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Memphitz Slams MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT On K. Michelle & VH1!

Memphitz's new move in the K.Michelle vs. Memphitz vs. Toya Wright saga just went legal.  And ish just got real.  The ex-lover & ex-manager of "Love & Hip Hop ATL" star K.Michelle is filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the singer and others today.  Deets inside...

TheYBF.com confirmed with Memphitz's Florida lawyer, Conti Moore, that Mickey "Memphitz" Wright is in the process of filing a defamation suit against K. Michelle.  Memphitz also has another lawyer in Georgia co-drafting the lawsuit, and it will be filed today we're told.

According to his legal team, Memphitz is pissed about the "assassination of his character" on the VH1 show "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta."  Even though she has not said his name, star K.Michelle has made several accusations on the show that her ex-manager and ex-lover (both of whom describe Memphitz) physically abused her and stole from her.  She has engaged in numerous Twitter fights with Memphitz's new wife, Toya Wright, who has been defending her hubby since the accusations started.  Memphitz has also claimed from the start K.Michelle's stories are nothing but lies.

All three parties have engaged in twitter wars and very public arguments.  But now, Memphitz is taking it the legal route and suing K.Michelle, NFGTV Inc, Exec. Producer Mona Scott Young's company Monami Entertainment & VH1's parent company Viacom for defaming his character. 

In a lawsuit being filed today, Memphitz is asking for $1 per viewer per episode that his character has been defamed.  And since K. Michelle spoke about her alleged abuse in pretty much all 12 episodes of the season (including the two reunion shows)....and each episode had 3-4 million viewers....you do the math.

Memphitz said in a statement today:

“My family and I have suffered tremendously while VH-1, Monami Ent., and the other companies provided a worldwide platform for K. Michelle to repeatedly assassinate my character. The filing of this suit is to compensate for the irreparable damage that has been done to my reputation and to deter these companies from doing such future harm to others.”

And counsel Moore backs up the statement saying:

“[Kimberly Michelle Pate] has taken full advantage of society’s tendency to accept claims of domestic violence as always being true, even in the absence of proof. The only abuse that actually occurred is the malicious and calculated pattern of vicious lies Ms. Pate has assailed for the purpose of fabricating a compelling story line in an attempt to ruin my client’s name.”

Stay tuned for the official court docs.



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I honestly think there was an

I honestly think there was an altercation between them but I think she is making it more than what it is. She paints a picture with her reaction of a man who forcibly beat her ass but the couple of time she did give some minor details it sounded more like what a man would do to get a woman off of him...Like push her out of the way or cover her mouth...something small that can result in a scrape if you tussling with someone but not blackeyes, missing teeth, broken nose or bones. Im not one to call someone a lie but she raises so many questions when she speak. I just don't understand. You put out a claim of abuse publicly, but when ppl start to question you, you dont feel the need to provide any evidence to back up your claim even though you claim you have it. Then why not provide it? Thats a pretty serious accusation to place on someone without proof. I understand that there are women who go unheard from everyday but why now. It just seems to me that this was her ride onto the show. She needed some type of drama and that was hers... Honestly, if she's not putting out proof that she was beaten, I'd file a lawsuit against her as well! Thats something she needs to be prepared for when you walking around talking reckless about ppl. I just want to see the proof.
Anonymously Speaking's picture

LMFAO! They just want some

LMFAO! They just want some money memphitz and toya both haven't been relevant for the longest but i believe k. Michelle's story that mutha fucka beat her i mean look at him he GUILTY n lik i said b4 the only reason why he aint hit Toya dumb ass is cuz she got all them damn brothers #shitgonnabackfire on him and her k. Michelle bout to get rich off they dumbasses
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Kcny's picture

Memphitz must be still smokin

Memphitz must be still smokin the la la la because he is trippin. I don't believe him at all he did it he did it! end of story! And Toya's dumb too she will see he is going hit her ass watch!

Memphitz, if I didn't think

Memphitz, if I didn't think you were guilty at first, then I do now! SMH!
Jernero94's picture

Also the original article

Also the original article from another site stated K Michelle is not the defendant in this case just vh1 and Monami ENT

I like how some people want

I like how some people want to voice their opinion and we were not their or how all of a sudden people want to use court room lingo lol just stop sit back and watch. You guys are like people talking at the movie theater HUSH



What ever happened to

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty
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Good. Now he needs to take

Good. Now he needs to take back the fake ass he bought her too.
sianna1's picture

If you admit to getting new

If you admit to getting new teeth and boobs, why wouldn't you also admit to butt implants? Because she probably didn't get any.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Her talent bought that ass.

