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Garcelle Beauvais Speaks On Dating Black Men, Gives Relationship Advice


Gorgeous actress Garcelle Beauvais dished to Kreyolicious website recently about a topic many have been wondering about.  After her recent dramatic divorce from her twins' caucasian father, Christopher Nilon, due to a cheating scandal, Garcelle speaks on whether she's open to dating black men again...


She's 45, a single mom of 3, has a fabulous role on USA's hit show "Franklin & Bash," and she's more stunning than ever.  Garcelle Beauvais opened up about a subject we rarely if ever hear her speak about.  The proud Haitian & soon-to-be-author is dishing on what her dating pool really looks like.  (Her oldest son's father is black and despite popular belief, she's never closed a door to black/Haitian men), and she's got some advice on love.

Here are a few highlights:

Some people are wondering…would Garcelle date a Haitian man?
Um. [Tremendous laughter] I am open to dating a good man, so whatever forms he comes in, then great. I would have to date a Haitian man who’s more Americanized. A traditional Haitian man would probably not go for the way my life is…in terms of what I do. I’m only speaking of that in terms of my sisters’ husbands. I’m open to all nationalities. It would actually be fun to date somebody Haitian. We can speak in Creole. He’d understand my background and culture. Yeah, I’m totally open.

You never had a Haitian boyfriend or anything like that?
I did, I did; I did. Back in the days when I was younger, I did.

You said you had a Haitian boyfriend before. Was it something about them that turned you off to marriage?
No, no. I never dated—I was so young then. It wasn’t about getting married. We were just dating. I haven’t yet met a Haitian man who’s asked asked me out. [Laughter]

Say for example, say a Haitian man who wants to romance Garcelle…
Have fun, I think. [Long stream of laughter]. Great dinners and nights, you know. Someone who’s honest and fun. Who loves God too.

Can it be anybody, career-wise? Like a carpenter? A blue-collar worker?
Yeah. [Laughs] Well, yeah. I’m not, you know, he has to have six figures; you have to have to have this and that. I’m looking for somebody who’s fun, loving, honest. It doesn’t matter what he does.

God, I hope this doesn’t come out wrong. Has the fact that you’ve dated two men who were outside your culture and “race”, made you more open to dating a black man?
I’ve always been open to dating black men. Oliver’s dad is black. I’m not opposed to it. It’s that the right people have to approach me. I love who loves me; I love who comes to me. I’m accessible to everybody. I’m receptive to everybody. I can’t just go out and look for only one type of man. Life is tough enough. I love who loves me; who approaches me.

And she may have gone through two divorces, but she still has some good relationship advice for young women, based off her own experiences.  She told Kreyolicious:

First of all, I would say, be true to you. I don’t think you should have to give up part of you just to be with somebody else. I think it’s important if you can start with self-love. Loving yourself, you will not allow other people to hurt you unnecessarily. Love yourself. Have boundaries for yourself [so] that you won’t let anybody hurt you. I think that it’s also finding a good person, who has the same morals, the same goals with you. Relationships are tough no matter what. If you have somebody who has a lot in common with you, that’s half the battle. Obviously, I don’t know. I have two divorces. I’m not an expert. I think self-love is where you can start off with.

Self love first.  Agreed.



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Dating outside of your race

Dating outside of your race only gives you more men to choose from, it does not mean that you're gonna get better men and if you think so, you're sadly mistaken. The thought of being with a white man is scary and the only way i'll ever date one is if I got confirmation from the man above. There are so many thoughts that come along with dating a white man like what'll happen when he gets mad because that day will come? Even if he doesn't say n-gg-r, you're gonna think he's thinking it anyway, will he kill me if we go through a divorce, will he cheat with a white woman and give her the satisfaction of her having my husband, does his family SINCERELY like black people, what'll happen if a white racist person pisses me off and I wanna go on a premium saltine cracker rant. Those were just a few but you get my point. Who knows but as of right now, I just can't see it.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I'm sure WHITE MEN or MEN in

