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Taking a break from her directorial debut, Meagan Good revealed recently how celibacy changed her life and improved her self-worth.  Find out why she recommends it and see what hubby Devon Franklin had to add to the chat inside...

As actress Meagan Good made her directional debut yesterday on her cousin Dijon Talton's (shown above) "Wild Out" video, she chatted it up on VOH's Episode, "No Sex Before Marriage."  

From the Empire night club set in L.A., Meagan talked about celibacy saying, "One of the things I noticed right off the bat what I had more clarity, more self-worth." She added that, "It made our whole relationship be about us and getting to know each other."

Meagan added that she recommends celibacy as it has positive benefits for relationships, often bringing couples closer.

Her husband, movie producer and author, Devon Franklin, joined in the "No Sex Before Marriage" conversation adding that celibacy and abstinence are a part of God's Will and the rewards can't be quantified. 

Meagan later posted about her video experience saying,

I've been struck by Cupid for directing ... Outside of marriage- being saved- and having the most incredible family on the planet this was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life... Something tells me this is only the beginning of another area inside my calling... Wow so full .. thank you @dijontalton for trusting your big Cuzzo and allowing me to take this journey with you

Watch the interview here:




That was an amazing interview

That was an amazing interview with all 3 of them(Meagan, Devon and Kel). It was honest and truthful. Meagan's right, she will be able to reach a crowd that others won't be able to reach because of the perception that people have about her. I never really had a perception about her because I know how the media rolls. And I never connected her to the roles that she played and that's what a lot of people have done. Art doesn't always imitate life. Taking a stance to honor God by remaining pure or becoming celibate takes a lot of courage and sacrifice but it's the plan that God made for us. If we follow it then it will work out for the greater good. That's what the 3 of them are essentially saying. A guy I know once told me that "we weren't built to be whores. That's not what God created us to be." It's just sad that people have allowed society and current trends influence the choices that they make in their lives.
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Good for

Good for her...whatever... There are still those who cheat and spread diseases, some of which are incurable, praise God all day and night and are married, so...
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He is SUCH a positive

He is SUCH a positive individual! Putting the Lord 1st, is my main focus because with Him, ALL things are possible! Beautiful message!
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As a baptized born again

As a baptized born again believer, I was celibate for almost six years - then the Lord blessed me to meet and marry my husband [we dated/engaged for almost three years] - we both were tested for HIV and other STD's [because although we were both saved, we WERE NOT virgins!!] we didn't share intimacy until our wedding night ~ it was beautiful, but more importantly - to live completely obedient to the word of God is a blessing
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I LOVE it! I am abstinent 1

I LOVE it! I am abstinent 1 year and 2 months now and I am waiting on God to send my mate but I'm not in a hurry to get him. I am still a work in progress; not ready or equipped to be a wife just yet.
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I LOVE Meagan but she sounds

I LOVE Meagan but she sounds like the neighborhood h*e who just started going to church to find God....and a "good man." Her cousin is serving Drake eyebrows for the kids and I CANNOT deal!!!
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I love Megan , love the

I love Megan , love the positivity. I m on the same journey. Celibacy, i cant wait to meet my next mate and experience this together. I already see how much i have grown.She is right , Sex brings so many insecurities when you dont take time to strenghen the relationship first. Good message to the young girls and the single ladies out there megan .
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I love this positive message

I love this positive message as well. She is using her platform to encourage young girls and women to respect themselves. Less and less people honor marriage or the principles of the bible that relate to it. Even if you fell off the path, it is never to late to get back on track (myself being one).
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Pinky Promise is... A promise

Pinky Promise is... A promise to honor God with your body and your life. To refuse to give your body to anyone that hasn't paid the price for you called marriage. It's a promise to stay pure before God in EVERY single way. It's a promise that says, I won't test the boundaries in my relationship to see how far I can push it sexually--but instead--I want God to have my heart. www.pinkypromisemovement.com
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Just started following

Just started following Heather Lindsey on FB. This is a great movement.
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Can u give-up the Mouth &

Can u give-up the Mouth & Butthole freely....like the Catholic High School Girls do ????????????????????
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Im not Catholic but if that

Im not Catholic but if that is what you experienced from the past then I'll pray for you and hopefully God can open your eyes and heart on your views of Women who follow Jesus Christ. Hopefully he can show you the difference, and not have you place all women who are follows of Christ in one category. Please read Purpose Driven Life so that God can also show you how to talk to others with respect. SMH at how the devil confuses people with what is holy and what is not.
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"technically" i'm still a

