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BREAKING: Tameka Raymond LOSES CUSTODY Of Her Two Youngest Sons

Tameka Raymond's world just went from very bad to even worse.  Today in court, Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane in Atlanta has ruled that Tameka will no longer have full custody of her two youngest sons, Usher V & Naviyd.  Her ex-husband, Usher, will become the primary parent.


Deets inside...

It's been a long custody battle that pre-dates the sudden death of Tameka's son Kile Glover.  So today in an Atlanta courtroom, the ruling was that Tameka loses the custody war and primary custody of her sons.

During the courtroom battle, according to TMZ, Tameka claimed her ex-husband Usher was an absentee father who was always on the road.  And she often alluded on Twitter to the fact he and his girlfriend/employee Grace Miguel simply wanted ot take the kids away from Tameka.

Usher claimed Tameka was irresponsible and inattentive. 

Seems the judge took Mr. Raymond's side.  The kids will be with him primarily.  And Tameka does maintain some custodial rights that have not yet been detailed. 

Story developing...



Its always sad when there’s a

Its always sad when there’s a fight over children for whatever reasons. I do not know Usher personally nor do I know Ms. Tameka. I do know that, typically, custody is expected to be awarded to the mother so long as she is FIT. Occasionally there are times when custody is awarded to the father for various reasons. It is pure ignorance to believe that it will be a slam-dunk ruling in the mother’s favor all the time. IF it can be proven that the court system favored one parent over the other for personal reasons then the other parent will have grounds for an appeal. Parents travel all the time in their field of career and are able to accommodate their childrens needs accordingly however they deem it necessary. BOTH of these parents did this. Whether they chose to leave children with other trusted family members or trusted nannies. We may or may not agree with their parenting methods but they raise THEIR children as THEY see fit. The last time I checked, cheating was not a crime, something, I understand, they both engaged in but this does not make one an unfit parent. Being a celebrity does not make you a better parent. Being a mother of five doesn’t make you the better parent either. (My condolences to Ms. Tameka and the child’s father for the loss of their son. I can only imagine the heartache they must be suffering). The way you portray yourself and/or are portrayed in the courtroom has an impact on the decision that is going to be made for or against you. It’s a custody battle!!! If you don’t want something revealed in a court of law, don’t say it, don’t record it, don’t write it! PERIOD!!! Its all about the children’s welfare. It’s an ideal situation when parents agree to shared custody. Otherwise, be on your best behaviour. Be accountable. If you start a battle, be prepared for the war. A decision had to be made! Someone else wrote this, “What's so wrong with this father raising his SONS and being a full-time figure and role model in their lives? His ex-wife will be granted visitation rights so its not like she will never see her children again. This situation happens to men everyday in America so why is it that people only feel it's a tragedy when the mother gets the short end of the stick?” Sidenote: Someone educate me as to why this same mother did NOT have custody of her other children, if what I read is true---just curious, no judgement here. In time, I hope they’re able to come together peaceably for the children.

Being a so claimed woman of

Being a so claimed woman of God...Cant she see that God is removing from her life because maybe she needs to tend to her mental state and get something in her life corrected?? Sometimes God will allow things to happen in our life so that we can wake up and correct a problem within oneself. She's running to court as a bitter ex-wife fighting over the 2 kids by Usher. Maybe instead of being so focused and using all her time and energy trying to make Usher suffer she should have been putting that energy into her late son! There's a reason and purpose for everything that no man knows. Mybe she can read this and take heed:-(
bmore aware's picture

Tameka was obviously trying

Tameka was obviously trying to use her kids to make his life miserable, and I'm glad the courts could see that. How can you get mad at a man for closing your Saks Fifth account, when you are no longer with him?
LQJ's picture

Congrats Usher!!

Congrats Usher!!
Realist's picture

These are baby boys,and yes

These are baby boys,and yes they need there mom in there life,but i feel that boys should be with there dad,when my grandsons stay over to my house,all they worry about was daddy,daddy,daddy,they was not thinking about mama.it's just something about having a dad,and if they were girls,yes i feel they should stay with mom,i just wish they could have agree on joint,that it was have been great for everyone,and for people to say she was a bad mom,is very wrong,to say such hurtful things,and i know if she reads this it is very hurtful,so we as people should be mindful of what we are saying,because none of us have been in her shoes,i'm sure she love all of her children very much for anyone to doubt that is just sad..

