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Get Ready For Season 3 Of "Single Ladies" + "R&B Divas" SETS Ratings RECORD For TV One

VH1 has announced that it will bring back "Single Ladies" for a season 3. Get the deets inside and find out about "R&B Divas" record ratings for TV One.

"Single Ladies," the Queen Latifah-produced scripted series, has had a successful run during its second season and now VH1 wants them back in 2013.  It's not our cup-o-tea, but apparently, folks love it.  With episodes averaging around 3.2 million viewers during premieres plus first encores, the show is basic cable’s scripted show amongst women 18-49.

And the show's stars, LisaRaye McCoy (Keisha), Denise Vasi (Raquel) and Charity Shea (April) had some help drawing in viewers as folks like Paula Patton, La La Anthony, William Levy, T.I., Romeo, Lauren London, Michelle Van Der Water, Omar Gooding, Pilar Sanders, Rick Fox, Ricky Whittle, Tank and Tony Rock all made appearances.

Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of Original Programming & Production, VH1, spoke about the renewal saying,

“Our viewers’ love affair with ‘Single Ladies’ got even bigger this year, growing significantly from its successful first season and dominating its time slot on basic cable. We’re extremely happy that we’ll be able to give the audience another great season of the series and its honest, current take on love, dating and female friendship.”

Congrats to the cast!  And check out the Season Two finale Monday, August 27 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.  Season 3 kicks off in 2013.


In other tv news.......

"R&B Divas" looks like it will be a big success for TV One as the network announced today that the debut episode was the most watched original premiere in the history of the network. Nearly 900,000 viewers tuned in to watch Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert-Daniels, Monifah Carter, Syleena Johnson and Keke Wyatt's quest to reclaim their fame.  And those are big numbers for TV One.

Toni Judkins, TV One EVP of Programming and Production remarked,

“We were confident in the quality of production and that the compelling storytelling deriving from the Divas’ willingness to present their lives so openly and honestly would result in an entertaining series. We’re pleased that the ratings reflect the viewers’ interest in and support of the show and TV One.”

Are you watching "R&B Divas?"  We are...and we're feeling it.






Basketball Wives LA - Basketball Wives LA 2

The LA BBWs are back and we have their super trailer.  Watch it above.




y'oll bitcheswhu think u know

y'oll bitcheswhu think u know ol....shut the FUCK UP n try put your faces on TV and see if any nigga will watch you!!!!!1single ladies is HOT if you dont watch it then sit down and brush your teeth before you say one more shiiiiiit about the show!!!!!!!!
chocolate flavour's picture

I love the show!! I will be

I love the show!! I will be happy to watch season 3 actually season 2 was the best season yet, watching season 1 almost made me give up Stacey Dash is one of the worst actors I have seen I love Lisa Raye and she plays her part well.

Ok all of ya are saying that

Ok all of ya are saying that Lisa Raye is a bad actor, but dont get me wrong, take a look at the other main characters... espiecally Charity Shea, and I think Lisa did a much better job then them. Omar is funny as h*** and I just dont like the woman with a child storyline... Its bogis compared to christina from season 1. And I wished Stacey Dash stayed instead of leaving... she was a great main character on single ladies. And the whole point of single ladies is certanilly not for young teenagers to watch. Its about single ladies having fun and such. Overall I must say that the first season was OVERLY BETTER than the second. And we all know that the seasons only get worst after the 2nd wasn't as we thought. The storylines are so dritched its pathetic. I hate the transition in season 2 as well. Music comes on when really not needed, it gets annoying. I might tune in to season 3 but if its like the second count me out.
Ur9letterWord's picture

Seriously all they ever do on

Seriously all they ever do on Single Ladies is talk about a guy they like, sleep with them, find out the left them or cheated, and then sleep with another guy to boost their self esteem I guess
Logan's picture

Sooo how many original

Sooo how many original programs has TV One had to say R&B Divas is the best? *side eye*....Single Ladies sucked this season. The only reason I watch is Omar (funny as hell) and Malcolm (fine as hell).
PacificGirl's picture

