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REEBOK BOYS: Allen Iverson, Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross & More Bring REEBOK TALK To Vegas

Yesterday at the Project Trade Show in Las Vegas, basketball legends Allen Iverson and Dominique Wilkins hit the media flashes with Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross and Tyga for an exclusive press conference at the Reebok Classics booth.  Pics and deets on the fellas inside...

A.I.'s sexy self is still in the basketball world...via his shoe game. He joined the rest of the REEBOK boys to talk about everything upcoming for Reebok Classics this year, specifically the various retro re-releases (like the Iverson shoe) that the company has been coming out with this year.

Designer Swizz Beatz moderated this discussion, followed by Dominique Wilkins who talked about his favorite moments for his signature shoe, the Pump Twilight Zone (originally released in 1990, now re-releasing this Friday, August 24th) and Allen talked about the Question and Answer IV releases that happened earlier this year along with the upcoming Question release (white/navy) in October and the additional Answer IV releases in November.

For you sneakerheads, they also talked about the re-release of Emmitt Smith’s ES22 that he wore in 1997 – this style has never been re-released and this is the first time the shoe will be available at retailers (this Holiday season) in the past 15 years. Rounding out the talk was Rick Ross and Tyga talking about their new partnership with Reebok Classics.  More pics:


Pics: McSaatchi PR




Nice to see Allen Iverson

Nice to see Allen Iverson here. I came to know about him after watching this documentary video about him. http://www.thegreatplanet.com/allen-iverson-the-answer-documentary/
sandeepsabir's picture

Love me some AI, with his

Love me some AI, with his cute self!
Realist's picture

I love AI, and I still find

I love AI, and I still find him fine as f*ck but I wish his style would evolve as he gets older. There is no reason for him NOT to be modeling clothes or shoes, or big a$$ Buick's, like everyone other retired athlete.
tori's picture

Why is Iverson wearing that

Why is Iverson wearing that horrible getup, fake whiskered baggy jeans. Please hire a stylist !

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some EASY money for those 5

some EASY money for those 5 guys (Allen Iverson needs it after blowing $100,000,000 Million Dollars)...............
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