Well, the thing is if you

Well, the thing is if you have followed her at all you would know she barely even had her other children while she was traveling, styling, cheating with Usher (i.e. her husband and Chile). If you followed her on Twitter (which I had to stop because her rants were too much for me) you would know she was always on a world tour of her own, flying here there and everywhere. While Usher is probably home more than people realize. PLUS, she took this case to a new level spilling nasty details that couldn't be proven while her abuse of Usher seeing his children was evident. The incident when she ran to the car and tried to pull his girlfriend out of the car was bat crazy! She tried to control every detail of Usher's life even though they were not together, she hates him for gathering his senses and leaving. There was a time I felt bad for her but after seeing her words in action...hey it is what it is. Plus I also feel she messed this up for herself by rejecting Usher's petition to postpone so she could grieve her son. She on top of everything else made so many moves and allegations on a public figure which he has no known history of...soooo...spitefulness gets you no where fast. OOOO PLUS where the hell does her SAKS CARD come into play???? The judge gave it back and took the kids, probably because she felt that Saks card and various other expenses and credit cards where more important to her , they were her biggest arguments in court, "GIVE ME MY SAKS CARD BACK!, when she should have said "Sir, All I want is what is best for my children". Sad.
Nv's picture

Bottom line.....Usher just

Bottom line.....Usher just did not want to pay child support. If Tameka was such a inattentive mother he would have seen that before he had children with her with her interaction with her other kids. She is a single mother doing what she has to do to raise her kids, and its a outrage that primary custody was taken away from her. You have to be a downright bad parent to get your kids taken away from you, and this lady clearly loves her kids. I feel horrible for what she must be going through right now. What judge rationalize that a pop super star would make a more stable parent. It just goes to show the one who holds the money holds the power. I can no longer look at Usher the same!
mikmik's picture

I have sympathy for her

I have sympathy for her because I'm a mother. Her son died and now she lost custody of these two beautiful boys. BUT remember, she didn't want to SHARE custody in the first place, which is all Usher wanted. Why wouldn't she agree to that? Money, and of course, she's bitter that he moved on the next woman. I would probably be salty too but not to the point where it would get in the way of me being the best mother I could be. She's been very spiteful and vindictive since the demise of their relationship. Her behavior is unacceptable, as a grown ass woman with FIVE children. She also didn't have custody of her other three children she had with her ex-husband, that she cheated on. See the pattern? Something is wrong with this woman, I'm sure Usher isn't innocent, but by far, he is the better parent. The correct choice was made.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Jus when I thought I couldn't

Jus when I thought I couldn't pray any harder for this sister I had to drop down on my knees and wail out to God for her. There is no worse thing that could've happened to her. From the beginning this custody case was horrible but after the loss of her son you would think Usher wouldve backed off his frivolous claims. How can it have possibly proven lawfully that she is an unfit parent; where are the documented rpts & substantiated child protective rpts to support this? There is no reason for a child to be separated from the mother if she is fit. And primary custody residing with her wouldnt have prevented Usher from being an involved acti father, if he wanted to do it and spend every day with them despite her custody it could be done. They could've even shared custody but this wasn't about who was a better parent. This is about a new phenomenon among celebrity blackmen who divorce, discard their wives & to avoid shelling out hefty support pymts they file for custody. They pay attnys big money to do everything in their power to win the case only to subject the child to a parentless household bc daddy is on the road. It's awful. And theyuse their money & influence to taint the moms image & ppl are stupid enuf to believe it. To the dumb idiot I refuse to name who thinks custody should be granted according to the child's sex, u are stupider than I thought!!! This woman is goin to suffer long term PTSD. God be with her the devil is on her trail... Pray for her folks really what has she ever done?
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

Can't believe you!...people

Can't believe you!...people are stupid enough to believe?...Tameka is the one on twitter posting their business...this is their doing, so you or them can't get mad about unfavorable comments.
Lola's picture

Calm yo punkazz down bytch

Calm yo punkazz down bytch
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

Once again money and

Once again money and celebrity status talks and bullsh#t walks!!! Why are people so damn star struck??? What has this woman done so bad that she should lose primary custody of her kids? Those boys are still little and they need their mom. This man is a performer who spends much of his life on the rode, who will take care of the kids?! The damn nannie?? The judge got it wrong and she needs her a@@ whipped with barbed wire!!!
kbswife's picture

