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BIKINI CHICK: K. Michelle Flaunts Her Floaties & Curves

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star K. Michelle was in Miami earlier this week, and gave her fans a peek into all the fun she was having in her little blue bikini while chillin' at the hotel pool.  Curves ahead (plus her drama with Tamar Braxton!)...

K. Michelle tweeted yesterday about having tons of fun in Miami with her girls.  And also posted pics so her followers can check out her floaties...both sets of them.

Right in the midst of K saying how much she loves the innocence of children...like the little girl she was playing in the pool with...she started going in on frenemy Tamar Braxton.

Apparently they have some personal beef with each other even though they used to be good friends when Tamar was spending tons of time in ATL.  Supposedly Tamar tweeted her recently about putting her name in some mess that wasn't true.  K. Michelle got offended Tamar essentially called her a liar, and so the beef began.

So yesterday, K's tweets, obviously meant for Tamar, said:

There's nothing more unattractive then a thirst ball

Warning, warning: Muppet Gone wild, lace front to tight.



Pics: K. Michelle's Twitter




I Love K F The Haterz

I Love K F The Haterz

I think K Mitchell looks

I think K Mitchell looks good...Dam can't she have fun

Lmao at a thirst ball callin

Lmao at a thirst ball callin someone a thirst ball. This ghetto bird need to sit down somewhere!
Tiff's picture

Several dumbass

Several dumbass comments..hatin ass comments i will address. First the 'island gal' who sounds as if she thinks she is above African American women?? Honey ur ass is black. Whitey calls ur ass a *igga too. remember that. 'Im Domincan and Cuban' So 'f'in what! U r no better and WE CANT TELL TRICK. Why do island girls think they are better than AA women?? funny as hell. Ur from poverty stricken countries and often migrated over here and have the audacity to have that 'mightier than thou' attitude. Ur problem is u mad that u DONT have the curves hon. All of you hatin on K.Michelle..git a life. She isnt crazy..sorry. She reacts to bs like this. She has a BANGIN ass body!! tattoos and all. Dont get me started on all the real HUGE tattoos and outrageous piercings some of the lighter races enjoy. THAT is ridiculous:) Her's are suttle. NOT a dam thing ghetto abt a full arm or back tattoo tho hunh?? That would be considered cool hunh bikers? hypocrits. She has a nice ass body to be a mother. stop hating. To the jerk that said white men arent attracted to black women...first of all thats a dam lie. Im approached all the time and so are a lot of my black ass friends.lol. Ur lying to yourselves. The truth is, many AA women are not interested in white men,,we're so loyal to our black men we cant even fatham getting with a caucasion:) not at all racist. to each's own... but dont make us sound undesirable because that is a flat ass lie. Read a book. Stop the hate. She dont need ur dam sympathy she's merely stating what happened to her for HER OWN closure! She could give 2fuks less abt u caring. She is a strong intellegent black entertainer...some of u cant handle that sh. wrong combination for a sista hunh? u have to label her 'crazy'. How transparent:) PPL are always coming at her and talking that bs...I AM SO GLAD she speaks up for herself. Not a GD thing wrong with that idiots. Nothing but negativity on this blog. Git a 'f'in life. Wth wrong with u? im sure there is something. 'Island Gal' got a complex. Dont fool urself...men love black women...yes white men included. More of us dont dig them:) git it rite. Oh n dude...if ur girl is black...she wont git her sh wet either unless she planning to be ponytailing it later:) Dont do us. we go thru a lot to keep our hair straight. You should understand that 'black man' & not mock us:) wonder if ur mom or sister could dip their dam heads in without worring abt it later;) Hope u attackers learned something today. I'm more than willing to come back & give u another dose loosers. Now what u got stupid to say now? Oh yeah 'I BE THUGGIN"just 4 u.
whatfuukinatttitude's picture

Tell them lady. I hate all

Tell them lady. I hate all the negative attitudes towards black women. This blog along is starting to lose me. She need to change the name from YBF. This site don;t uplift black women at all. I'm decided that I'm going to create one. Also, I like how raw and sincere you are so if you have free time check out the 1st chapter of my book at www.ghettobeautynovel.blogspot.com and please leave a comment.

Tell em why u mad k michelle!

Tell em why u mad k michelle! Lmao girl go sit down somewhere smh
Tiff's picture

Her AND her fake ass need to

Her AND her fake ass need to go sit the fuck down somewhere.
sianna1's picture

Exactly!! and she has on a

Exactly!! and she has on a THONG bikini, so little Becky and Allison will be scarred forever!!
tori's picture

Floaties? WTF is she 10?

Floaties? WTF is she 10? And can we retire thigh and breast tats? I agree with Saucy and Sweet...something about her definitely screams CRAZY...
PacificGirl's picture

....and GHETTO!

