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Condoleezza Rice Speaks On Education At RNC + First Lady Michelle Obama TUNES The RNC Out & Hits "Letterman"!

Last night, Condoleezza Rice took the stage at the 2012 Republican National Convention where she called for educational reform and bashed President Obama's foreign policy leadership.  She's an expert in both fields...but do you agree with her statements?  Find out what she said inside and see First Lady Michelle Obama revealing why she's not watching the RNC on "Letterman."


Condoleezza Rice was greated with a standing ovation as she took the stage last night at the 2012 RNC.  During her speech the former Secretary of State bashed President Obama's foreign policy stance and leadership skills asking, 

“Where does America stand?”  You see, when friends or foes alike don’t know the answer to that question unambiguously and clearly, the world is likely to be a more dangerous and chaotic place.”

She added,

"We cannot be reluctant to lead. And you cannot lead from behind. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand this reality, that our leadership abroad and our well-being at home are inextricably linked. Our adversaries must have no reason to doubt our resolve because peace really does come through strength."

She also stressed the importance of education saying,

"Your greatest ally in controlling your response to your circumstance is in a quality education. Today, when I can look at your zip code and can tell whether you are going to get a good education. Can I really say that it doesn't matter where you came from? It matters where you are going. The crisis in K-12 education is a threat to the very fabric who we are."

She ended by reflecting on how far the country has come in terms of race and access to power in the US.  She said, 

"A little girl grows up in Jim Crow Birmingham – the most segregated big city in America. Her parents can’t take her to a movie theater or a restaurant, but they make her believe that even though she can’t have a hamburger at the Woolworth’s lunch counter, she can be President of the United States. And she becomes the Secretary of State.”

Watch Condi here:


Also on television last night.....

First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by "The Late Show" (her third appearance) where she chatted it up with David Letterman. It's safe to assume Mrs. Obama didn't see Condoleezza's speech as she revealed she's not watching the RNC.

“Let me start by saying I, as the wife of the guy they’re running against, I tend not to watch it, but I think it’s important for everyone to watch these conventions because this is the time you get to know the party, you understand the platform, you understand the candidates.”

And when Dave tried to bait the First Lady into revealing any private jokes she and President Obama may have shared about Rep. Todd Akin's ignorant "legitimate rape" comments, she simply said, “There are moments when there are interesting things that happen, and we discuss them.”  Always keeping it classy...

She also talked about Sasha and Malia going to summer camp and she expressed her love of kale chips saying, "They were good, Dave! They were good!"

Watch Mrs. Obama on "Late Show" here:





I admire Condoleezza Rice, I

I admire Condoleezza Rice, I really do. I admire her intellect and her strides to success, but yet she's so weak and disconnected, and it becomes really hard to respect her as a person. I wonder what pleasures she gains from supporting her co-workers? Today being a Republican or Democrat doesn't mean anything as the media turns the elections into a popularity contest. It just doesn't make any sense... Her coworkers have no clue of what it feels like to make something out of nothing. Her coworkers don't respect her struggles because they've never been without. How can she respect them? It just don't make any sense... Condoleezza, Michelle, and Obama - they succeeded the RIGHT way. As someone mentioned earlier, the Republican party's idea to distance their self from George Bush and use Obama as the scapegoat of Bush's failures was very innovative. People are scared and desperate and the Republican party is playing on their fear by persuading them things will only get worst if Obama remains president. I sincerely believe Obama attempted to make things better, but he was unable to get his ideas past Congress, which is part of the plan.
brownlace's picture

I can't believe Condi got up

I can't believe Condi got up on stage and went to bat for the people at the Redneck Nat'l Convention. I forgot she was "one of them," well she thought she was. I would love to know where she sits when Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have dinner, probably at the KIDS table, silly fool!!
tori's picture

Call of the Wildman- Turtle

Call of the Wildman- Turtle Man for President... He get's paid in Apple Pie and he always get's the job DONE!!!