They got teeth in their mouth

They got teeth in their mouth and they're able to talk they don't need MOMMAS BREAST MILK Anymore, TIME FOR THE BOY TO INFLUENCED BY THEIR FATHER!!! I know plenty of children their ageee thats already cursing and some even act feminine!!Alrite, the father HAVE A RIGHT to have custody of their SON . You black women are trippin!!!I can see if it was two little girls OFCOURSE but these are young boys , it aint gone hurt them to be with their DAD the man THAT HELP MADE THEY ASSESSSSS!!! Yall act like they arent going to be able to see their momma anymore. Damn !!!But yall don't give a fuck when men don't really have any options at alll!!!! But when the tables are turn ya asses start crying. He's a performer and she does what she doesssss. But i know the brotha usher still have plenty of time to spend with his boys otherwise he wouldnt get CUSTODY!! This woman had 5 kids alrite , let this brotha take two off her hands , the ones thats hisss
LetsGetIt's picture

You're analysis somewhere

You're analysis somewhere below about comparing kids to animals is downright IGNORANT. Humans are not wild animals. If these boys were older (like pre-teens or teens), then Usher having full custody wouldn't be as bad because at that age, their father can start preparing them for what it means to be a man. But these boys are little and are in their formative development stages and they need their mother to nurture them at this age. Furthermore, studies have shown that when boys are little, they are more emotionally attached and bonded to their mothers than their father.
MsKizzy's picture

You have officially pissed me

You have officially pissed me off!! I see your ignorant postings all the time but this one warranted a reply! First of all, you know nothing about bearing a child to even speak on it!!! What do you know about about carrying life inside of you??? About giving up everything to ensure that the life you're carrying is healthy? Nothing!!! So you really need to stop! No real man would ever say this bullshit that you're kicking. Even if a man is there for his child 100% he knows that the main person to care for the child is the mother!!! It's the mother who changes diapers, washes bottles, makes bottles, feeds the baby, washes clothes, teaches the child everything, and is always there for the baby(and soooo much more)! We do it for no other reason than because we love what we carried inside of us. A father's primary role is to support the mother and provide for his family!!! You kill me with all this you black women nonsense too!! What are you doing to help your family or community black man??? Seems to me all you do is sit behind a computer screen all day! So you're really gonna sit here and act like you don't have women in your family who take care of their kids (and some, if not most do it alone)? Seeing that I know that you do, you know that you're straight disrespecting them every time you get online and talk this bullshit! I've read that you're from Memphis or something like that, well I'm gonna ask your ignorant country black ass to have a seat! Why do you think that there are so many songs about mother's? It's because we're there to love you no matter what, through thick and thin. Don't ever forget that. I'm sure that your mother loves you even though you're an ignorant fool. Or, maybe she doesn't and that your problem and the reason why you're so mad and ignorant all the time. Either way, you have a mother and you need to show some fucking respect!!! Now I don't know Usher or Tameka so I'm not going to speak on them... I do know that he was down with her enough to marry her, lay up and have two kids with her (just stating the facts). I do have a child of my own and I gave up everything (partying, selfishness, bad habits and overall putting myself first) to love, care for and provide a top notch quality of life for her. Can you say that you've made these kind of sacrifices for anyone?? If the answer is no then you should shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down somewhere.
Nya313's picture

LOL WHY oh WHY do you always

LOL WHY oh WHY do you always type all those extra letters after certain words. You make me read it like that too! STOP IT! lol
KeepITsimpleSTOOPID's picture

::Crying:: too true ... rr

::Crying:: too true ... rr ... toooooooo truuuuueee sistaaaaaaaaah
Girl's picture

Usher didn't notice this

Usher didn't notice this chick was a unfit parent before he started making babies with her? Did he get custody because of who he is? Huh!
cotton candy's picture

Maybe this is a blessing in

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise for her. Having 2 little ones running around. while also trying to mourn the loss of another child is probably mentally overwhelming. Prayerfully, she'll take this time to sit down, heal ,and get her mind right. I'm a firm believer in things happen for reason.
MsKizzy's picture

All of you that are on here

All of you that are on here bashing this lady do you know her personally. People are quick to judge and 9 out of 10 do not know the underlying factors. My heart hurts for this lady. Regardless of what the media says, this lady deserves to have her kids.

Why does your heart hurt?

