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Ashanti LANDS Gig As "Fuse News" HOST + Po Johnson DROPS "Do It Again" VIDEO

Singer Ashanti's got a new job!  She will host a new entertainment show on FUSE TV called "Fuse News."  Get the deets inside and watch Po Johnson's new "Do It Again" video.


FUSE has announced that R&B singer Ashanti will host and executive produce a new daily 30-minute program offering a daily breakdown of the latest music news.

Ashanti, who co-wrote and sings the show’s theme song of course, will be joined by co-hosts Elaine Moran and Alexa Chung in New York and with Jack Osbourne based in Los Angeles. 

In the meantime, she's also working on her upcoming studio album Braveheart.  She stopped by "Kathie Lee & Hoda" this morning to dish about the new show and more. 

It's basically a music news show that's filling the void.  We use to have TRL back in the day on MTV.  And they kind of went toward reality tv.  This is something we're going to pioneer and inject something back into music.  We'll be talking about album sales,  iTunes, and maybe we'll get a little bit into the relationships of who's dating who.  We'll be watching new videos, new artists, performances, it's going to be really cool."

About her album, she revealed:

It's something for women to be empowered by.  The album, is amazing.  It's kind of deep.  I'm going places I've never gone before.  

And yes, she wrote every cut off the LP.  Love that.  Check out her interview video above.


And in music videos.........

Po Johnson, the cousin of LaLa Anthony, has jumped into the music game with her debut single "Do It Again."  Check out her brand new video above.  Do you think she has a career in music?





Ashanti is such a pretty

Ashanti is such a pretty girl. At least she knows she needed a backup plan. Someone may need to tell Ms. Ciara about having a backup plan as well. After hearing what i think is her new single on the radio. CiCi may need to try a new career as well. Like having her own Reality TV Show. Hey no shame in that. It pays the bills because her music career is all but over!
Shay's picture

No comment for this song. I

No comment for this song. I am going to stay positive. I hope MTV or Fuse picks this up to play this. Good luck.
truthbetold42's picture

Congrats to Ashanti....she's

Congrats to Ashanti....she's being a positive role model for women of color. 180 degrees is Ms. Po's nasty butt. She's free to be a whore if she wants to, but I'd never support her. Sidenote- the butch in the bed with her was manlier than the dude!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Po looks DIRTY as hell!! I

Po looks DIRTY as hell!! I agree with Tara, she does look like Tiny, only "Tinier!" I wish her the best! I'm happy Ashanti finally snagged a PAYING GIG! I'm sure we will be able to smell her YEAST INFECTION through the tv screen, because all her clothes are TWO SIZES TOO SMALL!!!
tori's picture

Like Po's song and isn't that

Like Po's song and isn't that Nya Lee in the Bed with her??? Wow the video was hot!!! Good Luck Po!!!
cubanitaqt1's picture

Fuse News pays $7 per hour

Fuse News pays $7 per hour (no lunch break)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

@LisaRaye .....bitch you got

@LisaRaye .....bitch you got me hyperventilating and shit......lmao too funny..... I was thinking what the fawk is Fuse News....
Kai's picture

thanks sweetie Kai

thanks sweetie Kai
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Song was cool. After hearing

Song was cool. After hearing all of the things I hear on a daily basis I feel like anyone can have a music career now a days. It's not like they are competing against good music anymore. It's more a fashion show, modeling or reality show stars now. If you build a brand off of any of those things and have a fan base you can do whatever you want...even music...even if you can't sing or dance or write. But her voice wasn't that bad. It's a crossover song
kelzdastar's picture

Um, Not really feeling the

Um, Not really feeling the song! Summer is not over! Shop www.belchic.com!
belchic's picture

ok first, dude in the bed

ok first, dude in the bed with them look gay so its not working lol and why she look like Tiny sister? BUt the song is not bad...its better than some of the stuff im hearing on the radio now

Po does resemble Tiny!

Po does resemble Tiny!
monash's picture

I like the fact that she

I like the fact that she writes her own music. I am glad that she has another gig, because the music thing seems unstable right now.
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

I love Ashanti! Anticipating

I love Ashanti! Anticipating her new album!
Beautyfulones's picture

good for her. I did see her

good for her. I did see her hosting one of their shows once. She's gotta work on those weird quirks she does......or maybe not. maybe thats her schtick.
shuga's picture

this is crazy with two gay

this is crazy with two gay people in the family I call that a generation curse somebody need to be strong enough to pray it off.

Po's just a friend. Dice is

Po's just a friend. Dice is the cousin
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I wish ashanti the best. I

I wish ashanti the best. I give it to her she is being her own boss and building her own brand. Go Ashanti!
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