Why do black people love

Why do black people love democrats so much??? I don't get it
LetsGetIt's picture


DS's picture

It's like this sista, The

It's like this sista, The Democrats is focused on keeping the poor POOR. And the republicans are focused on Keeping the rich RICH. These damn liberals aka democrats don't really give a damn ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE. Many people voted obama because he said he was gonna shut down big corporations/ failing ass financial companies and create more jobs, stop the war in Afghanistan, cut the budget. But The first thing that nigga do when he got in office was Bailed out big corporations , and send more troop to fight, and spent a hell of alot of money. But hey you can't tell black people shit. These democrats have a agenda and that to keep negros from being self reliant and creating their own it always been that way, they come through with all these bullshit programs in the black community. WE DON'T NEED ANYMORE FUCKING PROGRAMS CREATEEEEEE SOME DAMN JOBSSSSS but hey that's their agenda. And i know what black women / ignorant ass niggas gone say "Well it gone be worse with mitt romney in office, YOU WANT ROMNEY IN OFFICE" just ignorant shittt like that makes me give up on black people. Democrat / republican NONE OF THEM CARE ABOUT YOUR ASS at the end of the day. TWO SIDES OF THE SAME DAMN COIN. But American's are easily fooled and entertained lol.
LetsGetIt's picture

For the answer to your

For the answer to your question, take a look at the response I gave to DS... I can't support a party that panders to their base by insinuating that we're all welfare receiving lazy non working leeches looking for a handout. They don't differentiate between us. They assume that we're ALL like that... Mind you that every quote in my message is VERBATIM and can be checked. These are their words not exaggerations. My response to DS was: You wanna know why we don't support the Republican party?? Maybe because they don't support US! When you have GOP election officials saying "I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban -- read African-American -- voter-turnout machine," how can you support them?? When you have a Republican Congresswoman sending an e-mail of President Obama's face photoshopped onto a chimp and saying "Now you know why no birth certificate" How can you support that?? When you have Rick Santorum say, "I don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money." You know, as if all us black folks want in life is a hand out and somebody else's money... How can you support that?? When you have a party that has called the first African American president of this country a "Muslim Kenyan socialist marxist who is un-American" and basically forced him to show his papers, HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THAT?? Are you kidding me? It's not that I'm married to the Democratic party, but when we live in a society that has a polarized two-party system and one party has constantly spewed racial hatred and stereotyping, and is now trying to stop African Americans from voting, I wonder who I would choose to have my interests in mind.
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture


Now sista as BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE, how can you be so naive to whats REALLY GOING ON???Come on sista, but im going to say this and im done "WE ARE LOOKING FOR A HAND OUT FROM THESE CRAKKKAS!!!! And that's the problem and DEMOCRATS GIVE BLACK PEOPLE A FALSE ALLUSION that they are going to get something by voting democrat, THEY THROW A FEW PROGRAMS here and there, BUT WHY DOES DEMOCRATS NEVER TALK ABOUT BUILDING JOBS IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY??? Im always in the community and when the democratic party come here and have a meeting , IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT PROGRAMS, and silly asss niggas eat it up clapping to everything they say ,but in my mind it's like " Yo why do they keep bringing up programs??? ECONOMICS IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM IN URBAN AREAS" That's what i always have in mind, and i hear the republicans , all they talk about is ECONOMICS!!!lol...THESE DAMN DEMOCRATS, TREAT US SIMILAR TO PETS IF YOU REALLY LOOK AT THIS SHIT, AND THE REASON i say that is because "with a pet ,you don't expect much from it but to shit and mess up every now and then what more can you expect it's a pet" that how they treat black people, they don't say this but they do it by their actions BECAUSE THEY DON'T HOLD US ACCOUNTABLE" And that's why black don't really like REPUBLICANS BECAUSE THEY TREATTTTT PEOPLE LIKE THEY PEOPLEEEE , they hold your ass ACCOUNTABLE!!! And i love that!!!!! Democrats never talk about the private sector lol now why is that??? BECAUSE THEY BENEFIT MORE BY KEEPING YOUR ASS POOR!!! IT'S NEVER ANY SOLUTIONS WITH DEMOCRATS
LetsGetIt's picture

