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Brandy REVEALS "Two Eleven" COVER ART + 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song" VIDEO FT. Kanye West

"Wildest Dreams" singer Brandy has revealed the cover art for her upcoming disc Two Eleven.  See the pic inside and watch 2 Chainz's video for "Birthday Song" featuring Kanye West.


Superstar actress Brandy has revealed the cover art for her highly-anticipated album TWO ELEVEN. The disc will be available in standard and deluxe editions. Set for release on October 16, 2012, the album also features her hit "Put It Down" single.

B described Two Eleven saying,It’s just an R&B album, a rhythm and blues album. No gimmicks, real R&B music.” 

And in new music videos........


2 Chainz dropped the visual for "Birthday Song" featuring Kanye West. 2 Chainz recently talked about the state of rap music with HuffPost saying,

"I think it's just the energy right now. It's to have fun again. It's time to relax and realize there are way less fortunate individuals than me. The people want to do what they do, and we should just have fun. It shouldn't be stressful. I think people finally get that, and the music goes along accordingly."


I guess "fun" is what you can call it.  Watch the video above.......  




In the "No Panties" video by R&B singer London Taylor, "Hollywood Exes" star Nicole Murphy plays a sexy cougar. When asked why she decided to be a part of the project Nicole answered “I initially thought it would be a creative way to introduce my jewelry collection. Then once I heard the song and London’s vision for the video, I fell in love!”

The video (reminiscent of a vintage Calvin Klein ad) was shot in Palm Springs and features a flawless Nicole stranded in the desert with London Taylor being her only hope for survival.

London is new to the scene and is sure to make a big smash as he plays bass, piano and guitar and has church-bred vocals to back up his music.  Watch the video above....





She has totally revamped her

She has totally revamped her image though. She looks nice. I just hope her soul is still in tact.
mzbrownlady's picture

Can anybody say Baphoment?

Can anybody say Baphoment? This cover is so obvious seriously. Damn another one done sold their soul.
mzbrownlady's picture

welllll ummmmm aaahhhhh seeee

welllll ummmmm aaahhhhh seeee what had happened was
Realist's picture

YESSS!!! Brandy is finally

YESSS!!! Brandy is finally getting some talented people on her marketing team! This cover is giving me everything I need! I asked her for a steak dinner and she gave me steak with a bottle of champagne on the side!
BEEMA's picture

Okay Brandy I see you with

Okay Brandy I see you with that Tyra Banks Brazilian Full Lace pull-back pony, got you a lil Gold Plated breastplate on, Give me more for the Deluxe tho boo boo, a Gold Photoshop overtone ain't justifying the extra cost ,I'm almost afraid to bump Brandy new CD tho, since everybody she get close to just die. . .cast of Moesha mostly dead, that girl in the car on the freeway is dead, Whitney is dead. . . IDK but you look good gurrrll. <3
iLaugh's picture

Yes gurrl..she could have

Yes gurrl..she could have given a different shot or maybe a short skirt or something for the Deluxe! They just pressed the tint button and said we done.
BEEMA's picture

Yesss Honey! They coulda put

Yesss Honey! They coulda put her outside the building and gave us some Naomi Campbell fierceness with the sun shining just right on her chocolate skin, and put it on photo glossy paper in the CD jacket . . . Them three or four extra tracks is gettin a smooth download, you gotta give me something I can't get online for free. <3
iLaugh's picture

Brandy has no buzz about this

Brandy has no buzz about this CD to make people want to buy it, and it being pushed banck 3 times does not help and that crappy Put it Down song is not working, nowadays an artist hsto have huge hit or two so when the CD drops people will be eager to hear it.
sweetpea1989's picture

Brandi looks great! She has

Brandi looks great! She has really come out of her shell, congrats!
Dria's picture

YAY to Brandy's cover. 2

YAY to Brandy's cover. 2 Chainz makes you notice how midgetish some other male artists are. (Kanye, TI, etc)
PainfulTruth's picture

Brandy looks good!

Brandy looks good!
I_love_laughing's picture

Dis dat shit I don't like!

Dis dat shit I don't like!
I Am Anonymous's picture

Nice cover - hope the

Nice cover - hope the majority of songs are r&b and not like that horrible PUT IT DOWN. That song alone made me put Brandy on my "need to hear 3 or 4 tracks before I'll buy the album" list.
Geminigirl65's picture

Nicole went straight from

Nicole went straight from Nicole to Nikki... At this stage in your life.. being in a video titled.. No panties.. WTF.... Girl STOP... Brandy looks hot
Janelle McIver's picture

Brandy's cover is

Brandy's cover is fantastic!!!
Let&#039;s get it poppin's picture

thats a nice cover, i like

thats a nice cover, i like brandy, her music moves me.....
Cashing out's picture

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