"technically" i'm still a "virgin" if i sacrifice my butthole and mouth.......what say you...????????????
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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! I am a Christ follower and thought that this interview was amazing. God honors the sacrifice "Abstinence" we make before marriage. When we sacrifice something in order to pursue what he calls us to do, he honors that and blesses us abundantly. To all the single followers of Christ out there, pray that God brings you Love and he will find someone that has passion and love for Christ who treats you with respect and kindness!!! Warm and soften people's heart and feel it up with your grace Lord!!!!
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My thing is was she celibate

My thing is was she celibate through the entire courtship or just the months leading to marriage? I am a virgin, so I support what she is saying. My issue is she had it easy, and now want to boost about it. Anyone can wait when you know reward is coming. What about single women who are holding out and have yet met their mate? That's who I admire!!!

I'm a virgin too, but the

I'm a virgin too, but the majority of people told me once you had sex it is hard not to have it!!! So I do congratulate Meagan for spreading the Love of Christ and what he had done for her. Pray to God for Love and he will bring you that person in the right time. I don't feel she is boosting about it but spreading the word of God so that others can be encouraged to do the same. The more people out there who are saved the better. God smiles at us when we talk about his good works and what he has done for us and that is exactly what she is doing. The only person I admire is GOD and feel warmth in my heart when I see people praising his name.
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I admire people who praise

I admire people who praise GOD too sis, when it is genuine. I am a romantic and a realist. It's easy to wait when a reward is coming. She just needs to keep it 100. Glad she is discussing celibacy and I agree with what she says about it!

I think she became celibate

I think she became celibate before she met her husband. I've seen a few interviews over the years where you could tell she was trying put her life on the right track.
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Since she did not have sex

Since she did not have sex with her man during their relationship until after they were married, I don't see why she is not being genuine. Although she had sex in her past relationships she decided to stop having sex when she found Christ. I feel that she was keeping in 100, she talked about her previous relationships and how it made her feel. she wanted change so decided to become celibate and follow God, then thats when she meet her man whom she continued to be celibate with until they was married. So she talks about how important and different it was when she placed abstinence in her life and started walking with GOD. God saves all and views us all the same whether we had sex in the past then became celibate or never had sex and still is celibate. These are just my views on it, and I respect your views as well but disagree with it. I believe that no one is perfect and therefore that is the reason why Jesus died on the cross for us, so that though him with can be more like God. That is what Meagan is talking about and her tearing up bought warmth to my heart.
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I am glad you were touched,

I am glad you were touched, praise the Lord. Me, I felt nothing! If Meagan cried talking about GOD before she met her husband than I would agree with you. BUT, it was not until AFTER she met her husband (then boyfriend) that she developed this close relationship with the Lord. Call a spade a spade honey! We going to have to agree to disagree with this one. Blessings...

You being a christian should

You being a christian should also agree with the fact that God maybe placed him in her life to bring her closer to him. We never know who God place around us to bring us closer to him and if she became saved after she met him, I think that it great and on the same level as her meeting someone in church and they taught her how to become closer to God....Thats a spade honey!!! and thats Christianity. Stop judging that girl because God only her heart truly and we should just say Amen!!
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Hoes always turn to God after

Hoes always turn to God after they F*CK too many Niggaz and feel bad about it (smh).......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I know it cute to go against

I know it cute to go against the grain but whether you believe in God or not...karma is hard to miss and you words are going to hunt you one of these days.
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Yes speaking from a celibate

Yes speaking from a celibate stand point I agree that it gives you clarity, self worth and confidence. The same words guys use to get you to open up your heart and then your legs no longer have power because now you expect them to continuously show you their worth. I would say anyone looking for a long term relationship and a serious commitment should choose to be celibate because it forces you to concentrate on who you are and what you have to offer as well as who you let into your life and what they really have to offer.and I know people think that sex has to be great in order for the relationship to be good but I think that it is another thing that forces the couple to be stronger because they have to work together and communicate to make that sexual experience gratifying for both parties involved...casual sex was cool in college but once you're looking for something real, it gets real played out real quick

So happy to hear someone

So happy to hear someone speaking out for celibacy. Everything on TV is about Sex. I don't see why people would feel comfortable having random sex today, so many diseases and AIDS. Very scary.
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