Lets be clear. You responded

Lets be clear. You responded to my post but you never answered my question. I want to know what the Democratic party has done for black people? Basically my question is the same as LETSGETIT. You didn't really answer his question either. I googled "what has the democratic done for black people" and I couldn't find anything......er.....at least I couldn't find anything good. No one is asking you to become a Republican. What has the democrats done specifically for Black people? Wait we might open a can of worms with this question because I know American History. Black people need to apply their critical thinking skills instead ascribing to this group mentality. I'm a conservative but I am not a Republican. I cannot be a part of a party that does not publicly condemn the words of people who use the Republican platform to make such statements. But didn't democrats roll Oreos down the isle when Micheal Steele became RNC chairmen and spoke at the convention? Wasn't Joe Biden the one who said "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man" when describing Obama? Isn't it democrats NOW calling Condi Rice a sellout and chastising her about her beliefs because she is black and Republican? How are democrats any different, again? I mean....even though it was a long time ago, at least the Republicans can claim that they freed the slaves. At least they did SOMETHING significant for black people. LOL. What have Dem Ol Crats done? WARNING: CAN OF WORMS ARE ABOUT TO BE OPENED!!
DS's picture

They have done nothing but

They have done nothing but keep us stagnant and lazy. Im not a republican neither but damn black people act soo damn blind!!!! They can easily be lead to slaughter like a damn sheep!!! And when you tell our people whats really going on SOMEHOW YOU SELLING OUT because you just told them the truth about whats really going on with these democrats!!lol . But DS i just notice something , WHEN YOU STATED THAT THE KKK was founded by democrats they didn't say a damn thing about it, one even tried to deflect and say "Well the KKK are now republicans with suit and ties " lol. Shit democrats and liberals ARE SOME OF THE MOST RACIST PEOPLE I EVER MEET!!!But when you tell black people this "it don't matter" but it matters when it comes to republicans being racist lmao. Come on black women!! please!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

@DS: You go right ahead and

@DS: You go right ahead and vote for Romney. Please check back with us in the next few months and let us know how you are doing. Obviously, you don't consider yourself the average Black person. So the issues that affect us, don't apply to you. So Romney/Ryan will be right up your alley.
LBA1's picture

I'm sorry, have we met? Cause

I'm sorry, have we met? Cause you act like you know me. Is this black enough for you?
DS's picture

I find it funny when black

I find it funny when black people get all sentimental about politics in this country. Look, let me tell you once and for all, this country is ruled by rich White men whether its Democrats or Republicans. Period. It doesn't matter Obama is "President" or not. He is just a puppet (in a White House) who is orchestrated by rich-white-politicians to sell and propagate their ideas. Do you think they are stupid to make a black man President in this country? Obama may be the President but he certainly doesn't "rule" this country. He can lose this election as fast as he blinks if he's not backed by these people. He's only there to get people they can't (in normality) reach to vote their ideas to rule in this country. It's no different being ruled by Republicans. In all, we get played and our emotions are trampled on either way. Tell me one thing the Democrats have done for minorities since they came into power except their rush to put into effect this "new" immigration law a few weeks ago to play on people's emotions just before elections (how convenient). Yep, NOTHING...They are not there for you!! PEOPLE. It's time you get into terms with that, live your lives and MOVE on!!!
Livey's picture


LetsGetIt's picture

There is alot of stuff that

There is alot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes and it isn't JUST in the Republican party.
DS's picture

Black folks that have been

Black folks that have been coming to this site regularly, be it 4 years or 1 year KNOW this is a pro Obama site. Doesn't mean you have to be pro Obama to post. Doesn't mean you have to vote for Obama, but don't come in here lying on the man. SMH, you can always tell when some random REPUBLIKKKKAN try and come in with that recycled REPUBLIKKKAN Obama bashing rhetoric.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Who's lying on him?