Her talent bought that ass. He didn't buy it, that was her BUDGET money for her project.
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tom055's picture

That's what I'm talkin'

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, MempHitz! I've been waiting for your fine, chocolate ass to STAND UP and regulate! Show those clowns what you're made of and who you're messing with! Take THAT, K MEssy! Run and tell that! Dig all in their pockets, hit them where it hurts! *Pow!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Good for you Memphitz! I hope

Good for you Memphitz! I hope you win this lawsuit or at least get a settlement. from reading some of these comments, she indeed defamed your character.
Gabbie's picture

MempIHITZWOMEN better make

MempIHITZWOMEN better make sure he know what he doing because if K. MART break out them RECEIPTS and TEXT messages she claims to have, this sh*t could get REAL UGGGGGLY!!' He can't sue Mona nor VH1 because Mona made it a POINT to NOT REVEAL HIS NAME during the show, his dumba$$ engaged in twitter beefs letting it be known he was the one she was talking about. I DON'T like K. Michelle, but she DEFINITELY should sue his a$$ back...ONLY IF SHE GOT THE RECEIPTS!!
tori's picture

Yaaaaaaaay, MempHitz!

Yaaaaaaaay, MempHitz!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I think this law suit will

I think this law suit will back fire horribly on him and Toya ...I believe K.Michelle if she wanted to lie on someone he is not the one, what does she has to gain of of him...its not like hes famous or anything...she has worked with R.Kelly if she wanted to lie for fame she could have lied on him hes more famous and has way more money than Memphitz....K. is just telling her story her truth weather she pop off at the mouth or not that don't stop her from speaking her truth....Yes i understand about suing the company which has more $....but do u really think a company that big will allow a simple mistake about not covering their tracks...they knew what she was going to say before it aired, he will not see a pretty penny...what will happen is that he will be exposed and Toya will be super embarrassed its one thing to ride with ur husband that's what a wife should do.....but to speak on a relationship that u were not involve in is another story...all of Toya friends gang up on K.Michelle Toya, Rasheeda and Tamar but when K responds shes a bully .......The truth will prevail i don't think all that emotion behind K is fake and many many woman r abused daily and never call the police....but i just don't believe no record label will allow u to walk away with 2 million dollars in the whole and walk away owing them nothing then when they merged to RCA they kept her and fired him...but she had to leave because it was too much baggage there....The shit will hit the fan b/c Memphitz must not truly understand what he is up against...I think hes only doing this to try to prove that he innocent ...but his behavior and the tweets he send out prove other wise....because when the show 1st aired they were in Paris and they took the time out of their vacation to tweet about the show...the proof is in the pudding and i think is going to be real bad for Memphitz....He tried to settle out of court ...but they said no they wanna take it to trail....i think they got something for his azz
1_prettylady_'s picture

you have made some valid

you have made some valid points
diamond2012's picture

Well just looking on the

Well just looking on the comments on this blog, I understand why he is suing, Not one of you kknow the truth but you have already incriminated him based on what she has said, he has a right to defend his character and the truth will come out either way. Ihave a problem with women like K Michelle. If you have proof that he beat you and stole your money then have him prosecuted and have him removed from he streets, don't just continue to make yourself out to be some sort of matyr and continue to talk about it and the proof that you have, you can save someone else, it's like women that get raped and wont tell, it may be difficult but you may save the other person from the same demise, if she has proof she should just put it on the table and let it speak for itself, he let her set herself up by going on national tv and claiming that she has proof, now she has to show it. PERIOD!! NONE of us were there, so we don't know what occured which mean at this point it is 50/50 in my eyes, but a lot of you have made up your minds, this man has children, a wife, a mother and other family members that he has to answer too, so he should be able to fight for his name, if that shows guilt to some of you all then I guess you all don't care about your charecter being dragge but I will tell you what, I advise each and every celeb to start suing ANYONE who knowingly defile their name, whether they are joe blow on the street or an industry person it's the only way that it will stop, people keep doing it because they are allowed to get away with it. Your good name is something important and it should not be taken lightly. That's just my personal opinion.
NikkiSmith1023's picture

I totally agree with

I totally agree with everything you said!!! If you have proof of all this so called abuse then put it out there in the courts!!! Why are you on twitter and tv taking about it when you should've been talking to the police!!!! It just seems really calculated to me, but I do hope she actually has something on him because if she's been lying all this time then it will really be over for her!!!
Nya313's picture



Defamation cases takes a long

Defamation cases takes a long time to complete and only 13% of the cases are successful. I think he just wants money and is looking for some type of settlement so he and his bama wife will act like they won the case!
MissNYT's picture


1_prettylady_'s picture

So When Mona Asked Him To

So When Mona Asked Him To Tell His Side Of The Story And Him Declining Doesnt Mean Anything????? Fuck MemHitzHer And His Wife For That Matter!! Last I Checked, HE & TOYA...NOT K. MICHELLE Are the ones who even mentioned his name in the first place. She didnt say his name not once on the show! He want a million per viewer, per episode which there was 12 episodes and about 3-4 million viewers. That tells me he's only after the money it would bring if he wins after all he's irrelevant and Toya isnt a balla. Wayne child support cant be that damn much considering her "townhouse" she had here in Atlanta. This just irked me to the 10th degree. I guess Wayne Hiring security for Toya and Reginae for $10,000 a month was just for Toya's crack-addicted mama.....FOH!