Why does your heart hurt? What's so wrong with this father raising his SONS and being a full-time figure and role model in their lives? His ex-wife will be granted visitation rights so its not like she will never see her children again. This situation happens to men everyday in America so why is it that people only feel it's a tragedy when the mother gets the short end of the stick?
CLS1986's picture

You see how crazy these women

You see how crazy these women are lmao hahahah, i keep replying because this shit MAKES ME MAD!! When things like this happens to a man , he suppose to get over it, it's the norm, he dont have a connection like the mother has with kids lol, . But when the tables are turned and the father has custody , it's all of a sudden a conspiracy, a tragedy, like the mother might die and get depressed without a FEW DAYS without the boys, like the boys are suppose to be UNDER THEY MOMMA ALL DAMN DAY. That's the problem with us today , INCLUDING MYSELF grew up under momma alll the damn time cause daddy wasn't around, and when it time to learn some manly behavior and things that man do WE LOST. I mean im in my early 20's just now learning how to change oil and change a DAMN TIRE . But that's what happens when you under the rulership of women most of your life. LET THEM BOYS BE WITH THEY POPS MAN LOL. IIGHT IM DONE LOL
LetsGetIt's picture

Okay so that's your

Okay so that's your problem!!!! You have daddy issues!!! That's why you get on here everyday talking about black women this and black women that... I'm going to ask you to take your anger out on the right person, your father! What you need to be screaming is black men this and that.... I'm sure with the absence of your father that your mother did the best she could to raise you!!! Instead of you commending and respecting her for that you get on here and show that she wasted her time and raised a fool... I'm sure she would be ashamed if she knew and could see what you've really become... I'm sure it would sadden her to see that you're nothing more than a shell of a man... That you're just a hurt little boy who still wants his daddy! In life you have to play the hand you're dealt... Its time to stop with the nonsense, man up and get over it!!!
Nya313's picture

All of you that are bashing

All of you that are bashing this lady, do you know her personally? Every mother deserves to have their kids. My heart goes out to her.

Every father deserves to have

Every father deserves to have his children as well!! Usher pushed for joint custody but his ex wife wasn't having it so she ended up with the short end of the stick in the end.
CLS1986's picture

I agree with you about a

I agree with you about a father needing to be with his children.. However, while he was in the studio recording, while he was on tour promoting his albums, where were the kids??? With their mother more than likely.... Its sad that the children had to get caught in the middle, but that just goes to show the maturity level of both Usher and Tameka...
Nya313's picture

right but to black women,

right but to black women, "most of them" the father don't matter. Only time he come up IS WHEN MONEY IS INVOLVED!!! That's why alot of these silly ass negros don't take care of their responsibility because his presence isn't really needed although his money is smdh
LetsGetIt's picture

True! My boyfriend's ex

True! My boyfriend's ex girlfriend is that type of woman so I know exactly what you're talking about.
CLS1986's picture

Women on here act as if they

Women on here act as if they don't know what the hell im talking about. But i know so many brothas that having a difficult time seeing their children the shit is just ridiculous!! But it's just a game alot of black women play, it's like, they don't want the father to have a active role in the children's lives but when they need some money or they child need some money thats when they want the man to come into the picture. They don't ask the man to come in to be an example for these young boys , they don't ask them to come in when he needs to learn certain things . Only time these women ALLOW the father in is when THEY NEED MONEY LOL. But let a brotha try to be in his child life, they straight up try to keep the kids away from him, tell the kids lies and shit, some will even call the POLICE on brothas for trying to see their children, BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN WHEN HE GIVES UP , thats when she complains hahahahahaaha man THESE WOMEN ARE CRAZY. And these women on here act as if a man SHOULDN'T HAVE CUSTODY OF KIDS LIKE IT'S LAWWWW FOR THE KIDS TO ONLY LIVE WITH THEIR MOTHER . These are the same women that call black men deadbeats but when shit like this happen somehow THE MEN ARENT REALLY SUPPOSE TO WANT TO HAVE A DEEP CONNECTION WITH HIS CHILDREN, THAT'S A MOTHERLY THING ALL OF A SUDDEN LMAOOOOO.
LetsGetIt's picture

You're killing me with the

You're killing me with the nonsense!!!! No self respecting woman wants to have kids and not have the father be apart of their lives!!! Or be a complete family for that matter!!! What you're talking about is some ol' hood ratchet shit and if you laid up with a hoodrat and impregnated her then that's on you... Deal with it, but don't ever get that twisted and act like you're speaking on real women.. It sounds like you're referring to these fly by night men who think their responsibilities only kick in on the holiday's or who only practice parenting on the weekends... In case you don't know for us women, parenting is an everyday full time job on top of us going to our actual place of employment. Sometimes the only way some men feel responsibility is when you hit them where they feel it, their pockets... Some woman can't take the hurt it causes their kids to see that their father only comes around when he wants to, so they decide to just say fuck him and do the best they can alone... I have a question for you, what's the reason why your father wasn't in your life?
Nya313's picture

