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HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY BEYONCÉ! (Plus, The Birthday Card Messages From Her Friends & Fam!)

One of the most FAB chicks in the game turns 31 today.  Beyoncé Knowles may be keeping it low key for her birthday, but when you've got a career that's still going, one of the most powerful men in hip hop as your husband, and a new baby to boot...it's safe to say many of your wishes have already come true.


Check out the birthday card Bey's friends and family signed, plus her cutest mommy moments inside...

Beyonce's spent most of 2012 adjusting to new mommyhood as her & Mr. Carter's new baby girl, Blue Ivy, arrived at the top of the year.  So she's toned down her total glammed out look a bit (and looks fresh faced and fab like in her new Tumblr pic above), continues living life, is having fun and is simply doing her.  And even took some time to rock a hot comeback concert weekend in Atlantic City.

Her 31st year is rumored to be doused with upcoming new music, a new tour and big appearances.  And she'll still be rocking those mommy, wife, sister and daughter hats effortlessly. 

Bey's close friends and fam took over her website Beyonce.com and posted hand-written birthday messages for her.  Check out what Chris & Gwyneth, Mama Tina, Michelle Williams, Julez, mother-in-law Gloria Carter, Angie Beyince and more had to say:

Sweet!  Happy Birthday Bey!





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Happy Birthday Queen Bey,

tori's picture

Mama Carter has some nice

Mama Carter has some nice writing! LOL
Chica-Chica's picture

I think some of y'all were

I think some of y'all were right-she is pregnant! You see the comment "3+1=4?" If so, congrats Bey and happy born day!
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more like her age: 3+1

more like her age: 3+1 (31)....
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Happy 39th Birthday!! Please

Happy 39th Birthday!! Please leave the beer pics for Rhianna, she's the only one who can pull a beer photo naturally.
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shes 31 people if you have

shes 31 people if you have not seen her video on star search back in 1993 she was only 12 then better find something now yall in your 20s or you stay mad by the time you will be 31 you got no clique .............happy birthday B llnp........love mama Carters Letter

Happy bday to the hBic!!

Happy bday to the hBic!!
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Happy birthday Bey!

Happy birthday Bey!

Happy Birthday, Bey!!!!!! Get

Happy Birthday, Bey!!!!!! Get it girl!
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Even though I can't stand

Even though I can't stand this soft porn star, I can't lie...she makes 31 look good. On a side not, what's up with her constant pictorials holding the beer bottles? Why promote and glorify that, especially as a wife and mother? smh...Black women, we've got to do better in our representations as the Queens of this earth. It's just as bad as seeing Black women wear pajama pants and leggings as clothes in public...just GROSS looking! Seeing a woman in public with her hair all razzled and wearing pajama pants in a store is the equivalent of broadcasting to the world that she hasn't taken a bath. If she can't care for her own body, what more can she do for the children that she keeps passing through the hole between her legs? Again, Black women, get it together.
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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Beyonce!!...love ya girl.
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31 years = 31 thefts.

31 years = 31 thefts. Anywho...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Like Really's picture

Who cares? Seriously.

Who cares? Seriously.
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natasha posts bday posts for

natasha posts bday posts for all celebrities...let bey have her post.
Classic87's picture

That Thompson person from the

That Thompson person from the team at Beyond Productions has really nice handwriting.
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happy Birthday Gorgeous!!! ♥

happy Birthday Gorgeous!!! ♥ ya!!
shuga's picture

Hahahahaa. what a RETARD

Hahahahaa. what a RETARD CLOWN with Fat Legs ........hahahahahahhahahahahnanahaanaan
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Happy Birthday Beyonce May

Happy Birthday Beyonce May God Bless You & Your Family with much Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness & Success!!!!

Umm Happy Bday but 31....

Umm Happy Bday but 31.... Bahawaaa she still lying? Okay then and good dam day!
Like Really's picture

Happy Birthday to me and

Happy Birthday to me and Beyonce!!!! 22 and 31 never looked so good!!!
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Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday.
Anonymous10's picture

Happy Birthday Beyonce!

Happy Birthday Beyonce! Wishing you a wonderful day and many more to come...

Happy Birthday to the

Happy Birthday to the undisputed QUEEN and this generation's GREATEST artist. I adore you, Bey and hope your day is filled with LOVE and JOY!
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Happy Birthday Beyonce!!!

Happy Birthday Beyonce!!! Can't wait for some new music too!!
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