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Monica & Shannon Brown SHARE Hawaii Vacay Photos

Singer Monica and her cute husband Shannon Brown recently shared pics from their trip to Maui with their fans.  See the photos inside.......



"Everything To Me" singer Monica recently shared vacation photos from her and her hubby's trip to Maui.  The couple can be seen relaxing on the beach and going horseback riding.  She tweeted, "Enjoyed our ride today with Ginger & Keola...what a beautiful place this is."

She's rocking the Robin Piccone "Penelope" crochet overlay one piece swimsuit.  Hot!

She also shared a few gorgeous photos of the island.

Shannon enjoyed himself too as she shared, "My Hubby is enjoying the beach!! Super Focused, Gearing up 4 this season"  He re-signed with the Phoenix Suns for a 2-year $7 mill deal.

In other Monica news, she's been announced as a performer for the fourth Vietnamese concert run by the Hennessy liquor company at Ha Noi's National Convention Centre on September 7.

Fab times!




I love Monica I just wish she

I love Monica I just wish she hadn't put all those tattoos all over her body, that was some hood mess which I'm so sure she regrets now. She always keeps her body covered arms and all and you will probably never see her in shorts or short skirts not booty shorts or skirts just short ones anymore unless she got rid of that tattoo of her kids fathers name on outside of her right thigh, I wouldnt care if thats her oldest sons name or not we all know it wasn't placed there for him no mother would put their childs name on their thigh near a rose, I would hope that now since she's married she would have that removed not place a jr. next to it, that would be inappropriate on that part of her body also when or if she has more kids will she add their names some place on her body also, I can tell by all of her pictures that she doesn't want those tattoos to be shown at all, love her music but those tattoos are a distraction Clive Davis new what he was talking about when he told her to coverup that tattoo back in the day, you see Whitney Houston's skin wasn't tatted at all you saw her beautiful brown skin no distraction there all voice. Monica please get rid of old boyfriends names that are tatted on your body and stop getting them all together. God Bless You & Your Family
Phillip's picture

Monica, I like that hair

Monica, I like that hair girl!
FLchick's picture

she looks super cute & those

she looks super cute & those shades??? FIYAH!!
diamond2012's picture

Monica is one of my favorite

Monica is one of my favorite singers. Her and Shannon are sooo cute!
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it's feels Sooooo gooooooood

it's feels Sooooo gooooooood riding a Horse......especially trotting...you bounce up & down really fast like a Nutty DingBat and have like 15 orgasms (the horse did all the work.....but i was EXHAUSTED) .........................
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I don't like his back

I don't like his back piece... those eyes look creepy. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see her truly happy. She was way too good for Rocko but you know she loved them street niggas. Shannon seems like a good dude but only time will tell.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

I agree.

I agree.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I wanna like Monica but she

I wanna like Monica but she comes across so damn pretentious. Headliner at a Vietnamese concert....Really!!!
Kai's picture

I agree. Aside from that,

I agree. Aside from that, Shannon looks real good on her, she has never looked this nice in the face before. She must be getting some good sex. Hmph.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

awe they are such a cute

awe they are such a cute couple I so love them together they seem happy <3
MooreLikeMe's picture

They look so cute

They look so cute together....black love is so beautiful.
qtpa2t's picture

Why Monica head don't match

Why Monica head don't match her body in that first pic?? Her and Shannon look like they are enjoying their lives so KUDOS. I wonder if they talk about the dumba$$ tattoos they got when they were younger!!
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