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VIDEOS: Sneak Peek At Jennifer Hudson's "Oprah's Next Chapter" Interview + KeKe Palmer's "Dance Alone" Vid

Oprah sat down with award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson for an intimate conversation at Jenny's home in Chicago.  And the sneak peek has just hit the net.  Check it inside, plus KeKe Palmer's new video for "Dance Alone" is here....


It's the first time Jen's sister Julia is opening up about her son's murder, and Jennifer is giving a very intense interview about her fiance David (who also joins her), her family's murders and William Balfour's sentencing, and the changes in her life.

The interview airs on OWN Sunday, September 9, at 9/8c.  Click HERE if you have issues viewing the video.



In other video news:

KeKe Palmer is keeping it fab as she released her brand new video just 1 day after celebrating her 19th birthday.


Check out her new music video for her second follow-up single, "Dance Alone" from her self-titled mixtape, KEKE PALMER.  You feelin' it?





Ah…there’s nothing like a

Ah…there’s nothing like a Sister’s Love! … I sense that Jennifer Hudson is very satisfied with her sister Julia, and perhaps, that is one reason why Jennifer continues to show off Julia, in the Light! … good for Jennifer!
rebellious soul's picture

I'm sorry, but if Julia were

I'm sorry, but if Julia were my sister I would have told her either she changed into something more appropriate or she could not participate in the interview. From JH's body language in the first picture, I get the impression that she wants to distance herself from her sister (crossed leg, haughty look and separation between them). Just a thought....
PR22's picture

damn shame people have to

damn shame people have to dress a certain way to please people. How come she can't just BE THERE to talk about losing her family. #pffft
Classic87's picture

I would never let my sister

I would never let my sister out the house like that for a 1 on 1 with Oprah! C'mon now!! KeKe keep doing you with your beautiful tripple threat self.
Realist's picture

Love keKe as an actress but

Love keKe as an actress but her music sounds OK, nothing remarkable or different. She has that typical R&B sound which does not distinguish her from all the other R&B chicks out there.. Really dont see her selling a lot and going too far in this music ish. I have visions of Tatiana Ali and her singing career after Fresh Prince and she could sing.
Kai's picture

DAMN Jennifer's sister is

DAMN Jennifer's sister is HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't she hook her up on the surgeon that did her gastric bypass??!!! That is just WRONG!!!!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

I really enjoy me some Keke,

I really enjoy me some Keke, she is as age appropriate as they get at 19 years old for 2012. In my opinion some people say they miss Aaliyah(sorry if I miss spelled her name) and I miss her too. But with the acting talent that Keke has and her growing music and vibe I believe she is amazing. With her persona there is no reason she can’t be the closest thing we have to Aaliyah today. Not say we are replacing her per-say. But going into a new era to have someone near the the talent, innocence, class, charisma, self-esteem, growth into a woman, and personality. There is no reason we can’t abrace her the way we did Aaliyah. Grow with Keke and put some trust and patience in her as we did in Aaliyah. I don’t think she will prove us wrong.
kimaras31's picture


Black women.....................Nevermind.........Letsgetit im out!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Another black woman putting

Another black woman putting more effort into her hair than her body. This is just disgusting!!! Thank goodness me and my white girl are fitness freaks. I must admit its not about me though its about the horrific events that occurred to the family.
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Do not act like you never

Do not act like you never seen fat sloppy whites girls who dress in clothes 3 sizes too small lmao
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

Thank you! One thing I

Thank you! One thing I realize is that many of us love to insult each other and stereotype worse sometimes than non-black racists. We chastise but in the same turn hurt and stereotype our entire group to make that point.
Keys's picture

Am disappointed at JHud. She

Am disappointed at JHud. She could have at least hooked her sister up with a glam makeover and she should also encourage her to join weight watchers for her health and well-being. It's like she didn't care how her sister looked so long as she was on-point. SMDH
speaking of's picture

I Guess Jenny Craig or wateva

I Guess Jenny Craig or wateva doesn't work for jhud's sister.wtf?u Finna remove dust from people's eyes jhud's and you got a log of wood in yours?smh
Allbeautythings0's picture

I totally agree. JHud's

I totally agree. JHud's sister knew better than to wear a T-shirt and cut off shorts for a nationally televised interview. JHud probably tried to get her properly clothed but I could just visualize this woman rejecting every decent outfit they brought her.
Denise2007's picture

LMAO!!!! Ya'll are going IN

LMAO!!!! Ya'll are going IN on these comments about Jennifer's sister! I'm cracking up! What the hell is she thinking sitting there for an interview with OPRAH wearing cuffed jean shorts?? Girl, stop it!
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

No offense to any big girls,

No offense to any big girls, but that FAT BITCH Julia Hudson is a sorry excuse for a mother! Her child got killed over some bullshit all because she couldn't be alone. After her son died she was on to the next man SMDH! Again I'm sorry ya'll but I just had to say it.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture


YOU BETTA FUGIN PREACH!!!!!!!! and while you are at it , YOU BETTA FUGIN WORK!!!!! Damn you said it all. That statement gave me everything I needed. I followed the trial with Twitter updates from reporters in the court room. This fool had women on the Southside, Northside and every side of Chicago. He wasn't shyt when they got together and he ain't shyt now. Cray Cray you my people (girl/boy) whatever you are. I am keeping my baby away from any dating drama on my part until he is 18.
LaFord's picture

I'm a girl lol and thank you.