....and GHETTO!
PR22's picture

that is one bootyful woman

that is one bootyful woman right there
the-one's picture

something about this woman

something about this woman screams craaazy!!
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

K-Mart may not have gotten

K-Mart may not have gotten any music recorded out of her jive record deal, but at least MempIHITZWOMEN hooked her up with an a$$ and easter bunny veneers. She makes it really hard for people to feel sorry for her or even believe what she went through when she stay online thugging (like some people on this site).
tori's picture

Can you provide a better

Can you provide a better picture of yourself? You love to dog black women or black anything very hard. BUT you are clearly black with a large nose. Who are you to dog people out?
knm931's picture

First off, I'm Dominican and

First off, I'm Dominican and Cuban...NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN. I would be more than happy to provide you with a better picture of myself when you stop hiding behind a cartoon. I do not dog black women out, sure I criticize a few of the CELEBS that are posted on this site but I'm NOT singling anyone out. I find it so comical that I can write a million nice thing about these black female celebs you'll worship like gods, but if I say ONE bad thing about them everyone wants to jump down my throat...have a seat as well as those in line behind you!! I know that I DON'T have a big nose like you or need to wear weave like you, so I suggest you work on that, then MAYBE we can talk!!
tori's picture

You do know that BOTH of your

You do know that BOTH of your blood lines carry African ancestry, don't you?
HotLikeSunshine's picture

Why oh why do women get those

Why oh why do women get those bigs tattoos on their arms/thighs? So ghetto. Her body would look so much better without them.
Anonymous10's picture

K. Michelle is a cute girl

K. Michelle is a cute girl with a nice shape. She just needs to tone down the attitude. She also need to stop with the Twitter stuff. You don't have to have the last word. Do you see Will Smith, Beyonce, George Clooney or Jay or Twitter beefing with people?? No! Only people on a lower level do that so if she wants to step her game up and be respected then she is going to have to carry herself like a wise woman at all times. Being high class is not about what you wear, it's what you do.
knm931's picture

lol at how she is using her

lol at how she is using her Tits to rest on the pool's edge....ok
star's picture

But the floaties,

But the floaties, though.......oh the floaties. Just how deep is the pool at this hotel?
VagabondSpirit's picture

Ladies, grow up and get off

Ladies, grow up and get off Twitter with the foolishness. And K., are you seriously flaunting your very obvious floaties? Not cute...no ma'am.
MrsCPA's picture

I guess it takes a thirst

I guess it takes a thirst ball to know a thirst ball...cause the crying about abuse is sick when you yourself state that you provoke your own one time assault... I think it's sad when men beat on women as a hobby but when you get beat because you asked for it, looking for sympathy from others does not help your case...there is a difference between a woman beater and an exhausted and provoked boyfriend/lover/husband....People are salty because clearly this chic needs a storyline to stay relevant

They all need a story line to

They all need a story line to remain relevant. That's why they're on the show. I think K. Michelle would have been a break out cast member regardless of her story of abuse. The girl is witty and hilarious, and she can sing. IF Memphitz was provoked, shame on her for pushing him, but a man should NEVER EVER put his hands on a woman in an abusive way. Shoot, women shouldn't hit on men, either.
blynne23's picture

Ima need u to think b4 u

Ima need u to think b4 u post. I dont think any woman beaten ASKED FOR IT. Such an insensitive comment and coming from a woman??? WOW. Doesnt matter if it was one time or 12 honey. When a man fights a woman it is an unfair fight CMON u sound like a man. She said she was beaten and smothered. Is that not serious to u?. There is no MF diff btw a woman beater and an exhausted and provoked boyfriend/lover/husband that BEATS a woman honey. U need to think about your life and where you are going. Real sad coming from a female. She is awesome. She talented. that alone makes her relevant. She is on the show so ppl sees the true her. Brave to me. why dont u be brave and remove ur taliban rag and let us see how many snakes reside beneith. HAHAHAHA ROTFL @ my MF self cuz im hilarius.Bye.
whatfuukinatttitude's picture

that white man don't want no

that white man don't want no big butt ghetto black woman. her body is that of a Stripper in Atlanta Club. He wants a blonde, slim, blue eyed nice big breast and cute booty on his arm. She looks like a Video Vixen but for Lil Scappy not Lil Wayne
lola69's picture

That white man (Lochte) was

That white man (Lochte) was looking for a random hook up but please believe he was all the way interested in a big booty black chic. You don't know his type, just because he's white doesn't necessarily mean he has a type

Her body looks nice. I wish

Her body looks nice. I wish that she and Tamar would stop beefing.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

if she was banging that white

if she was banging that white Olympic Champion Swimmer....it wasn't for more than 1 day b/c she is not acceptable looking for the white man (or his family) smh..........,,,,,,,
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Well, Lochte's own mother did

Well, Lochte's own mother did get on TV and say that he has one night stands, so... lol.
blynne23's picture

That hair is NOT getting

That hair is NOT getting wet...period!

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