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Alicia Keys Reveals GIRL ON FIRE Album Cover

Alicia Keys just debuted her brand new album cover.  Check out her Girl On Fire visual inside...

In a stunning black & white photo, the "New Day" singer showcased her brand new cover for her upcoming fifth studio album Girl On Fire.  She posted the above cover to her Facebook page saying:

Just chose the album art for my new album Girl on Fire!!! Coming at you 11/27!!! Are you excited?! I AM!!! ;-)

Mrs. Beatz will be dropping the "Girl On Fire" title track as her first single off the album on September 4th.  And she's set to perform live at the MTV VMA’s on September 6th.

Here's a few deets on what to expect from the album, for which she teamed up again with Krucial Keys & Babyface:

Girl On Fire features powerful anthems and intimate ballads, led by Keys’ signature soulful voice and personable and relatable lyrics. Keys collaborated with acclaimed and emerging talents, including longtime song writing partner, Krucial, Grammy Award-winner Babyface, renowned writer and vocalist Jeff Bhasaker, critically-acclaimed artist Gary Clarke Jr., up and comers, Pop and Oak, as well as emerging talent from the U.K., Emeli Sandé and Jamie XX, among others. The songs on Girl On Fire are anchored by Keys’ powerful vocals and trademark piano, but are sonically broadened by heavy drums, electric sounds, reggae and future soul, which gives the album an evolved, modern-day feel while simultaneously sounding like a classic body of timeless music. The album features an inspirational mix of the rich sounds Keys discovered while recording and traveling the world, particularly time she spent in London and Jamaica, layered within her New York City roots.

The mom & stepmom also released a video today telling her journey of the new Girl On Fire album:

And she also posted a pic from her business meeting earlier this week:

You ready for A. Keys' fiery movement?

Pics: Alicia's Facebook




I hope this album is Alicia's

I hope this album is Alicia's best yet. She looks beautiful and I can't wait to hear that beautiful voice on some new songs. I am so grateful Alicia still chooses to sing and continues to bless us with her voice. I hope she continues to be the brave and beautiful person she has always been.
rosa's picture

I like the Red Logo with the

I like the Red Logo with the “AK” on the Album Cover because it pops. Also, I like the New Look that Alicia Keys is embracing, on the Album Cover, because it’s very modish, and chic looking. In regards to Keys New Album, I’m hoping that she has included at least one romantic song, on the New Album, for the Dreamers.
rebellious soul's picture

Cant wait for the new album.

Cant wait for the new album. I just hope she doesn't lose that classic sound.
Classic87's picture

lol i should have watch the

lol i should have watch the video first...shes going ALL THE WAY DIFFERENT! Still can't wait tho.
Classic87's picture

I will definitely be copping

I will definitely be copping her album! I love A. Keys & I cannot wait for her performance on the MTV Awards & the new album!!
Beautyfulones's picture

I love Alicia, Im definitely

I love Alicia, Im definitely gettin her album and I also love how people think they know how it happened.....im pretty sure u have no idea
Cuddles716's picture

I know most of you are not

I know most of you are not Beyoncé fans, but I AM, and I'm sorry but this "new fiery" image of Alicia is giving me all types of vibes of Bey's "Sasha Fierce!!" I like some of AK's music and I dig her new look but this sh*t is not original and we all know she is GREAT at stealing things (like her husband)!!
tori's picture

short, dark hair... real

short, dark hair... real nails... only a sliver of skin showing... how is this anything like Beyonce?? and i love Bey waaayyy more than AK, but her enthusiasm for this album has me interested. hoping for something good, haven't really liked this chick since Songs in A Minor.
yo gabba's picture

Alicia's 'Girl on Fire' art

Alicia's 'Girl on Fire' art work is very reminiscent of Beyoncé's Single Ladies art work!
tori's picture

+1 ~ sounds like some old

+1 ~ sounds like some old recycled Swizz Beatz ↓↓
GetUrLife's picture

she looks really edgy and

she looks really edgy and pretty AK!!!
_speak's picture

kekeke...*secretly a fan of

kekeke...*secretly a fan of @LisaRay...LOL...
Janelle McIver's picture

thanks sweetie pie

thanks sweetie pie
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

What's the purpose of an

What's the purpose of an artist creating and managing an "image"? What's the purpose of reality shows and why are they so popular? Oh is it b/c when it's convenient for a celebrity to make their PERSONAL lives part of their package to sell their records it's okay... but when their REAL personal lives.. not their representative... comes out.. and we deal with them based on that.. We're wrong... Oh please... who's really the hypocrite...? IJS
Janelle McIver's picture

Gorgeous - can't wait to hear

Gorgeous - can't wait to hear some new music from AKeys!
Geminigirl65's picture

Alicia name and arms are

Alicia name and arms are shaped like the Illuminati Symbolism.
BBCAT's picture

Im sorry but Alicia Album

Im sorry but Alicia Album cover looks a little illuminati to me. A new chapter hmmm. Go look at Trey Songz album cover the samething like Jayz & Rihanna. She musy have joined the New World Order.
BBCAT's picture

Alicia...I'm still trying to

Alicia...I'm still trying to figure out how she sits with me. I've always been a fan and seen her in concert several times. However, what she did off the stage just doesn't sit well with me. It's not just about what you sing. It's also about what you STAND for.
DesignDiva's picture