Who's lying on him?
DS's picture

I like Condoleezza Rice but i

I like Condoleezza Rice but i honestly feel like she has no criticisms to offer on foreign policy being that she was in an administration that launched a war based on false intel that ultimately ended up costing this country trillions of dollars. I think that she is their token and the republican party clings on desperately to their tokens to try to quell the fact that they pander to an extreme racist base. I think it speaks VOLUMES that George W. Bush was never even mentioned during the RNC and they try to distance themselves as far away from him as possible, yet they're all excited about being able to put Condi out there. They want to conveniently forget the fact that GWB put us into this giant hole so that they can demonize President Obama and use him as the scapegoat. But Condi is their beloved token republican who both sides respect. I wish she wouldn't have spoken there because she serves no purpose to them other than as the token black lady...
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

now I gotta try some Kale

now I gotta try some Kale chips. Im surprised Condi is still a republican. oh well, whatever. wonder if she wouldve supported Herman Cain's nutty ass too.
shuga's picture

Although I DISagree with

Although I DISagree with Condi politically I like her. I get filled with the same emotion watching her as I do watching and listening to President Obama and Michelle. People, this is a very, very important election. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get out there and vote, PLEASE! This election is more important than 2008. The RepubliKKKNAS are working overtime to suppress OUR votes, OVERTIME!!! If you don't have a government issued ID, start working on getting it NOW. The RepubliKKKANS don't want you to vote, FIGHT THEM!!! If we don't vote, we're giving away our power. Romney's millionaire/billionaire donors will be calling in favors if Romney is elected. Each one wants this country run the way they want it run, i.e., NO School Grants, NO School Loans, NO Medicade, NO Food Stamps, NO MediCare, all programs designed for the poor and middle class in this country. They would bring this country to its knees, a deep, deep depression. You think people bug the shit out of you now begging for money on streets. Am I better off then 4 years ago? No, but I know I would be worse off if Romney were president.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

LOL... this is pure

LOL... this is pure propaganda. Why are you trying to scare everyone? No one can supress your vote. Just go to the poll! RepuliKKKANS??? LOL. The democrats started the KKK. See this is the foolishness I am talking about. This competely irrational this is why I can't get with the liberal side. You got people like this running around spreading garbage and black folks eat it up.
DS's picture

Those same Democrats who

Those same Democrats who started the KKK, moved across the aisle to the Republicans' side a long time ago.
Jay from the D's picture

Go on and be a fool thinking

Go on and be a fool thinking that your vote is not being suppressed. IT IS. Republican majorities in swing states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania are working to pass voter ID laws that will disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters. When you tell citizens that they can use a gun license and not a student ID from their university, you are stating that only a certain kind of person can vote, which in turn suppresses the vote. When you tell elderly people who were born in a time where records may have been lost or burned that they have to find their original birth certificate to get an ID to vote, that's suppressing the vote. Don't be a fool. This is not propaganda. It's the TRUTH. What is propaganda is the Republicans claiming that they're doing this to stop voter fraud when there are little to no cases of voter fraud in this country. What is propaganda is the line they keep saying: "If you need an ID to fly on a plane you need one to vote." Flying on an airplane IS NOT a right. VOTING IS. What they want to ensure is that what happened in 2008--the unthinkable to them--NEVER EVER happens again and it starts with voter suppression and the uninformed like YOU saying there is no voter suppression.
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

My vote is NOT being

My vote is NOT being surpressed. I live in MD. FYI- It is a blue state. I vote. Have you volunteered at a poll? I have. I know. Thank you very much. The end. Now, had this person said in SOME instances, black people have been suppressed that is one thing but to make a blanket statement is RIDICULOUS. A generalized statement such as "Black people's vote is being suppressed" is a foolish statement.
DS's picture

