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Christina Milian Hits The Studio With Weezy

The newest YMCMB princess, Christina Milian, snapped some pics while pulling an all-nighter in the studio last night.  And either she and head honcho Lil Wayne are prepping some music together, or she was there just to support her fam.  But we're going with the former.  It's only right.


Pics inside...


Down in Miami last night, Ms. Milian hit the studio with Lil Wayne & Mack Maine as the YM fam worked on some new ish.  So we know who's very likely to appear on at least one track on her upcoming album she's been working on.  Christina, in a cute tied up red & leopard shirt & black short shorts, tweeted pics from the studio saying:

#TrukFit @liltunechi always up late.. Always working.. #ThatsMyBoss #ymcmb #ready #weeerk

Had a great listening session with the family.. #Boss #Ymcmb @liltunechi @mackmaine #lilwayne...

Even Christina's mom got in on the fun.

Meanwhile, MountainDew spokesman Weezy has teamed up with the soda company to give back something he loves to his hometown of New Orleans.  Posted on his Facebook page:

In two weeks, the skate park Lil Wayne, Mountain Dew and Stoked Mentoring are sponsoring in the Lower 9th Ward will open! Here's a shot of its progress.



Pics: Instagram/Facebook




She was up all night working?

She was up all night working? IN THOSE SHORTS???? How can she get any work done when she has to dig those shorts out every 20 seconds?
Denise2007's picture

Their children are already

Their children are already siblings, if Weezy knocks her up.... his son with Nivea will be double siblings with their child smh

I think it's pretty safe to

I think it's pretty safe to say Christina is next in line to be Weezy's baby mama! Hell her mom looks like she game too, boy I can see the headlines now "Weezy gets Christina Milian & Her Mom Pregnant...At the Same Damn Time!"
tori's picture

Christina Milian is the "has

Christina Milian is the "has been" that never "was". She's like the Charli Baltimore of R&B. Christina's career was so promising...in 2005. I place some of the blame on her momager making bad film and tv decisions. Everybody can't be a Momma Norwood or Papa Knowles.
Disturbed's picture

And let's not forget when

And let's not forget when that idiot turned down S.O.S (I believe was the song) only for Rihanna to make it a hit... and the rest is history (like CM's career).
Disturbed's picture

This non-dressing Mexican is

This non-dressing Mexican is still attempting to f**k her way to the top and is getting absolutely NO WHERE, but a social media correspondent position on The Voice and collecting a child support check from The Dream. SMH! First it was Nick Cannon, then that producer Dre and then The Dream. I'm sure Lil Wayne and Baby are taking turns with her. I believe everything The Dream said about her being a GOLD DIGGER! Hang it up Christina. Music is not for you. 10 years later and you're still known for ONE record .. Dip It Low. Smh!
Elle's picture

She's not MEXICAN she is

She's not MEXICAN she is CUBAN :)
b_ambria's picture

Chrsitina is till trying at a

Chrsitina is till trying at a music career Poor Thang!!!! she cannot sing that great BUT htat has not stopped afew other female artists from making it (we all know one or two in particular- LOL!! ) so I guess she can still try!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

I guess she will be the next

I guess she will be the next to be impregnated by lil wayne......
Let's get it poppin's picture

I'm sure The Dream is

I'm sure The Dream is somewhere salty! LOL.
PacificGirl's picture

Christina clearly has the

Christina clearly has the look of a star but sadly enough looks is not all it takes. I wish her all the best though.
Realist's picture

oh? are they working on the

oh? are they working on the remix to Dip it Low? lol!!
shuga's picture


Elle's picture

weeelll i guess she'll be

weeelll i guess she'll be pregnant soon!
diamond2012's picture

It still isnt going to help

It still isnt going to help her career. I don't care who she works with it will be an epic fail. She just doesnt have "it".
BBCAT's picture

Exactly. Either you have

Exactly. Either you have "it" or you don't. It takes more than a pretty face...
Disturbed's picture

She might not be able to sing

She might not be able to sing that great but she's better to look at than someone like C-Error. With the right music production and right image she can definitely sell some records.
BEEMA's picture

well.. her track record isn't

well.. her track record isn't the greatest when it comes to the men she works with.. hopefully this time she's keeping her legs closed and JUST working.. but IDK... she is with Wayne.. and his track record.. well you know.. LOL
Janelle McIver's picture

Welp....she's about to get

Welp....she's about to get knocked-up again *eats pickled pigs feet & fried gizzards*
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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