The problem is that the show

The problem is that the show allowed K Michelle to build an entire story line behind a supposed altercation that happened 5-6 years ago and speak on it as if it was fact and as if the alleged incident had just taken place. The show did no investigation into these allegations and I m sure they were well aware of who K Michelle was referring to. K Michelle did not come on Love & Hip Hop to bring awareness to domestic abuse nor to promote her failed and stalled singing career she came on tv to publicly humiliate the man that she loved and lost and to run his name in the ground. She seems to be bitter and hurt that she is not with him as she refers to him as the love of her life although they were only together for 6 months. Since their breakup at least 95% or more of the songs that she has written has been about loving him and losing him and wishing that they were still together. It's sad that she didn't use her platform to promote her career. No one was in that room the day this 1 ALLEGED INCIDENT happened so please stop referring to this man as an abuser until facts come out (like the supposed pictures and text messages that she has yet to produce that she still claims to have). Does it not seem crazy that 6 years later this woman is still fixated on him, still talks about their relationship in the present tense). Even if you don't question the incident you should be questioning her motives. If she has all of this evidence now would be the time to release it..... right. I'm sure that we have all been victims of false slander so be a bit slower to judgment on what you've heard and not what you've seen with your own eyes.
Shesprissy's picture

Memphitz knows that he won't

Memphitz knows that he won't win. He's hoping for a settlement. Slimy bastard!
CoCo's picture

looks like his wedding ring

looks like his wedding ring is on the wronf finger. hmmmmm
keepurhead2thesky's picture

You are really looking for

You are really looking for mess!!!! He's taking a picture in the mirror so his reflection is flipped when you see the still picture.......... SMH
Shesprissy's picture

I've always asked why he

I've always asked why he never filed a defamation of character suit if he was so innocent? He incriminated his damn self by arguing with her on twitter, because most people didn't know who she was talking about. I think this will be bad for both K Michelle and Memphitz (mostly Memphitz). K Michelle at least has the text messages as proof and the fact that her label fired him and then allowed her to go because of the situation. Memphitz has the fact that she never filed a report. Overall Memphitz has more to lose because he's not going to win this case in court, his true character will be revealed and I can see divorce in the near future.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

This dude is slimy and gutter

This dude is slimy and gutter trash! Didn't Lil Wayne just stash some bodyguards in their home to watch over Toya and their daughter? He's just trying to save face. I read on another blog that he DIDN'T name K. Michelle in the lawsuit, but VH1, Mona Scott and others.
MsKizzy's picture

Please know the legal

Please know the legal definition of defamation before commenting. Legal Definition: Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harm's a person's reputation, decreases the respect, regard or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person. Based on the definition Memphitz has every right to file a lawsuit.
remmi's picture


MrsCPA's picture

There was always something

There was always something about this guy that just seemed shady too me. I am convinced this man only saw a "meal ticket" when he saw Toya W aka lil wayne's ex. The sad thing about is most people that claim to be her friend or love/wed her are only thinking about her connection to Lil Wayne and nothing more. K. Michelle may be a little over the top but Toya W is that girl on the short bus licking windows w/ no clue of what is going on around her. Toya was so desperate to have someone that she dipped too low and married a Reject Opportunist like Memphitz! Why drop a law suit now and how does he contribute to the already nice income that Toya W has coming in thru lil wayne? I believe he stole money from K Michelle and he can only go so long w/ this nice guy charades. Toya made a big mistake marrying such a low man and lil waynes child support won't last forever. I am sure her lil buss ventures are doing Ok but not on the level that wayne's child support brings to the family income. Not only is she taking care of herself and Memphitz on lil wayne's dime she is taking care of her entire family in Atl and LA. Toya went from marrying a somebody to a nobody and his true colors will be revealed soon enough. If only women could hold out a little longer before settlling for men that they end up financially supporting.
Shay's picture

It's obvious Memphitz (along

It's obvious Memphitz (along with Toya's fam) is benefiting from Lil Wayne's child support. But when that runs out....what will they do then??