RnB Divas is good, but Single

RnB Divas is good, but Single Ladies??? I liked season 1 but this season has been boring as hell. The story lines are not good at all. I need Val and Jerry back ASAP.
MsKizzy's picture

the men off the chain i may

the men off the chain i may be a little basis because their men but those women are horrible actress even lisa raye omg i love her but she terrible i still watch well the tv s on the channel i'm supporting us

I think its a good show its

I think its a good show its just the actors on there are not the greatest. Omar is the best out of all of them to me. Lisa Raye is just not a good actress, they may as well have Beyonce filling her role. There has to be some great lesser known actresses that have better talent than them. Hell, even the new chick with the daughter is better than them.

I can not stand this show

I can not stand this show boring!!!!!!!! the only thing good about it is the clothes they wear LisaRaye is such a shallow bitch. She said "she would never date a regular blue collar man cuz they are not on her level" Thats why the rich man you married cheated and lied cuz you were not on his level.....Bitch thats what you get
the one's picture

I watch Single Ladies. I like

I watch Single Ladies. I like it and it's entertaining to me. The acting is sub par but I like the story line and the characters.
qtpa2t's picture

That's exactly how I feel

That's exactly how I feel
Janelle McIver's picture

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afffeng110's picture


I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE R & B Divas, especially Syleena Johnson!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Sorry but i like the show and

Sorry but i like the show and so does a lot of my coworkers. We chat about it at work. Its better than those awful reality shows. At least they are black sisters working. Hell no one is complaining about that awful Snooki and crew.
Ms Nay's picture



I never watched the first

I never watched the first season of "Single Ladies", so I really cannot compare the seasons. However, I will say that Lisa Raye's acting sucks!! I was a bit interested at the beginning of season 2, but I have gotten a little bored with the storylines. The only reason I keep watching is to see DB Woodside. I had never thought of him as "fine" before, but seeing him as Malcolm has definitely changed my mind. As for R&B Divas, I can already see Keke being the "problem child"! She needs to let go and let God! Though they all have their issues, what I will not deny, is that they can saaaannggg! Please check out their new song, "Loving Me" on YouTube. You will not be disappointed!!!
Ewurafua's picture

Congrats to the cast of

Congrats to the cast of Single Ladies...I like the show. It has gotten better over the years. I'm not interested in RNB divas nor basketball wives...
Naomi's picture


SINGLE LADIES SUCKS! Just Cancel the mess and get it over with. Now R&B Diva's was actually really good. The Ladies are full of Drama. Faith Evans is the normal one. Monifah is gay and her girlfriend Terez is clearly the dude in this relationship, KeKe Wyatt is about to give birth to kid #6 and she makes her husband follow her foot to foot. Oh she was Big Time Trust issues. Syleena Johnson is funny and has money problems, The Lady from Brownstone is super bossy. I enjoyed it much better than Hollywood Ex's which is a little boring to me. The Blond annoys me and she does not fit w/ the rest of the ladies. When whites are incorporated into a mostly all black cast they must fit the part like: Kim Z/RHWOA,The girl named Six on The Parker's,and BulletHead on The Steve Harvey Show and Kelly on the Game when it was good. Drop the miscast blond and ask Pilar Sanders to join the cast of Hollywood Ex's. This will make it more interesting to watch.
Shay's picture

i like this show. more black

i like this show. more black shows need to be scripted with storylines. i hate the reality show drama. its too much!!! yay, single ladies!
leesh's picture

Single Ladies is not good in

Single Ladies is not good in any way shape or form. The acting on everyone's part is just awful. Denise Vasi's has the most annoying voice, the scripts should be burned, Lisa Raye's speaking is so unnatural and forced and I can go on and on about what's wrong with this show. They threw in what they considered to be attractive women, dressed them up in fancy clothes, threw in what they considered to be attractive men and threw in repeated sex scenes, and I guess they figured that is all that is required for a successful show and apparently they're right. SMH...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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loselounge's picture

LOl @ some of these comments.

