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SUPERMODEL Joan Smalls Now Ranked #1 In The World! + Tami Roman SETTLES With Ex Husband Over Back Child Support

Supermodel Joan Smalls may not be fully a household name just yet, but that hasn't stopped her from being ranked the #1 model in the world!  Get the deets inside and find out about "Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman and Kenny Anderson settling their child support battle.

Supermodel Joan Smalls has just been ranked the #1 model in the world. For folks wondering how someone who isn't a household name can be #1 in the world, the ranking was given by the well respected Models.com and is based on daily call sheets of top photographers (like Meisel, Inez & Vinoodh, Mert & Marcus), the steady bookings of editorial giants (Vogue, V, i-D, W) and powerhouse brands (Balenciaga, Prada, Vuitton, Calvin Klein).

By taking all this into consideration, YBF model Joan is the most wanted chick in the world! Congrats!  Check out Joan speaking on the honor below:




And in reality tv news.....

"BBW" star Tami Roman, who revealed the tension between her and former husband Kenny Anderson on the show, has finally settled her child support lawsuit with the former NBA baller.

Filed back in 2005 when Tami claims Kenny had stopped paying his $8,500/month child support payments, the amount had ballooned to $800K.  But now, the two have recently settled out of court and folks say Tami will get a little less than the $800K....but at least she'll get it.  Tami will be paid incrementally through Kenny's NBA retirement fund.

Also, Tami says Kenny has become more involved in the lives of their daughters Lyric and Jazz.



I hope Tami's settlement

I hope Tami's settlement included a contingency that the majority of that money go directly to the girls once they hit 25 and have at least an Associates degree. I sense that money being blown within 2 years on stupid ish
Lisa's picture

ok congrats Joan.....p.s. do

ok congrats Joan.....p.s. do anybody have jumpercables so Tasha can jumpstart this broke down website?
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

I hope Tami takes some of

I hope Tami takes some of that child support money and get Jazz and Lyric a fresh weave done by professionals and not in one of her homegirl's kitchen or basement "salon"/laundry room!!
tori's picture

congrats joan! tami's

congrats joan! tami's daughters look just like her! now...they weaves musta been done by their mama cousin daughter!!
ooooimTELLIN's picture

Tami has pretty girls! The

Tami has pretty girls! The weaves are less than complimentary but they are pretty...Joan Smalls deserves this recognition cause, men lie, women lie but numbers don't...work chica!

Congrats Joan, long overdue

Congrats Joan, long overdue IMO.
Realist's picture

Well, we don't care age, it's

Well, we don't care age, it's just a number. I'm 33 years old, and I just fall in love with a great man who is 59 years old –a-g-e-l-o-v-e-s. C' 0m --, it's a cool place for single dating.
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They use the term Supermodel

They use the term Supermodel so loosely these days. Really it was coined for Naomi, Linda, Christy, and Cindy. If you were not in the George Michael "Freedom" video you are NOT A SUPERMODEL! ha. And this girl here...How many times has she been on Vogue? Has she done any top campaigns? Has she dated any one famous? Who is she? Who is ranking her? You can't be a #1 model and no one has ever heard of you hunny. SORRY. There are several girls that get continuous work, but unless you are making millions off of modeling then you are not #1. It should be based off of earnings.
BEEMA's picture

I'm HELLA confused??? Since

I'm HELLA confused??? Since when did who you date determine if you were a SUPERMODEL or not? If dating someone famous makes you a supermodel, then Chris Brown's girlfriend, Hoochie-Koochie-Hello-Kitty Tran is in the same league as Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum. Joan Smalls is 24 and has worked with EVERY major fashion designer you can think of including Oscar De La Renta, YSL, Dior, Gucci, Givenchy...etc and has had numerous appearances in Vogue and Vogue Paris!! But if you want to base a models "super" status off of earnings, then you left the MOST important supermodel off of your list. Giselé Bundchen is the HIGHEST PAID fashion model in HISTORY and is on her way to becoming the FIRST MODEL BILLIONAIRE...EVER!!! And that hunky QB husband of hers, Tom Brady has nothing to do with it!!
tori's picture

So, Tyra, Heidi and Gisele

So, Tyra, Heidi and Gisele aren't/weren't supermodels? I agree, the term is used too loosely, but it does apply to more than just the four models you named.
LQJ's picture

Joan Smalls is a pretty gal

Joan Smalls is a pretty gal but I don't see drop dead gorgeous like other models back in the day. I must say she does photograph well though. Congrats to her! Why does Tammi and her girls always look so cheap? Maybe that back child support will help her and her girls stop shopping at The One Stop Flea Markets and Swap Meets for their wigs,weaves, special occasion dress clothes and every day attire.
Shay's picture

Joan is such a beautiful

Joan is such a beautiful boricua, but she looks way too much like Chanel Iman, in my opinion! I'm glad Tami's DAUGHTERS are getting the money THEY deserve from Kenny, maybe they could use that money for college, because their music career DON'T look promising!!
tori's picture

do she put tribal rings

do she put tribal rings around her neck to get taller..?..............
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