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Chad Johnson FACES FORECLOSURE & Borrows From Investors Amid Evelyn Lozada SPLIT!


Former NFL star Chad Johnson may be close to rock bottom now that Evelyn Lozada left him, he lost his NFL gig and he's facing foreclosure. Get the deets on his latest woes inside......

In addition to all the other bad news, Chad Johnson has learned that his Miami condo is being foreclosed on. What happened? It turns out that he hasn't paid the $863-maintenance fees on his $400,000-16th floor crib at Two Midtown Miami since June 2009!

That puts him at a balance of $28,703...but it gets worse. Chad just took out a $150,000-mortgage from two private Palm Beach County investors, Michael Pomerantz and well-known dermatologist Patrick McPoland. He has until June 2015 to pay the principal back.

For collateral, he used a $350,000-Miami Springs house he bought for one of his baby mamas!

Oh, but there's more.  According to St. Marteen's online newspaper, Today, the island may be demanding a refund of the money they spent on Chad & Ev's wedding that took place there last month.  Apparently, St. Marteen offered up a whopping $90,000 in exchange for major publicity once Chad & Evelyn's reality show aired.  Of course, the reality show was all about their nuptials, so the island and the resort they exchanged vows at-- Le Chateau des Palmiers--would have gotten some serious air time.

But now that the show has ben cancelled by VH1, and the marriage is kaput, the Finance Minister of the country says he has every right to ask for their money back:

The airing of the show would have given St.Maarten additional publicity as a tourist destination but like all other business ventures was an investment with a risk that the government was well aware of, Finance Minister Roland Tuitt said on Wednesday.

“It’s like if you invest in a marketing program. It is a risk you take when you are in business and you are investing and if the risk happens then you have to deal with the consequences.”

He indicated that a contract had been signed and contained clauses that St.Maarten could very well use to recover its money if it is not returned voluntarily.

Prime Minister Sarah Wescott-Williams said that the matter was still to be discussed at the level of the Council of Ministers to determine what definitive action will be taken by the government.

Damn homie...




this issad wht do black man

this issad wht do black man make these bad choices

I think THIS is why Evil-ene

I think THIS is why Evil-ene filed for divorce. As violent as SHE is, I never thought it would be because of a physical altercation.
allnatural's picture

obviously you're not hearing

obviously you're not hearing the full story. It all started with Evelyn finding a receipt with a purchase of a box of condoms. Therefore in their month and a half of marriage, she found out he was having sex outside of marriage(with an ugly a$$ Becky fan at that). The head-butting was a huge bonus. two Xs on his part. He was on top of the world with his reality show, Miami dolphins and profit shared with his wife. He knows what with wife is capable of. Bad decision is what it boils down to.
Tren's picture

He's been screwing other

He's been screwing other women the whole relationship. She even said he she was cool as long as he used a condom! So the whole condom receipt thing was a front I think. The real issue was the $$$$.
allnatural's picture

When it rains...it pours.

When it rains...it pours. Time to re-evaluate your life Chad and make some SERIOUS changes

Chad!Chad!Chaaaaad! That Was

Chad!Chad!Chaaaaad! That Was Some expensive A$$. It Cost You Your Football Contract. Your Reality Show And 1 Endorsement. I Hope It Was It Really Worth It. Now Homelessness? Nergo PLEASE!
Keyths'Girl's picture

I feel bad for Chad, when you

I feel bad for Chad, when you have been working hard to make something for yourself and within a week everything goes to straight to hell. Evelyn was definetly the wrong choice of woman for him, you suppose to marry someone who will lift you up and add to your weaknesses to make you whole. You want someone who will humble you and keep you grounded. She may back him in a fight and that's it. Chad seen what TO was going through financially, so he should have been a little smarter with his money.
IslandGyal's picture

I am not surprised. The list

I am not surprised. The list of current/former athletes who are experiencing financial distress is long. Vince Young borrowed a little over a million dollars during the NFL lockout, despite earning millions of dollars in his professional career. He missed a payment, and the principal is now due (the amount borrowed equal to his newest NFL contract, yikes!). Of course, he blames his agent, not his lack of fiscal responsibility. The phenomena is played out with lotto millionaires as well: give formerly poor, uneducated and unsophisticated people lots of money, and the odds that they will blow it in a few years is great. Back on topic: I saw this coming with Chad, TO, and the rest. They spend beyond their means, are prima donas that are cancers in the locker room, and when their talents no longer justify the poison that the represent to a team, they are cut unceremoniously.
PR22's picture