Your individual vote may not

Your individual vote may not be being suppressed but as a people, our vote is being suppressed. No, I haven't volunteered at a poll, but I have volunteered to work for the Obama campaign. Black people's vote is being suppressed is NOT a foolish statement. It's reality! But silly me, I almost forgot that black folks don't stand together anymore. So as long as your individual vote isn't being suppressed, worrying about our fellow African Americans being disenfranchised is foolish.
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

To stand together would mean

To stand together would mean that we have a unified voice. Black folks are suppressing the "black vote" too by NOT VOTING or by VOTING IN BLOCKS! Very few black people (or any other race for that matter) have actually read the policies that ANY of these candidates are talking about to actually form a real opinion, but for some reason, black people feel soooooo compelled and obligated to vote Democratic. MAKE THEM EARN YOUR VOTE PEOPLE! FYI- The only person I am unified with is my husband. The only people I stand with are people who I've chosen to align myself with, black, white whoever. I completely REJECT the idea of group think; I'm an individual. You stay in a box if you want to. That doesn't mean I don't respect you as a person though. If we agree, than we can agree....but if we don't, we don't. But I will not ever vote one particular way JUST BECAUSE I am black and that is what you all think I am supposed to do. And that is okay.
DS's picture

@DS, I'm not going to go back

@DS, I'm not going to go back and forth with you. Everything I typed can be proven. You are one of those REPUBLIKKKAN, REPUBLIKKKKAN!!! flacks getting paid to post on AFRICAN AMERICAN sites to try and sway the BLACK VOTE away from Obama. We see you.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

LOL. No I am not. You're

LOL. No I am not. You're crazy. And who is "we?" See, if you have an opinion that isn't as radical as yours, you must be part of a conspired plot by those racist Republicans to take the black vote from Obama. News flash: there is no black vote. We are individuals. Vote for who you want... I'mt not telling you how to vote but aren't you telling everyone else who to vote for?
DS's picture

I'm sorry... the ultimate

I'm sorry... the ultimate token talking about Trust when she was second in command to the Bush Administration just sounds wrong to me... My votes already cast.. I'm ready
Janelle McIver's picture

While I don't agree with

While I don't agree with Condi politically, I respect her work ethic and drive. Both Michelle and Condi are women who our little black girls should look to as role models. We need less Nicki Minaj and more women like these two!
DesignDiva's picture

Good morning! As an ybf woman

Good morning! As an ybf woman myself :-) I have to say that I really like Condi Rice and Michelle Obama equally; both women are absolutely fabulous. I respect them both and I respect President Obama. With that being sad, I am surprised that over the past 4 years, I have become extremely disappointed with President Obama's platform and policies. He is way too extreme for me. I'm not sure what happened. Four years ago, I was a strong Obama supporter and leaned more to the left...but today, not so much. I thought he was going to bring people together but his policies are way too liberal for me. I never considered myself conservative up until recently, but it seems that if you don't completely agree with EVERYTHING the President is doing and you are black, than you don't fit in with the liberal agenda. I recently came to that conclusion when the Mayor of Chicago (liberal, Democrat) made the comment that "Chick-Fil-A's values (christian) are not aligned with Chicago (democratic) values.." That was my aha moment... because I am a Christian first and maybe I don't belong in the democratic party anymore. So I don't affiliate with either one anymore. It is disappointing to think that both the Republic and Democratic parties are so polarizing now..so extreme. I believe most Americans are good people and have good sense. We are all probably in the middle when it comes to politics. Unfortunately black people, are married to the democratic party for some reason and I don't get it. The most conservative black people I know will vote for the democrat because they are convinced that ALL Republicans are racist. It is completely irrational. I wanna know what exactly what has the democratic party really done for us?? Someone please tell me?
DS's picture