I'm sure WHITE MEN or MEN in general OUTSIDE of the Black community have the same reservations about BLACK WOMEN!! Like if they will have to work overtime to pay for their wife hair to get "did" or pay an arm and a leg for some remi virgin hair?? What is her credit score?? Will f*cking with her affect MY credit score?? If they piss off their wife, will EVERY BLACK MAN she has ever known come after them?? Will she only have a child to get a steady check for 18 years?? How does she really feel about our sex life??? Can they use the N word when singing along to a rap song? Do they know enough about black history and the "struggle?" Why won't their wife let them touch their hair?? Who the HELL is Madam C.J. Walker? What's the difference between pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie??? etc..the list goes on and on so its definitely a two-way sreet when it comes to misconceptions and dating outside your race!!!
tori's picture

HILARIOUS....and for the

HILARIOUS....and for the record, I Love Pumpkin Pie.
star's picture

Those are your ignorant

Those are your ignorant misconceptions of black women, not the white man.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I may have EXAGGERATED bit a

I may have EXAGGERATED bit a little with some of the misconceptions about black women, but my point was that when a person chooses to date outside their race, more than likely they have heard stereotypes about the other race and are apprensive and missinformed in their approach!
tori's picture

You gotta admit sista, she's

You gotta admit sista, she's kinda right in a way. But white men are the ones that create that mentality amongst black people so fuck em!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

The white man doesn't give a

The white man doesn't give a damn about madame cj walker, nor does he know about or gives a damn about remi hair, he doesn't give a damn about her knowing about her black history or the struggle, and the rest of that hair, credit, steady check applies more towards the white woman than us. The only legitimate statement she made was about him being scared if he pisses her off, will pookie and mookie come get his ass.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

lmao!! Sista the white men

lmao!! Sista the white men that date black women ARE VERY SNEAKY AND ACTS AS A LIBERAL!! So you have some white men that will act as if he cares about the plight of the community only so he can get some sistas to be on his team. Im not saying white men care I KNOW THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK but they act as if they do same goes for white women, i've been around and dated these liberal brotha loving white women and they the same damn way.
LetsGetIt's picture

You tell they asses baby

You tell they asses baby !!!THAT RIGHT!!THE WHITE MAN CAN'T HAVE IT!!! I see your brotha Letsgetit is getting through to some of you black women.
LetsGetIt's picture

I always come here to check

I always come here to check out the comment, because most times they are entertaining...especially LetsGetit's, after I read this post I was curious to see what he would say since he is always dogging us about the type of brothers we date and what not, and low and behold LETSGETIT didn't dissapoint with giving another comedic commentary, which further confirms my thoughts that he only come on here to get a rile out of the fellow commentators, when i read what he had to say about this post I was rolling on the flooor laughing, because as far as I am concern we can do no right in his eyes..we dam if we do. we dam if we don't..lol, there is no way one person could just hate a particular group of people so badly that he is wiling to contradict himself time and time agian just to prove his point that they are just awful people...lol, i swear everytime letsgetit come on here to comment hi es behind is computer laughing and laughing even harder when someone responds passionately, please don't fall for it fellow black women, because there is no way someone could be so ignorant....lol, a good laugh i get from him eacch time he post though..lol

Sista Petra , Queen ,

Sista Petra , Queen , Goddess, Thickness , Beautiful, your brotha letsgetit does not say anything for comedic relief, i say what i say because i truly love black women enough to tell yall asses THE TRUTH!!! I mean this woman here dated one of the ugliest crackka men on the planet, and what does he do ??? CHEATS ON HERE... "Ohhh noo not the Good Holy White men that black women say are the greatestttt , they can do no wrong according to black women"!! I want all my black women to TRY TO DEAL WITH A GOOD BLACK MAN!!!Not no thug niggaaa. I mean thats how black women are though, if a black woman's heart been broke by a thug nigga or some clown ass negro SHE WON'T GO TO FIND A GOOD BROTHA, she jump over a good brotha and go to a WHITE MAN.Why is that??? I mean sista Petra im just being real 100% of the time im on here, i'll be real tho sometimes i laugh at the shit i say, ESPECIALLY AT THE SILLY ASS SHIT BLACK WOMEN TYPE IN RESPONSE!!
LetsGetIt's picture