I'm a girl lol and thank you.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Ok girl I've seen other

Ok girl I've seen other things you have posted (Shaq & Hoops) we think a like. Loved what you said.
LaFord's picture

Im not going to be as

Im not going to be as brutally/blunt as some of you lol, but really Jen?!? like we know your sister doesn't have the personal stylist and/or hair stylist like yourself, BUT someone from your glamour team could have hooked your sister up...this is a "Your friend looks a mess" at the club moment. Why would you leave your house looking good but you allow your firend to leave the house looking like who did it and what for...NO BUENO!! that is sooo wrong and im more upset at jen then her sister, you could have gave her "How to dress for Oprah and interviews One on ONE" weight has absolutely nothing to do with it, its that hair and them clothes im most upset about!!!
_speak's picture

I respectfully disagree.

I respectfully disagree. Jen's sister was not raised in a cave - she knows what TV is, who Oprah is and how one dresses for special occasions. But most importantly she is a grown ass woman who shouldn't need her sister to tell her any of that. I think this is why the load is so heavy for black celebs, people always looking for them to pull them up when they need to learn how to climb for themselves.
whatev's picture

Yes she is grown, but we can

Yes she is grown, but we can clearly see that she needs HELP, so you mean to tell me if you where going to meet Oprah or anybody, and you are looking well put together but your mom or sister is looking a mess and you COULD help them you wouldn't? its not about oh my sister has money she SHOULD buy me this or buy me that, but i would never let my sister go on tv and embarrass her or myself...and that is the problem right there, im sure her sister isnt asking her to buy her clothes or etc BUT as her established sister you should want to help her in a time of need...like this one
_speak's picture

Exactly!!!! Jennifer could've

Exactly!!!! Jennifer could've hooked her sister up w/ a outfit. Then again she probably came up there w/out JHud knowing she'd show up like that. I would've been PISSED if my sister showed up at my house like that!!! Come on this is OPRAH we're talking about!!! I can tell Julia don't have good sense.
PhillyPhemale's picture

Why yall mad at JHud sister.

Why yall mad at JHud sister. We know her judgement is off. This is the same woman that married the man who killed her Family. Sense is not her strong point or having it. She wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Remember JHUd is the one with the stylist and 100 pound weight loss
lola69's picture

Oprah just wanted another

Oprah just wanted another Hippopotamus on there so she didn't look like such a food-addicted train wreck too.................,,.,,,,
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


BEEMA's picture

Oh no that was not

Oh no that was not nice..lol..and why do you consider Oprah to be a train wreck..Her ratings are way up again.She's the Best
star's picture

I'm really mad @ JHud's

I'm really mad @ JHud's sister. She knew she was going to be on tv....she could have thrown on a dress or something! She looks like she about to hit up a cookout after the interview.
PhillyPhemale's picture

That couch looks like its

That couch looks like its about to give out at any moment, look @ Jenny's seat cushion versus her sisters lmao!! Oprah knew she had some sh*t in the truck that J-Hud sis could have thrown on smh.
tori's picture

LOL.. First pic looks like a

LOL.. First pic looks like a before and after of J. Hudd...


star's picture

Jennifer Hudson is sooo

Jennifer Hudson is sooo gorgeous!!!! She is really true beauty and her hair is fab! Take a look at my page and see how you can also have beautiful hair.......... For fabulous hair extensions check out Wear that Hair on facebook! Share and Like the page and Inbox for orders and enquires! http://www.facebook.com/wearthathair (share and like) xoxo
Wear that Hair's picture

Mad at Jhud's fat fawk of a

Mad at Jhud's fat fawk of a sister being unable to wear anything but a t-shirt and short, go-to fat-bitch wear. And Jhud and O looks really, really good.
Sincerely WF's picture


whatev's picture

Now see you gonna get me in

Now see you gonna get me in trouble here at work. LOLOLOLO!!!!!
LaFord's picture

Julia didn't think Oprah's

Julia didn't think Oprah's interview couch was any reason to dress up, huh? Jennifer looks great. She couldn't pull her sister's coattail and hook up her wardrobe for this major appearance. Sigh!
SweetDivaT's picture

the caption says they are at

the caption says they are at Jennifer's house. I thought maybe it was one of those "R.I.P." t-shirts that ppl wear in honor of their lost ones.
shuga's picture

I love all things this young

I love all things this young girl is doing but LAWDDD is she corny. She stays age appropriate though and I'm sure many young girls will appreciate her music, just not me. Wish her much success. Can't wait for the Jennifer interview! SN: Oprah's twitter makes her more likeable to the masses I think. I appreciate her tweets to the everyday people.
Philly_HU's picture

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