You wanna know why we don't

You wanna know why we don't support the Republican party?? Maybe because they don't support US! When you have GOP election officials saying "I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban -- read African-American -- voter-turnout machine," how can you support them?? When you have a Republican Congresswoman sending an e-mail of President Obama's face photoshopped onto a chimp and saying "Now you know why no birth certificate" How can you support that?? When you have Rick Santorum say, "I don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money." You know, as if all us black folks want in life is a hand out and somebody else's money... How can you support that?? When you have a party that has called the first African American president of this country a "Muslim Kenyan socialist marxist who is un-American" and basically forced him to show his papers, HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THAT?? Are you kidding me? It's not that I'm married to the Democratic party, but when we live in a society that has a polarized two-party system and one party has constantly spewed racial hatred and stereotyping, and is now trying to stop African Americans from voting, I wonder who I would choose to have my interests in mind.
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

Ok.. I get what you are

Ok.. I get what you are saying and I know that there are people who are tooooo right-winging. I use the same logic you used above for the anti-black Republicans for the anti-Christian Democrats. These democrats CONSTANTLY make implications about Christians being radical, etc. I feel disrespected most of the time when the Democrats make light of my personal convictions on a political platform. I can't align myself with them either. But know that I do not think ALL Republicans are racist and I do not think ALL Democrats are anti-Christian. This is the only point I am trying to make. The most extreme ones in both parties are the ones that are given the platforms to promote their agendas. But, I do lean more conservative in my politics today and I DO NOT agree with Obama on most issues. All that stuff you are talking about Republicans, the Democrats do the same things! Use the same tactics! Take your vote for granted! Do nothing for black people but convince you that they are! And... Don't believe for one second that racism is not alive and well TODAY in the Democratic party. Don't be naive.
DS's picture

I gave you word for word

I gave you word for word quotes and examples of the republicans doing what they do. I'm over the tired argument "Democrats do it too." show me proof. Who is anti-Christian? What congressman or woman? Anything can be radicalized--even Christianity. That doesn't mean that all Christians are radicals. Even still, I haven't heard of any democrats constantly making implications that Christians are radical. Who has made light of your personal convictions? What did they say? It is out there for all to see and hear the racial implications republicans make about us. Where are the quotes of people saying what you're talking about?
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

Uh.. Aren't you a fact

Uh.. Aren't you a fact checker??? Check these facts! I don't have to provide you proof. I wouldn't know where to begin anyway! Go online and GOOGLE it. Type in "Anti-Christian" and "Democrats." or "Anti-Christian" & "liberal." A slew of pages will come up! This isn't something I made up. Please... ""I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." -DEMOCRATIC VICE PRESIDENT JOE "The Gon Put Chall Back In Chains" BIDEN DESCRIBING PRESIDENT OBAMA. I already provided you with one quote below.
DS's picture

Condi Rice was a completely

Condi Rice was a completely ineffective Secretary of State and a WAR CRIMINAL........and just know this: If the Republican Party WINS, they are gonna raise interests rates (to borrow money) to skyrocketing levels. And who needs to borrow money the MOST..........the middle class..............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Hi, LisaRaye. Yeah, I've

Hi, LisaRaye. Yeah, I've heard that possibility and I understand that voting for either side is a complete gamble because they get into office and completely change. But to be honest, my mindset is not even focused on borrowing money. I don't care about it. My husband works 2 jobs so that we can get out of debt. We are paying off our debt little by little and we are not looking to borrow anymore money. We've been in debt since we were 18 years old so I'm not concerned about skyrocketing interest rates to tell you the truth. We sacrifice. No prada shoes. No vacations. No government assistance but we are doing it. We are almost debt free with the exception of a car note and mortgage. I'm tired of paying for people who don't want to work or who do things illegally. I have an older sibiling who is CONTENT with living on welfare and got the nerve to ask me for rides and lives from relative to relative. It pisses me off because he actually believes (and said) he is entitled. There is more to the story, but simply put we both were raised in the same home got the same past but we CHOSE different life paths. I guess my mindset is just different. My sibling is stuck, and I'm trying to move up. What has the democrats done for me? Not a thing but they help my sibling.
DS's picture