What a DAMN IDIOT! Instead of

What a DAMN IDIOT! Instead of buying Evelyn that expensive car, jewelry, & shoes he should have been paying his bills and setting up trust funds for his army of kids. People said he would go broke but I actually believed he had some sense not to spend beyond his means, CLEARLY I WAS WRONG. What a dumb ass!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

i agree

i agree

Evelyn did ruin his path of

Evelyn did ruin his path of success, he made the dumb decision to let her in. Some people bring out of the worst in others and that's exactly what happened.Domestic violence is not right, but don't let a hot tempered girl in your life if you can't handle her anger/"you aint bout that life"ways. Ocho and Eve got issues.
sexybrownpyt's picture

u can't blame evelyn for

u can't blame evelyn for chad's short-comings, he's a grown ass man who knows he has very real responsibilities. if he spent his money irresponsibly in an effort to impress or hold on to evelyn, that's something he needs to work out within himself. evelyn's an easy target cuz of her public persona, everyone sees her as the villan but let's call a spade a spade, CHAD has ruined his own path of success cuz CHAD made poor and irresponsible choices. he did this to himself, it's on him #justsayin
on the real's picture

There are some people who

There are some people who bring others up and people who brings others down. Perfect example. They both bring each other down = destructive relationship. I knew their relationship was destructive from the way they spoke to each other. I remember him referring her to the last slice of pizza nobody wants.....smh
sexybrownpyt's picture

Eve destroying athlete lives.

Eve destroying athlete lives. Smh!
BBCAT's picture

chad it's looking more and

chad it's looking more and more like kAZOO is on his right shoulder calling him dum,dum all you dum,dum who be hating on a sister Letsgogetit, he should have stood by the black queen. You think magic did right by cookie all the time, hell no. OR Will , Jada hell no. But they are not on TV selling out on them. BLACK MENS go back to the black queen get on your hands and knees and kiss her feet. Don't let kazoo come to a shoulder near you.
stepup2's picture

These men just don't get

These men just don't get it...once you sign the contract and become a man of "means," you don't hook up with skeezers, groupies and the like. It's a part of the "game" for women to come at you giving up the goods when you become successful. Everyone likes to see you rise up, then get drug down in public. This isn't a good look, dude. RISE UP! Take some quiet time and revise your plan WITHOUT skeezers.
Reign's picture

Let glitz and glam take your

Let glitz and glam take your eyes off the prize...football!!! Now things seem to be going to hell for him. Foreclosure isn't anything new...that was a long time coming since 2009 so, it was bound to happen.
Chica-Chica's picture

chad's a dummy should have

chad's a dummy should have made a the first baby mama his wife and kept it nice and simple. dumbo.
sunra's picture

Seriously, why are people

Seriously, why are people blaming her for Chad losing everything? His dumb ass made all these decisions on his own and hurt her in the process....wow! What did she do wrong again??? Found condom receipts??? Let him head butt her??? Let him cheat on her??? I'm lost people!!??
Dria's picture

I zero sympathy for Chad or

I zero sympathy for Chad or Evelyn. Karma is a bitch.
knm931's picture

I would love to say I feel

I would love to say I feel sorry for him but I can't this man has repeatedly had negative comments to say about black (darkskin) women and turn his head up like he is better than. He and TO are cut from the same self hating clothe. So that what he wanted so bad was a no good woman like Evelyn and that's exactly what he got. Good riddens to the both of them. I don't know why black women continue to support someone like him who if he was still on top wouldn't piss on you if you where on fire. NO THANKS!
urbanhippie's picture

What negative comment have he

What negative comment have he said about dark skin women. Quote it black woman??? u can't because he aint say that DUMB ASS SHIT. And how is he self hating because he aint wife up a black woman???Howwwww?? Explain that to me
LetsGetIt's picture

I'm guessing that she is

I'm guessing that she is referring to the fact that Mr. Johnson made no secret of the fact that he did not want any black women on his 1st fake reality show. The self-hate would be the fact that in case he hasn't looked in the mirror, he's not the lightest brother around.
Ayanna's picture

He didn't say that

He didn't say that BULLSHIT.The man just said he has a PREFERENCE!! Just like majority of black women HAVE A PREFERENCE AND THAT TO HAVE KIDS THAT LITE WITH GOOD HAIR. AINT NOBODY MAD AT THAT THOUGH!!!Just because he prefer women that ARE NOT BLACK don't mean he's self hating, IT JUST MEANS HE'S SMART. But i have to take that back because the negro fucked up by getting with a latin woman, which they aint nothing but light skinned black women with a different name.
LetsGetIt's picture

I didn't say he said anything

I didn't say he said anything and I could give a rats ass if he did or not. I see that he chose to have his children with a black woman and not his 'preference' so by your reasoning does that make him dumb?? And pls do us black women a favor and stop lumping us in one group. You don't know the majority of black women so stop trying to say what the majority of black women 'prefer.'
Ayanna's picture