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tom055's picture

Please Garcelle knows damn

Please Garcelle knows damn well she's Not interested in dating no Black man and def no Haitian..Believe it..lol
star's picture

I LOVE the fact that there

I LOVE the fact that there are black women out there with an open mind and heart to date outside of their race. I hate that the interviewer asked such ignorant questions. I find it so funny that (black) men will dog a black woman for dating a "good white man" but will try to convince them to stick by a "bad black man's" side smh.
tori's picture

good wm like gabby's

good wm like gabby's ex-hubby.lol


tori's picture

I LOVE the fact that there

I LOVE the fact that there are black women out there with an open mind and heart to date outside of their race. I hate that the interviewer asked such ignorant questions. I find it so funny that (black) men will dog a black woman for dating a "good white man" but will try to convince them to stick by a "bad black man's" side smh.
tori's picture

That's not me at all.I always

That's not me at all.I always tell black women LEAVE THESE NO GOOD NEGROS ALONE!!!! But clearly these celebrity black women arent finding good white men. Why is that?? Every last one of them got cheated on by the WHITE MAN THAT CAN DO NO WRONG in the eyes of black women.
LetsGetIt's picture

How many "celebrity women"

How many "celebrity women" find GOOD MEN, period?? Men in the industry have a plethora of thirsty chicks at their disposal so it becomes very easy for them to stray. In the REAL world, I know more black women in successful relationships with WHITE men than BLACK ones!!
tori's picture

Black women are the white

Black women are the white man's Slave Bottom Bitch!! I mean black women big up white men ALL THE DAMN TIME, and end up getting cheated on and fucked over. I think most of these crakkkas that date black women are trying to live in their ancestors shoes and see what that plantation pussy was like. But hey maybe not, Maybe WHITE MEN MIGHT DO LOVE BLACK WOMEN FOR MORE THAN JUST THEY CHOCOLATE SKIN AND SEX. Maybe im wrong, but here's the thing about letsgetit, I WOULD NEVER DATE A BLACK WOMAN THAT HAVE DATED A WHITE MAN OR WOULD DATE A WHITE MAN. Just not happening!! So hey she can stay her ass over with the white man for all i care, i mean it be some silly asss negros willing to date women that just came out of a relationship with a damn white man. BUT ME HELL NO. Because i know how interracial couples get down, i had white friends that tell me the SHIT THEY DO WITH BLACK WOMENNNNNN and the shit is disgusting. You black women are some damn sellouts. Don't bring your ass back over to black men, BUT I GUESS THE SAYIN IS TRUE "A black woman turns to god when the devil no longer has any use for her" so Eve aka The black woman, stay your ass over there with those white devils if you like dating them.
LetsGetIt's picture

I swear this is a legitimate

I swear this is a legitimate question; I'm not trying to be messy at all. Unless a woman told you, how would you know who she has dated and what race they were? What if she was lying? Are you concerned that any of the women you have dated in your past have dated white men?
VagabondSpirit's picture