I don't blame him. K.

I don't blame him. K. Michelle's goal was to drag his name through the mud and public expose him -- repeatedly, which she did quite successfully. Unfortunately, there's a price to be paid for doing so.
Anonymous10's picture

OOOH sucks for K. Michelle...

OOOH sucks for K. Michelle... it got real REAL for her now.. throwing shade to make money and make yourself look good is what.. RACHET
Janelle McIver's picture

Good. Handle things in the

Good. Handle things in the legal system. Here's a note to women...if you are abused you need to file a police report. PERIOD. Go to the hospital. PERIOD. Every damn time it happens. You need to have some sort of documentation when accusing a man of domestic violence. If you don't, this is what can happen. Do it to protect yourself.
TheMrs's picture

To be honest neither of those

To be honest neither of those things that you mention protects a woman who is being abused. Even if they get a restraining order all that is a piece of paper. There are plenty of women who go to the cops and nothing is done to protect them.
MissNYT's picture

No it protects you in the

No it protects you in the legal system!!!! Everybody knows that if you don't report the abuse, it's almost as if it didn't happen under the eyes of the law.. Look how many people actually believe she's a victim just because she said so!!! People lie everyday, that's a fact!!! So if she has no proof of this alleged abuse, he may very well win even if he is an abuser... Last I checked this is America and you're innocent until proven guilty... The key word is proven!!! She played a victim all this time I hope she has some real proof or she will look like the clown I feel she already is.
Nya313's picture

Memphitz is full of shit...

Memphitz is full of shit... bottom line. He's super wack for this one. Him and his "Reality Star" wife! He's an immature ass punk who beats on women. The only reason that he doesn't slap Toya's ass around is becuase he knows that Lil Wayne and Baby would "change" his ass. Before, I liked him.... thought that he and Toya were a cute couple. But now I can't stand him. I hope all lof this shit back fire on his dumb ass! What these punk ass domestic violence niggas need to know is that what happens in the dark will eventually come to light. Win or Lose (the case)... I still think that his punk ass did it. This is just another way to abuse her....ugh!
shewrites's picture

Umph Memphitz, you know you

Umph Memphitz, you know you put those paws on K Michelle. I just wished K had filed charges, but like LOTS of females they don't. However, this case seems weak being as though K NEVER said this man's name on the show. And I totally believe K Michelle. Memphitz is NOT a celebrity. He's only known for being the NEW hubby of the EX wife of a rap superstar. And he is only known on black blogs and Black Twitter to keep it real...... So because K never says his name on TV I doubt this man gets a dime. And he knows he beat that woman. He's just mad that millions of people know that he did that. If K has proof the time to show it is NOW!!

I do not know who is lying.

I do not know who is lying. For those who can not read and or think, he waited because of several possible reasons: he is suing per episode. The longer he waited (when the show is over) the more money for his law suit He may have decided midway and waited to hit her with a big lawsuit. He may have not been urked by her nonsense talking at first. He may now later realize that if it's a lie, only keeping quiet doesn't solve the issue. This started with the show and is still being spoke about. This is why he is not only suing her but the tv company as well. Tv shows just cant be built around tarnishing others' images. So maybe these are some possible reasons. Just because you wait doesnt mean youre lying. Once again, I'm not saying he didnt touch her. Also for the other idiots, there are many ways I can talk about Chris brown, Kim K, Rhi, Tiger Woods and plenty more without mentioning their names it's called detailed description. He can easily prove she was refering to him. She might as well have said his name during the show with all the radio interviews and twitter rants she incriminated herself in. But because he is suing based on per episode and not slandering him in general, it will be hard to win 100%. Also he has to prove how this hurt him. Who knew he even cared? He shouldve publically told her stop first or just sue her and Vh1 in general and not per episode. This lawsuit should finally put an end to this Memphitz- K.Michelle drama. Who ever is lying should come clean.
PainfulTruth's picture

Thanks Professor Asshole.

Thanks Professor Asshole.
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

Oh sigh, of course a natural

Oh sigh, of course a natural reaction from one who is being called out. Simple minded response. Yes, call me a professor. No, I wont charge school fees. I am helping the dumb think and explaining to them. You are all welcome
PainfulTruth's picture

*heavy sigh* no dear you are

*heavy sigh* no dear you are not helping the dumb think. You can barely form a basic thought yourself. You sound like one of those m'fers that watch a lot of tv and think they know everything there is to know. Have a seat fucktard.
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

LMAO!! Good one!!

LMAO!! Good one!!
IridescentMe..'s picture

sue rhymes with jew <----

sue rhymes with jew <---- stop hanging around with jew lawyers = the devil (money worshippers) smh.....................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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