picture

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