If a black woman dated a

LetsGetIt's picture

Lmao your ignorance is

Lmao your ignorance is priceless! I thought you said black women dated men who sleep on couches and eat food for free? You said that you had a white friend. ( Keyword: A, white friend) Side eye to that trashy ghetto white boy is not considered white. I dont see the typical white guy being good friends with you. Me nor any of my friends or the ones I grew up with. No offense. Back to my point you didnt say MANY WHITE FRIEDNS. So just because you claim you know what one white man has done to a black girl, all white men treat women like that? Thats so domb! Pls speak in general because in general white men don't date black women nor do they date differently. Besides, do you know the shit black men do to women?? lmao. haaaahaha I swear you must be a comedian! White man's slave bottom bitch?? LMAO White men DO NOT even date black women regulary and the one's that do, dont date your mom or the average black girl and usually do not grow up in ignorant racist homes. So you can stop comparinng interacial couples (black women) to the ones you know and chastise on this site. LOL you say black women dont choose good black men and the second that there's a post about a black female and a white man, she's a sell out! How stupid do you even sound? "live in ancestors shoes"? Psst, Psst hey LetsGetIt dont tell anyone but ummm not all white men have lineage to slave masters or are from the deep south of america. Lets keep this to ourselves ok this is top notch secret not all white men come from America and Englad. Oh! This is also EXCLUSIVE, not all black women are black americans and are not raised in AA culture. I agree what you write AA women are generally racthet and do not chose good men. but this is a bitter rant! I will calll you out when your post is belittling and vilifies inter racial relationships. And what are Asians who date black women trying to be? Rofl youre reasoning is so obtuse. I'm going to stop, it's not funny making fun of the mentally challenged.
PainfulTruth's picture

First things first, I dated a

First things first, I dated a white dude for a little while, and it just wasnt my cup of tea. Secondly, this is for PainfulTruth, alot of your truths are just not true. How can you claim that most black college graduates and grad students are African, thats a damn lie. And most American Black women are "ratchet"??? Are you serious??? How could you possibly know most American Black women?? What you see on TV, is just entertainment, half of those women probably dont even conduct themselves that way in true life. My husband is from Kenya, and im an American Black/Native American women, and he is beautiful and treats me like a queen, even though we had our struggles as all couples do, trying to survive in this devil-filled life... And just because a person is impartial to white people does not label them as racist, people just have their preferences. As for me, I dont consort myself with many people period, because alot of people are too much to the LEFT for my tastes, as YOU appear to be,and their priorities are generally messed up. There are many "ratchet" African sistas as well.Alot of Africans have the conception that they are better than American black people, that of which has been sold to them by whites, reason being is DIVIDE AND CONQUER IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. If they keep us separated, we cant become a strong nation, and also black people are very tribal. In addition, SOME, not all, Africans think they are better because they think they are a little purer than American Blacks, its just not true, there are some American Blacks that have a pure direct lineage to Africa, so no disrespect, but maybe you should do a little more research.
hazelbeauty's picture

Well sista, i have to say

Well sista, i have to say she's right!!Most black women are "ratchet" in a way. And alot of Africans and many other groups of immigrants EXCEED more than us. That just the truth sista!!! I mean and i think it's basically because we have a group of black women who only care about themselves LEADING OUR COMMUNITY and these women CAN'T ESTABLISH ORDER IN THE HOME !!! They are the only group of women in the world as a collective that claims they don't need a man, which have most of our communities looking like SHIT and disorganized full of thugs!! It ain't just "Television" . But i also have to agree that it's alot of ratchet African sistas, but atleast they not trying to emasculate and fuck up the community like black american women. THAT'S REALLL SISTAAAA!!!I mean i just look at it like this if i was a immigrant coming to this country and i lived in the black community I'D FEEL THE SAME DAMN WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
LetsGetIt's picture

And you talking all this

And you talking all this "talk", but are you walking that "walk", what are you doing in order to assist your community? Nothing other than being sarcastic and disrespectful towards women. In case you havent noticed, and by the way you might be one of them, some human beings dont have the mental capacity to comprehend basic conceptualizations...
hazelbeauty's picture

Bottom line, everybody do

Bottom line, everybody do what they do, Black, White, Purple, Yellow, Green. And what is the definition of "ratchet" anyway. Im not going to go into depth about the history of this massive problem that "we" have, its to complex and would take years to explain.
hazelbeauty's picture

