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MUSIC FAB: Fat Joe's "Pride N Joy" Video Ft. Kayne West, Ashanti & Miguel + Avant Ft. KeKe Wyatt's "You & I"

Fat Joe teamed with Kanye West and Miguel for his "Pride N Joy" video, which features appearances from other artists like Ashanti and Jadakiss. Also, Avant has reunited with singer turned reality chick  KeKe Wyatt for a new R&B track called "You & I."  Check both out inside....

For his Hype Williams-directed video for "Pride N Joy," Fat Joe brought out Kanye West, Miguel, Jadakiss, DJ Khaled, Roscoe Dash, Busta Rhymes and Ashanti. Each of the celebs taped their scenes for the clip at a studio in Brooklyn.

Explaining why he made the song, Fat Joe said, “I think hip-hop needs to see unity,” said Joe. “This whole song been about unity, bring back that De La Soul, that Tribe [Called Quest].”

Ashanti continues to look hot by the way.  Can't seem to figure out why her singing career stays lukewarm though.

Watch the video here:


Singer Avant, who'll be performing in Johannesburg on Sept 29, has released a new track featuring his fave collabo partner ("Nothing In This World") KeKe Wyatt.  The track, "You & I," is an R&B balled (written by Avant himself of course) that shows off both of their killer vocals.  It doesn't impace radio until September 10th, but we've got it for you now.

The twosome recorded the song for Avant's upcoming untitled studio album dropping early 2013, and it will also appear on KeKe's forthcoming album.  On the Oct. 1st episode of "R&B Divas," we'll see the two hit the studio to record the song since cameras were rolling during the production.

Meanwhile, now that "R&B Divas" is a hit, KeKe may be on her way to getting the fame and recognition she deserves.

On another note, we're told that we'll get to see just what led to KeKe having such unhealthy relationships with men and what caused her low self esteem when "R&B Divas" sheds light on the abuse she suffered from her father.

Listen to "You & I" below...




omg this song is on

omg this song is on repeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They picked up right where they left off!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Keke&Avant love it!!!!!

I love the new artist today,

I love the new artist today, but nothing compares to some true R&B...and these two are one of THE examples of Real R&B...love it!!!
_speak's picture

That girl is bad!!! Straight

That girl is bad!!! Straight blowin!!!
rockhardtalk's picture

R&b divas is NOT a hit..Just

R&b divas is NOT a hit..Just another ignorant reality show aboutsome ignorant black women trying for fame...Kekee is a lunatic!! Why do we feed into bull schit like this!! I cram to understand!!
dunkin57's picture

WOW, I'm lovin that KeKe &

WOW, I'm lovin that KeKe & Avant. It sounds kinda old school, I likey.We don't hear much slow, GOOD music now-a-days.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

this song is it! this is what

this song is it! this is what i have been missing! cant wait for avant to drop his new album!!!
ladybug13's picture

I had to go back and relisten

I had to go back and relisten to that Fat Joe cut and the lyrics are disgusting, immature, and sad and made me pissed a bit. All of these grown ass men in this video rapping about about of stupidity. They are clueless about women, relationships, and love.
MsKizzy's picture


YAAAASSSSS HONEY!! Avant & Keke did that thang! Sang ya'll!!! On another note, that Joe, Kanye, mess is wack GARBAGE. They aren't talking about NOTHING of substance. Between Keke & Avant, Lupe's Bitch Bad, and Frank Ocean, I have hope that real music will make a come back.
MsKizzy's picture

Why am I keeping this on

Why am I keeping this on repeat!! He need to go ahead and market and release it.

Okay?! I've been thinking

Okay?! I've been thinking about this song all night long since I listened to it several times earlier today. It makes the hairs on the back of my wig stand up, makes me want to fall in love for real. It's so refreshing to hear some good old fashioned love music instead of all of that "beat the pu$$y up" nonsense. This song puts a smile on my face and new hope in my heart for real love...umph. I'mma need an advance copy of this CD, like asap. Hell, Yes!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Avant and KeKe...No

Avant and KeKe...No words...they did it! RnB is officially back!

Ok, they brought it back!

Ok, they brought it back! Man, this is what the game is missing!!! Now, I gotta make a list of others I need to come back.

im at work and i cant listen

im at work and i cant listen to avant and keke's song... but i busted out singing their old song lol
nikasosmo0th's picture

Damn that's some grown and

Damn that's some grown and sexy music for yo ass!!! Bring it on Avant and Keke!!! Love it!!
carmelhoney's picture


IridescentMe..'s picture


I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE this song and I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE Avant and KeKe! This song just makes me all warm, fuzzy and tingly inside...I just wanna' cry at the sound of Avant and KeKe's beautiful voices on this LOVELY track...Ummmm!!! LOVE IT!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Damn...I L.O.V.E Avant and

Damn...I L.O.V.E Avant and KeKe together! Hell, I love them individually, and they're just a magical treat together! Oooh-wee! Now THAT'S the essense of R&B, the sound of REAL R&B...for all you Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Keshia Cole (ugh) era newbies. Mmmmm...Mmmmm...Mmmmm...C'mon, Avant and KeKe, take back your throne babies...take back your thrones! Yes!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

LOVE Avant's and Keke song!!!

LOVE Avant's and Keke song!!! That's my kind of R&B..
JBoogy's picture

Mine, too, JBoogy! Mine,

Mine, too, JBoogy! Mine, too! Yes!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I'm sure Avant and Keke's

I'm sure Avant and Keke's albums are gonna be guaranteed true R&B. Can't Wait!!! Anywho Miguel's voice is the truth, so I don't understand why they chose to autotune it.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Now Avant and keke did that!!

Now Avant and keke did that!! brought be back to the 90's!!! Love it!
Didshesaythat's picture

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