LOl @ some of these comments. I actually like the show and at first I did not like Stacey Dash's replacement but she grew on me and yes she is beautiful! I don't have a problem with "same sex" scenes. I mentioned before that I am for gay marriage (men & women) so that does not bother me at all. As far as Basketball Wives, Season II, more drama equals more ratings and another season so bring it on!!LOL. Who are the new chicks? Anyone know?? Gotta google.............. And yes, Laura does resemble Gonzo from the muppets! I was just saying that a couple of days ago!! LOL

Single ladies - the acting is

Single ladies - the acting is the worse ever....BBWLA - idiots!!
lifeisgood's picture

Denise Vasi is worth watching

Denise Vasi is worth watching that show all by herself...the rest of them chicks...Not so much!! Denise is the NEWEST MOST BEAUTIFUL chick in show business...Finally, a lady that is beautiful enough for me to forget about Halle Berry!!
dunkin57's picture

Let's be honest, "Single

Let's be honest, "Single Ladies" got the ratings it did because most people bothered not to change the channel after L&HHATL went off. The storyline was weak and the acting sucked!! The sex scenes were anything BUT sexy and I am convinced "April" (white girl) wears a weave! I think the series should be axed and maybe we can have the REAL "Girlfriends" show back!! Since Tracy Ellis Ross has left BET's "Reed Between the Lines" her schedule should be clear, and the other girls schedules BEEN clear!!
tori's picture

I agree 100%!!!

I agree 100%!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Nobody is watching Single

Nobody is watching Single losers. The writing is bad and the acting is worse. Boring. Plus I fell asleep on R and B Divas. Nothing exciting there either. KeKe is phony and why is she with all them kids. Her husband don't have any money. He is not a baller????
lola69's picture

Side note: I know this was

Side note: I know this was probably mentioned before but has anyone realized that Laura Govan looks like Gonzo from the muppets? Oh and I thought I had self esteem issues, but if these unattractive women on LABBW think they look good then I'm Halle Berry.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Lol...yep even after all that

Lol...yep even after all that dam surgery!!! A mess...bahawaaa!
Like Really's picture

lolol yes it's been said

lolol yes it's been said before...her nose is terrible! im sure you're pretty like ms berry :)
litebrite's picture

Gee thanks = )!

Gee thanks = )!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I actually am not as amped as

I actually am not as amped as I was to watch Single Ladies anymore. I use to be there front and center to watch but it's gotten real boring. I would never leave the TV before now I'm taking a bath or watcign something Horror rather then them. R&B Diva's was intresting some what. I think KeKe 's story might be intresting to watch. Shes just a ticking time bomb. I don't support same sex relationships so to see them interact with eachother is kinda weird to me. All and all I will watch and see how this plays out.
CamieJ's picture

LIES! I don't know anyone who

LIES! I don't know anyone who still watches this show. The network is trying to save face just like BET is with the Game. The show will be cancelled and Lisa Raye will be back in front of the unemployment line in no time. BITCH! That's what they get for getting rid of Stacey.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Wow...I see there's no growth

Wow...I see there's no growth on LABBW. That'll get thrown in my junk pile of "reality" shows not to watch...right along with L&HH and BGC. It's so ridiculous and unbeweavable at this point, it's almost funny. ALMOST.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

lmao I love Single Ladies lol

lmao I love Single Ladies lol I mean yes they are not the best actors but the script isn't bad and well it's better than reality tv
Gabriall Its-Alright Moore's picture

that single ladies ad is so

that single ladies ad is so silly....lol. i met wilson cruz lately and he said stacy dash was a horror on set. never would have believed it had i not heard it from the horse's mouth. and by the way he is GORGEOUS in person. *swoon*
shuga's picture

LisaRaye is such a

LisaRaye is such a know-it-all bitch (smh)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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