Everything you've said is the

Everything you've said is the truth! It's refreshing to see a man who cares about his children and wants to play an active role in their lives, come out on top. I'm happy for Usher.
CLS1986's picture

Please Usher is so damn

Please Usher is so damn Phoney!...that Nigga jsut want to do anything than give that woman money But I bet he really did Not want Full custody of those kids which is a Nonstop Full responsibility that his Azz is now laden with. He does Not seem like the type to want to sit still and have to raise two children. But I guess he's just happy not to give her the money to do it
star's picture

I don't feel sorry for her at

I don't feel sorry for her at all. she seems like such a wicked witch. He wanted full custody and you refused now look what happened. usher your mom didn't like her to begin with. Let this be a lesson.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

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tom021's picture

Don't care for either one of

Don't care for either one of these adults But Usher with his lying, DL cheating azz will quickly get tired of full custody
star's picture

Maybe that ridiculous

Maybe that ridiculous complaint about her Saks card contributed to the decision. Still don't understand how that made it into a custody case. So the judge ruled in her favor on that being that she needs if for work (*rolling my eyes* because she was a stylist before she met Usher so what did she do before him?) and she needs to work to pay child support. It's not a bad thing because she can still be in her kids life as much as she would expect Usher to be if she had custody. Plus she has other kids to tend to. I wonder how they feel about their mother spending so much time away trying to get the other kids. I'm not trying to talk greasy about her, some things just weren't a good look. Anyway, they're still her kids and she's still their mom so I hope they can put all this out the way and get to making everything about the kids.
WaterBaby's picture

I don't like Tameka but I do

I don't like Tameka but I do feel sorry for her, especially since she just lost a child to death. However, God doesn't like ugly and I'm just gonna leave it at that.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Tameka must be some piece of

Tameka must be some piece of work, for the judge to give Usher custody...hopefully she gets her self together.
Lola's picture

Oh wow. How do you go from 5

Oh wow. How do you go from 5 sons to 2 in your house in a matter of two months? I don't know how she's going to get throw this. At this point it's overwhelming beyond belief.
Denise2007's picture

OK i'm lost. Can someone

OK i'm lost. Can someone please catch me up and tell me how you guys came to the conclusion that Tameka is unfit? Were there specific incidents?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

The court ordered a

The court ordered a psychological evaluation at which time they determined she has mental issues. Point Blank Period... she's looney.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

OK but what exactly did she

OK but what exactly did she do that got everybody on here breaking out the champagne and confetti?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

@ Ms. Thang....I'm with you.

@ Ms. Thang....I'm with you. Maybe I don't know how to work google because I promise I didn't find anything regarding a psychological or mental evaluation in which she was deemed unfit.
qtpa2t's picture

Ok...so I just heard...well

Ok...so I just heard...well read...she allowed Usher to pay for her pysch evaluation..If that is true she is one naive chile!!! Who doesnt know better than that??
qtpa2t's picture

This is due Justice and

This is due Justice and Karma, making sweet love in the GA heat. You can't keep doing God's ppl wrong and think that God won't rectify things with some of that GET RIGHT. Thank You, God, for victory! No matter what it looks like, in the end, God's team ALWAYS wins! Remember that!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Well just becos your son died

Well just becos your son died doesnt mean the judge was going rule in her favor, shes vindictive, greedy and horrible and unfortunately the judge saw all of that, i ff her on twitter and some of things she writes is just nasty
lolo's picture

Some of you are cheering and

Some of you are cheering and screaming like this was a sporting event or like you know either party personally.
Anonymous10's picture

Whew! The claws are out on

Whew! The claws are out on this thread. Whispers, *Lemme get the fluck outta here* as I'm backing out the door and slamming it shut.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Their situation was beyond

Their situation was beyond ridiculous before the tragedy. I hope that she takes the time that she needs to take care of herself. Hopefully, this was the best decision for the kids. It's true that men are fighting back these days for their rights.
Tagirl27's picture

There goes those fat child

There goes those fat child support checks. Another Siovuaghn who thought they could finance their lifestyle through their kids. When you divorce the man, he's no longer responsible for your Louboutin and Chanel purchases. Kudos to Usher and D.Wade!!
Elle's picture

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