DS...no offense but I don't

DS...no offense but I don't understand how Obama has now become "too liberal" for you now than before. The only thing I can gather from your statements is that his recent stance on gay marriage may be where your views of him as being too liberal have changed. As a fellow Christian woman, that's a discussion I won't get into...unless you choose to of course lol. But he hasn't become more liberal than before...as a matter of fact I thought he would be more liberal than he has been. Anyway, ultimately in my view politics is not about who's right and who's wrong, it's about who gets to spend the money and where. Quite frankly I consider myself a middle of the road person...I don't like entitlement programs (i.e "welfare") either, even though at one point my own mother received gov’t assistance. I have cousins right now who have 5 kids and receive assistance and I feel like it’s unfair because she made the decision to continue to get pregnant. But I am not against these programs for helping someone through a tough spot for a limited time, as it did for my own family. And as far as interest rates go, you should care because it’s a trickle down effect. If it is costing businesses more to borrow money...how will they recoup that? They have to make a profit right? So if it is costing them more to borrow the money they need to provide whatever service/product to you, that means it will surely cost you more because they will pass those costs onto you. And honestly EVERY middle class person should be concerned about the Republican’s view on taxes. It boggles my mind...because the constant argument is that these tax cuts they propose will allow small businesses to create more jobs but these cuts have been in effect since Bush yet more jobs haven’t been created....I’m confused there. But to answer your question...I don’t think either party has done enough for you and me. The republicans ignore us and the democrats use us. So in the end we are voting for the lesser of two evils...and if the republicans who primarily run the party now are the ones that I’m voting for...I’ll pass. I value the fact that people can be on different ideological lines, but when that affects your ability to compromise, have some sense, and effectively run government...I have a huge problem.
LawBelle's picture

"DS...no offense but I don't

"DS...no offense but I don't understand how Obama has now become "too liberal" for you now than before. Let me clarify. I don't know that he has "become" to liberal. That is not what I meant. I didn't realize that he was so liberal. You are right, he was probably extremely liberal before but never had a platform to demonstrate just how liberal he was. I never knew he would make the decisions or align himself with the platforms that he would align himself. I already said that I underestand about the interest rates but it is not enough to make me completely rule out the Republicans. How much money is going into those entitlement programs? Either way, money is coming out of my pockets.. Big businesses create jobs too... All those mortgage companies that we go to for home loans? They create jobs as well and that is what the interest rates pay for. So, you are right.. lesser of too evils. But I see most of all your other points.
DS's picture

Understood. But most small

Understood. But most small business owners & first time home owners HAVE to borrow money (and those are the two areas that keep the economy & jobs going). Credit card spending is just a part of it. Thanks for sharing that................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


DS's picture

The Republican's Holyier than

The Republican's Holyier than thou agenda is killing them. These maniacs with their archaic veiwpoints & social issues have hijacked the party. The real republican party used to be more Libertarian-like. The Republican party HAD great ideas but totally ruined it. Go Obama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


Janelle McIver's picture

The Republicans seems to deal

The Republicans seems to deal with fantasy. They have this ideal world but no idea how we will get there. They just as opposed to our President and will say and so anything to go against him. I wish we could have a trial run. I just want to know what will be done so differently...I want to see the drastic changes being made in the first year or so they same way they expected of our current President. My thing is this...if everyone has the countrys best interest at hand why not lend those great ideas to the person in charge right now! Not say I'll hold out on all the good shyt I have until I can get all the recognition! Please! Lord help us all. If the Republicans get into office this country will be in shambles. The old Confederate/Tea Party ideals will come to the forefront and the middle and lower class in this country will soon become extinct.
CarmalCoated's picture

yep. We vote in 2 Months

yep. We vote in 2 Months <----- people who have NOT registered need to.....TODAY.............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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