I do not care what Alicia has

I do not care what Alicia has done in her private life , I love her music always has and always will, cannot wait until her new CD drops.
sweetpea1989's picture

looks like she's channelling

looks like she's channelling her inner Beyonce in the pic

she sings circles around

she sings circles around Crayonce' you friggin' homo (and learn how to spell)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

you are an idiot, what sort

you are an idiot, what sort of world do you live that people can't have opinion, i bet you been fucked by many faggot ni66as on the DL biatch

Wow....i was right about you

Wow....i was right about you (let's have a slap fight sometime you sexy bitch)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

@lisaraye.......Girl I cant

@lisaraye.......Girl I cant with you but shit you are funny as hell .....I am no wimp but girl i am scared of u ....lol
Kai's picture


renottaw's picture

the Alicia Keys concert i

the Alicia Keys concert i attended....was at the Hard Rock Live.....only about 500 people.....and she performed her heart out (like there were 50,000 people there. I respect and love her b/c she gives it 100%)............Mary J. Blige does the same thing............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Too bad that people get lost

Too bad that people get lost in your off color humor but you do call shit the way it is even when you fawk wid my girls Bey and Rhi.....
Kai's picture

these people don't understand

these people don't understand humor unless it's in a Tyler Perry rip-off "Movie" or on TV ONE <------- Anyhoo, i like RiRi.......and Crayonce' is that sneaky bitch you knew in high school who was fucking the college guys (but pretended to be innocent).................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Beautiful photo!

Beautiful photo!
Elle's picture

Bring it on Alicia, cant wait

Bring it on Alicia, cant wait to rock with you instead of trying to live vicariously through you!!
Realist's picture

I marvel at how de-humanizing

I marvel at how de-humanizing we can be. We put so much of our focus on the artist personal lives, that we miss the point. They're providing us with entertainment, like the music apply to your own life, if it fits your mood and helps you through difficult times then the job is done. I am sick and tired of this foolish rant of how Alicia Keys destroyed a marriage- is that any of our business? and who are to really judge? If a marriage is built on firm foundation, no matter the odds it will still stand. If this marriage was so strong before Alicia destroyed it, then how can we explain her husbands daughter- was she adopted? We all have flaws none of us are perfect and i think its time we realize that these people are humans like us. Nonetheless Ms.Keys is talented and that is so rare in this industry lately...she is not just about the look!! She looks Amazing!
nella's picture

Exactly my point!! Im so

Exactly my point!! Im so tired of these overly judgemental hypocrites.
Realist's picture

That pose looks so

That pose looks so uncomfortable and stupid.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I'm glad she has a stylist..

I'm glad she has a stylist.. for hair and clothes.. I'm glad someone's helping her with a sexier image but she's still the chick that hung out with someone's wife.. in their home.. around their mutual friends while she was banging the woman's husband on the side... I love her music.. but I can't get into it b/c the image that she claimed and helped build her celebrity isn't the the image she lives by so now that, that fantasy is dead for me... I just can't get into her at all..
Janelle McIver's picture

Cosign everything you said!

Cosign everything you said! Im so done with her. She pushed female empowerment and did someone dirty. I can't go back to drinking the AK kool-aid...she left a bad taste in my mouth. Pretty pics and new hair won't help. Her image is tarnished!


Janelle McIver's picture

I agree with you 100%. When I

I agree with you 100%. When I see her I don't see the women who inspired me years ago. I mean her albums were on repeat with me. She talked to my soul when she sung. I was very dissappointed to hear all that drama that was started. And then to read what you just said about her hanging around her family knowing she was banging another womens man just took the cake. But on a good note her cover is beautiful and her hair looks amazing on her. Shes very talented I just can't listen to someone talk about love and loyalty when she isnt living it. I feel like she's getting over on me when I hear her talk about love and life.
CamieJ's picture

It's a good thing you don't

It's a good thing you don't know everything about everybody you have relations with because it would be a shame to feel that way about possibly so many people. I'm sure there might be a few things everyone has done that you more than likely wouldn't agree with or just couldn't accept. We need to worry about ourselves and stop judging other, especially when we don't really even know a thing about them except hearsay. So she slept with a married man who happened to be divorced. Well that's not good, but that doesn't make her the dirt of the earth or an evil person. I'm sure there are way worse people in the world than AK. As far as I'm concerned, the evilness came from the ex when she put all their lives on public display and she may have not even known the truth. I'm not disappointed in Alicia at all. I am concerned but it is her life and hopefully she knows what she's doing. I think all the people who are so angry are the ones who had her on a pedastal thinking she could do no wrong and then somehting happened they didn't aprove of, so now she is this horrible person. Those people need to grow up. She is still the same beautiful person she's always been. It's a shame how ignorant people can become. On another note the album cover is beautiful and I am looking so forward to new music.
rosa's picture

I so feel you.. I was a fan..

I so feel you.. I was a fan.. a real fan of hers.. I loved everything she "claimed" she stood for... now I'm not by any means saying that the woman isn't entitled to her mistakes but when you build your career and your platform on being a woman's woman... making songs about our worth and whatnot then you turn around and smash another woman's husband... I'm not feeling your campaign... now you want to say I'm human.. I'm in love.. I couldn't resist him.. he's my soulmate... Yeah ok... how it starts is how it ends... and at one point.. I'm sure Mashonda felt the same way about the man Alicia's calling her own..
Janelle McIver's picture

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