I was born, grew up and live

I was born, grew up and live in America. And YES the Blacks go take a look ot of the Blacks percentage wise we are the most educated. Percentage wise within cultural backround we are the highest educated minority surpasing Asians. Sorry the truth hurts. most AA are ratchet! Anyone that doesnt agree, can't except the truth.
PainfulTruth's picture

You right sista!!!I gotta

You right sista!!!I gotta agree with you
LetsGetIt's picture

The Truth can never hurt me,

The Truth can never hurt me, because I am the Truth's daughter miss... And prove what you are claiming by some kind of pure evidence. Article, link, what have you???
hazelbeauty's picture

Hey im just giving my opinion

Hey im just giving my opinion sista!! But from what i just read i can tell you are a WHITE MAN LOVING MAMMY!!!!!! And i refuseeeee to talk with a black woman THAT LOVE MASSA NUTSSSSSSSS. GET THE HELL OUTTA MY FACE AND DON'T REPLY BACKKKKKKKKK!!!! I mean crakkkas might not have had slaves BUT THEY DAMN SURE BENEFITED. I mean you black act like a damn enemy. DON'T REPLY BACKKKKKK...DON'T REPLY BACK IM DONE WITH YOUUUUUUUU. I DON'T DEAL WITH BLACK WOMEN THAT LOVE WHITE MEN. BE GONE BLACK WOMAN. FORGET I SAID ANYTHING!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Lmao what a funny clown you

Lmao what a funny clown you are! you're done with me? Youre mad! I was finished with you before you even started. Dont start crying now because Ive exposed what a walnut brain you have. NO, NOPE Nah NADDA, Uhenh, NANA or whatever else you understand as no! I'm not with a "white man loving mammy". I love all people. I am NOT with a white man. And because I am not doesn't stop me from calling you out about being racist. That was very childish for you to assume that. I'm not AA. If you spew toxic ignorance, I will slay you with intelligence! I know few interracial couples and none are of that which you stated! Please no one is in your face and you were not stating opinions. You tried to mention things that seemed like "facts" nothing was a feeling except your preference on dating a woman who has been with a white man. Which is ok it's your choice. Your comment was insensitive and racist. With the inequality towards blacks and hispanics based on their skin color and racial background-mistreated, you would think will not be so dumb & racist but worse are and towards one another just as your comment was. If I stated I do never talk to my future daughter if she ever dated an AA male, would that be right? it's my choice but it's foolish to come on a site and be prejudice and racist. SO now that you know I'm not with a white man will you answer any of my questions? Ofcourse not. Shut up and take Lisas advice go get a hooker or a gf.
PainfulTruth's picture

I know you aint down for

I know you aint down for black men , THAT'S A FACT!! Now stop typing to me!! You are a sellout in my eyes.
LetsGetIt's picture

Lmao! No I'm not down in

Lmao! No I'm not down in general with black American men. I do date blacks! I'm African by the way. NiCe meeting you too. There are plenty of my men from my country that are rich, educated, and handsome. Check the black status of graduate and post graduates. They are mainly African. And my African men do date us and marry us. Your the sell out you say you tell your brother to not date a black girl. You say you're not interested in black women. But the first knowledge of a black woman dating outside of her race you don't want to do any of it. I thought black women support thugs only and should stop. I use to tink ou were smart but now your just an annoying pest that leaches on controversial black female posts. How do you expect anyone to agree with your conviction about black American females when you rant about nonsense too towards them. Don't be mad because I called you out on an ignorant comment. It's making you appear quite on the pathetic side.
PainfulTruth's picture

"I'm African by the way." Now

"I'm African by the way." Now my African sista , WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY YOU WERE AFRICAN TO BEGAN WITH???? I would've took a different approach, but forget the interracial dating stuff i got a question, i've dated african women in the past AND WHY ARE YALL PARENT SO DAMN RACIST TOWARDS BLACK PEOPLE, YALL WOULD RATHER SEE YOUR KIDS WITH A WHITE MAN THAN A GOOD BLACK AMERICAN MAN why is that???But african men can date and marry who ever they want and it's no problem, shit i got a few african men that's married into the family. But the african women are told that they will get disowned if they mess with black american men, WHY IS THAT SISTA??? And by the way sista, I NEVER SAID IM NOT INTERESTED IN BLACK WOMEN i actually prefer and LOVEEEE BLACK WOMEN alriteeee
LetsGetIt's picture

