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SMOOCHES! It's Your 19th Birthday KeKe Palmer!

YBF Chick KeKe Palmer turns 19 today!  Celebrate inside......


Film and television actress KeKe Palmer celebrates her 19th birthday today.  With a long list of successful movies under her belt, the aspiring pop star also sings and dances, making her a triple threat.  And with all of the gorgeous youngin's charitable works, she is a good role model for upcoming fab chicks all over.

A few days ago she tweeted about her work with the Boys & Girls Club:

Had a great time in Milwaukee, WI today! Check out my birthday cake they made for me, it's a shoe & a purse. Thank you!

And her next film on Lifetime, where she portrays the missing child Carlina White who made recent headlines, just came out with a preview:


Celebrate with KeKe in the gallery.......




no wonder she dresses like a

no wonder she dresses like a school marm. Virgos tend to take themselves way too seriously.
shuga's picture

No Virgos tend to be mature

No Virgos tend to be mature for their age..Libras are the ones who take themselves too damn serious..Virgos are fun
star's picture

Jadore KeKe! Happy Birthday!

Jadore KeKe! Happy Birthday!
BlackVesper's picture

she's so effortlessly

she's so effortlessly fabulous
leesh's picture

Happy birthday Ke!

Happy birthday Ke!

Beautiful cake, Beautiful

Beautiful cake, Beautiful young lady and career! It's so refreshing to see a young woman look like and act like a young woman these days (especially in the industry) instead of a common harlot. Is it just me, or could she and Erica (from Love &Hip Hop Atlanta) pass for twins?
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I had to Google Erica (I dont

I had to Google Erica (I dont watch those shows) and you are right, they do favor each other, like she could be KiKi's older sister!
goeze's picture

Beautiful and talented young

Beautiful and talented young lady. Happy Birthday!
Tagirl27's picture

Happy Birthday to the

Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Keke Palmer! She's so YBF!
CLS1986's picture

Keke is sooo fab and so is

Keke is sooo fab and so is her hair!!!!!!For your own fabulous hair extensions check Wear that Hair on facebook! Share and Like the page and Inbox for orders and enquires! xoxo http://www.facebook.com/wearthathair
Wear that Hair's picture

Only 19? I don't know why I

Only 19? I don't know why I thought she was older.
I_love_laughing's picture

Beautiful young lady. Happy

Beautiful young lady. Happy birthday!
Miss T's picture

I love KiKi, she is the

I love KiKi, she is the ultimate YBF!! Happy Birthday gorgeous!!
goeze's picture

Happy Birthday KeKe! Thanks

Happy Birthday KeKe! Thanks for all your hard work and staying so beautiful inside and out!

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