I will be glad when Natasha

I will be glad when Natasha bans you from his blog. Your cyberbullying it completely out of control.
knm931's picture

Sista i saw you sniping at me

Sista i saw you sniping at me on the other thread, but i didnt reply. But how is it that im cyberbullying sista. Explain. I just asked this woman how is he self hating just because he didn't wife up a black woman??? Then before that she gone sit there and lie on the brotha and say he said negative things about dark skin black women which was a damn LIE!!! But sista knm931, why is it that you black women, will tell me about myself BUT YOU NEVER CHECK THESE BLACK WOMEN. why sista
LetsGetIt's picture

Sir you are a classic case

Sir you are a classic case cyberbully and I will be glad when Natasha bans your IP address.
knm931's picture

This brotha here smdh........

This brotha here smdh........ Is one simple ass negro. Miami football couch / the white man had this brotha on the couch explaining himself looking all sad and shit, while the white man smile in his damn face and say "we gotta let you go " lol yea this brotha is about to catch hell. But why would you wife up a broad that was on basketball wives??I don't get it , but he's the type of brotha that likes attention so he got with a woman that like attention and it fucked him up in the long run. That's how successful black men fuck up, they get with women THAT AINT WORTH SHITTTT, WHO AINT GOT SHIT TO LOSE AND IT FUCK THEM UP IN THE LONG RUN. I mean her credibility aint worth shit, because she's known for being a nagging ass bitch who fights alot and leave niggas after she gets what she wants??why would u wife that up brotha??? I mean niggas see these latin bitches and go crazy when they got money, but now this chick about to file a civil suit against his ass AND TAKE EVEN MORE MONEY. You gotta be more smart than that black man. GROW THE FUCK UP BROTHAAAAA. STOP BEING A SUCKA 4 LOVE ASSS NIGGGA "BUYING ALL THIS SHIT FOR THESE BITCHES" and do a background check on these hoes.
LetsGetIt's picture

This is ONE TIME that I agree

This is ONE TIME that I agree with you completely. Chad has no-one to blame but himself: Evelyn is a known whore, bully & fighter so he deserved what he got--as did she, always arguing, fighting and belittling other women. Now her forehead is split with stitches & the -itch is in hiding. They both got what they deserved. But another thing these athletes need to consider is strapping up: its not cute to have 99 kids everywhere. These guys think they have the money to take care of kids & women everywhere but most of the time they don't; and when money gets tight and these athletes get too old or injured to play, the amount of money they pay for houses and child support is ridiculous! I am NOT justifying the behavior of women who get pregnant by ballers without being married to them cuz they're wrong too. But Chad & Ev are looking like MC Hammer--they are losing all their monies by being HOOD-FAB and irresponsible: and they deserve all the embarrassment & losses they're getting.

Chad lost EVERYTHING fooling

Chad lost EVERYTHING fooling with that old a$$ bird! I hope like hell it was worth it cause now you A$$ed out & she outta there like last year! True, he brought it on himself, but I do kinda feel bad for him, cause, dayum I know they say when it rains it pours, but dude lost his job, his wife, now his house, dayum homie
bdducksworth's picture

I hope Evelyn's kitty was

I hope Evelyn's kitty was worth it because that sh*t cost him EVERYTHING. Chad should have sat down and had a heart-to-heart with Antoine Walker about how f*ckin (literally) with Ev will leave you broke and destitute without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. If Chad was younger he could have Chris Brown'd the whole situation but he too damn old to start over. EVELYN TURNED CHAD INTO A NON-MUTHAF*CKIN FACTOR!! I bet he wish he was T.O. right now...
tori's picture

It amazes me how some pros

It amazes me how some pros act like that big money will never run out, like they're so good teams will always overlook their off the court actions. Chad, when/if you get signed to another team, leave the egomaniacal/groupie antics behind and get things together!
Coffy's picture

I know Chad has nobody to

I know Chad has nobody to blame but himself for getting into this predicament, but I kinda feel bad for the guy, ESPECIALLY after watching him get canned on Hard Knocks, that was focked up. I wonder why did he let them film that.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

If he would have stuck to

If he would have stuck to being a footballer and perhaps branch out into professionally acting, he would be straight. But no he just wanted to be a reality star and messed his career up. Him and Evelyn are going to have to pay up if they decide they want a refund for that wedding. Ocho you had a real gift and talent that was making you money and you blew it on a bitch that was always looking for her next come up.
Toyz's picture

it's been a brutal physical &

it's been a brutal physical & mental ABUSER all along yet MILLIONS of Chimpanzee's still follow him (lol).................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

You must think you're fooling

You must think you're fooling someone, lol! Go back to your stormfront crowd idiot.
Coffy's picture

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