Oh sorry I couldve sworn I

Oh sorry I couldve sworn I read a comment where you were saying that you would not advise your brother to be with a black female. Hmm as for African parents not wanting us to date a black american male, or "racist"... I do not belief racist is the case. For me, my parents would like to see any of their kids male or female with an African from my country. My parents arent racist or predijuce we have our culture and we would like to keep it that way. Same goes for Arabs, Jews, Russians etc. African parents arent even too keen on if a Ghanaian woman and a Nigerian man got together. It's even as bad as two africans one muslim and one christian. The african parents wouldnt be too happy. I dont think it's a direct stab to you or other AA male. I can say you ARE MISTAKEN if you think they would rather us be with a White Man NOOOO. lol those are Asians with their daughters lol. And if they are more lax on the men it's because men are dominant and they will be able to control the house-hold and not lose who they are or where they are from. Just because we all share the same skin color doesnt mean we are all the same. My people dont act like black Americans Just as you call it out. AA have a bad stereo type. Most AA homes are not stable and I dont blame an African parent not wanting their child to be indulged in that. We typically have a low divorce rate, dont do drugs, are highly educated, respectful to our elders etc.
PainfulTruth's picture

I understand now sista, Sorry

I understand now sista, Sorry for cursing you out earlier i didn't know you were a African sista. The reason i go hard on Black American women is because THAT'S ALL THEY KNOW, you can't get through to them any other way!!! They love dysfunction and ignorance including the men that comes from them!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Thank you. Hopefully you are

Thank you. Hopefully you are getting through to some people. That is all they know. Will support you 10000% when it's right!
PainfulTruth's picture

You are sooo ignorant and

You are sooo ignorant and misinformed, plenty of Africans do drugs, are divorced, ahve 5 kids by five different men, and our disrespectful to their elders, and vice versa, it all depends on the individual and if they are a devilish person, a Godly peron, or and ignorant, or mentally disabled person. Fallback...
hazelbeauty's picture

Are you really this dumb or

Are you really this dumb or brain dead?? I'm speaking in general. And the ones youre even talking about are probably extra poor africans who have assimilated into the AA culture and that's why they are the way they are. They probably from a single family home too. Just as most AA. Your statement was so unecessary. Duh there are foolish Africans the rule is never 100%.
PainfulTruth's picture

Where do you get this

Where do you get this information from. Most African Americans come from single parent homes, thats what has been sold to you, its just not true MISSY...
hazelbeauty's picture

No im dumb and brain dead

No im dumb and brain dead because you know im right wing efficient. Really? Did I even refer to you out of your name once? Did I disrespect you even once? Other than telling you to fall back, which means stay in yo lane. Now who is the really "ratchet" one. It could be you MISS...
hazelbeauty's picture

you really need a girlfriend

you really need a girlfriend <----- or a hooker for just 1 night
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

@LisaRaye.....Lmao lol, I was

@LisaRaye.....Lmao lol, I was patiently waiting for you to fix dat stupid field negro's azz.... aint he an annoying twit tho.... U say give him a hooker I say a jar of Vaseline a copy of Playboy the Latina version cus we all know how he kisses Latina bitches ass on this site.
Kai's picture

lol hahaha, sista u was just

lol hahaha, sista u was just praising me on another post. Now you trying to tear me down sista Kai??? Why sista??
LetsGetIt's picture

@Letgetsit...Boi you already

@Letgetsit...Boi you already know that if you talk shit I will come 4 dat ass and if you talk truths I will co-sign. It aint no thing just gotta keep it real and transparent boo.
Kai's picture

lol iight kai lol

lol iight kai lol
LetsGetIt's picture

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