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PARTY PICS: Emily B. & Chrissy Lampkin Celebrate Their New Clothing Line

Emily B. and Chrissy Lampkin aren't returning to VH1's "Love & Hip Hop," but the two aren't leaving the reality scene.  Check out pics from their party to celebrate their new men's leather jacket line.  And it was all caught on Chrissy's spinoff show cameras....

The clothing line Emily B. has been talking about starting...is actually not just hers.  It's her and Chrissy's and another friend who did this together.  And the line is called Cisum Couture.  And it's all about leather jackets for men.

Wednesday night, the ladies held a private launch party for the occasion.  And their frenemy and former co-star Somaya was there to support.  As well as Adrienne Bailon, Beyonce's stylist Ty, and of course, Jimmy and his mama Nancy Jones.   Here's a few pics from the night:

Chrissy's trainer.

Chrissy tweeted that she was back to filming today.  This show out to be interesting....

Pics: Twitter/Instagram



ppl r haters on here. so

ppl r haters on here. so these ladies r doing there thing. i give credit where credit is due!!!!

Can't stand old ass ghetto

Can't stand old ass ghetto bully chrissy! Emily is being used by her and is too dumb to realize it!
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tom021's picture

Them trifling hoes can kiss

Them trifling hoes can kiss my azzzzzz!!!!! i wouldnt buyt a jacket from those idiots if they were free!! Jim Jones lame ass and his lame ass ugly girlfriend !!
dunkin57's picture

Is it me or is Emily trying

Is it me or is Emily trying to impersonate Michael Jackson? Girl go sit down. #paleface

Emily looks strange. I

Emily looks strange. I didn't know that was her until the 5th picture.
Happy Lady's picture

Chrissy's trainer?! Yeah

Chrissy's trainer?! Yeah ummkay. These leather jackets...coming to a NY hood near you, and that's about it. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

Somaya looks cute!! im proud

Somaya looks cute!! im proud of these ladies
_speak's picture

These chicks look like

These chicks look like something from Citi trnds or Rainbow store and they have the nerve to start a fashion line, so busted looking. LOL!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Can we stop making ghetto

Can we stop making ghetto hoes famous for being loud, over the top, classless, brawling , lack of english talking Colored women. god it is a disgrace how black women love seeing themselves look like something under your shoe.
lola69's picture

I for one ♥♥♥ both Chrissy's

I for one ♥♥♥ both Chrissy's style & her body. Im mad that she isnt doing women's clothes (yet). Good luck ladies!
shuga's picture

Somaya looks FANTASTIC! Good

Somaya looks FANTASTIC! Good for her! As far as Chrissy. I will never support ANYTHING that she does (this includes watching her show.) I have not forgotten how much of an ignorant hood rat she is. Or how ridiculous and childish her antics were during season 2 of L&HHNY. Ugh.
CoCo's picture

Everyone looks nice except

Everyone looks nice except that broad Emily. Something's off with her face. Like its been altered. And she's so pale!!! Her ass has that whole nicki minaj/ Kim slut-dashian fake look. I dunno......not feeling her at all.
sianna1's picture

OMGoodness I completely

OMGoodness I completely agree, it looks like she's bleaching her skin......UGH
Pamelicious's picture

Beauty comes in all shapes

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes...skinny or lean always signified 'hungry' its just now a days skinny somehow signifies beauty...personally the only thing I like hungry is my ambition. With all that said, the women look fab and I've seriously missed Chrissy. I so wish she designed jewelry for women

Em and Chrissy look fabulous.

Em and Chrissy look fabulous. Not everyone is meant to be a size 2. Ugly people are so critical; maybe the lighting in the place made her make up look like that in one shot geesh get a life.
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afffeng110's picture

Hey Mama Jones! I won't be

Hey Mama Jones! I won't be watching!
Denise2007's picture

chrissy has a trainer!??!

chrissy has a trainer!??! lmfao well alrighty then...emily should think about one herself
litebrite's picture

If you need a professional

If you need a professional wardrobe stylist follow me on instagram&Twitter stylebyloo
stylebylo's picture

Fab's wifey and jump off

Fab's wifey and jump off taking a pic together?????? I guess.....

That looks nothing like

That looks nothing like Somaya in that first pic. Anywho Emily should have put her makeup on under natural light, or is she purposely trying to look like a mime.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Well it's nice to see Chrissy

Well it's nice to see Chrissy doing Something positive other than trying to knock a b*tch's wig back!
GetUrLife's picture

Bitch can't even fight

Bitch can't even fight really! LOL!
CoCo's picture

Where's Fab ?

Where's Fab ?
vannaheights's picture

Probably somewhere on a date.

Probably somewhere on a date.
CoCo's picture

Em's face is all knifed up,

Em's face is all knifed up, NO BUENO!! Chrissy looks pleasantly plump!! I live for Mama Jones and her "I smoke three packs of newports a day" raspy voice. I say Chrissy and Em get them big bulky chicks from "R&B Divas" to model their clothing!!
tori's picture

The ladies look

The ladies look cute........especially Somaya after all the weight loss! Get your hair as cute as these and checkout my Face book page "Wear that Hair" http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wear-that-Hair/489781341049146
Wear that Hair's picture

I will be watching!!

I will be watching!!
Didshesaythat's picture

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