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Evelyn Lozada Reveals Other "Situations" Of Violence With Chad Johnson In PEOPLE Mag


Evelyn Lozada appears in the latest issue of PEOPLE--with a photoshoot and all--where she breaks down her relationship with estranged husband Chad Johnson.  And she reveals that abuse had happened BEFORE the headbutt as well.  Get the deets inside.....


In the latest issue of PEOPLE, "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada revealed that she was ready to settle down and be a wife and mother when all -ish went left.  

She says that she was unloading groceries from the car for a big dinner she was about to make when she found a receipt for condoms.

"I'm not naive.  I didn't think he was going to be perfect, but three weeks after we got married?  I felt like he was not even trying."

She says at the point she was done and demanded a divorce....she didn't want to try to work it out.  And that's when it happened.  An enraged Chad headbutted her, "I had blood in my eyes.  I was tasting it."

Interestingly....this wasn't the first time "something" like this happened, according to Ev.  The reality chick told the magazine she wouldn't go into detail because of Chad's kids, but some other situations  jumped off previously.  She added, "I always knew (to back down) when he got that look in his eye."  Hmmm.....

She ended by saying she'd always love him but, "I don't care what the argument is, or who the man is, this should never be tolerated."

Chad hasn't responded to the article yet but earlier this week, he posted, “Divorce? Child please ... that’s my WIFE."

Um Chad.......we really think the marriage is over.

Check out the article here (click both pics to blow up to full readable size):





In the People article Evelyn

In the People article Evelyn admits that Chad cheated on her "throughout their relationship." This begs the obvious question. WHY DID YOU MARRY HIM THEN? And of course the answer is she married him for his money, for the added fame, FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS IN OTHER WORDS. I believe she did love him . . . HIS MONEY.... and the idea of what their life together could be. Money and fame aren't the key ingredients to a real relationship. Evelyn has all the wrong values and morals. And trying to rectify her bad decision by being some sort of spokesperson for domestic violence is the EPITOME OF RATCHENESS. Real talk!
The Real Thing's picture

how convenient. are there

how convenient. are there ppl who really buy into her bullshit?
shuga's picture

I wouldn't be surprised if

I wouldn't be surprised if this a stunt concocted by the both of them...
hazelbeauty's picture

I have tried to sympathize

I have tried to sympathize with her as a woman...but I can't. She has proven to be a mean person who has used violence against others weaker than herself...Now she met her match in a man, and we are supposed to feel pity? I just can't...Sorry. Go home Evelyn...I don't want to see or hear anything else about you.

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tom070's picture

All this has exposed how

All this has exposed how $$$$$$ hungry Eve is!! If she saw signs of domestic abuse before walking down the aisle , you go and seek help before hand, instead she ran down that aisle with the quickness in order to cash those Eve & Ocho $$$$$ checks! BITCH sit the fuck down with that SHIT!!!!


ON A SERIOUS NOTE: I find it EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE when these "REALITY STARS" who have build a BRAND off of being seen as "VILLANS" on television, act a FOOL and BULLY other females, then turn around and scream DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, for a PROFIT!! K. Michelle and Evelyn are both AGRESSIVE, ANGRY, and COMBATIVE women and when they finally get a taste of their own VENOM, they want to label the men they were with "DOMESTIC ABUSERS!" There are REAL VICTIMS of domestic violence out here STRUGGLING, because they can't get a 6 page PEOPLE spread to pay their BILLS and put FOOD on the table and CLOTHES on their kids backs!! Those are the WOMEN whose stories need to be told, not these thirsty broads!
tori's picture

Well said! EXACTLY! Her

Well said! EXACTLY! Her sudden media rounds are becoming a bit much!


thisclose's picture

Lord help me, I'm so sick of

Lord help me, I'm so sick of her. Never seen such a hypocrite - a fame-hungry, desperate, simple-minded opportunist. Go. Away. No sympathy from your peeps because we see right through you. Mainstream media is using you, dummy, for another story to show how black men are abusive and you're playing right along (cuz I still wanna know where all the media stories and interviews were when actor Josh Brolin whooped up on Diane Lane. They put the kibosh on that STAT). Not minimizing domestic violence at all because there are truly women out there who need help with their situations, but the aftermath of that night should have been a stiff drink, a bandaid and a sleepover at your girl’s house - not all this public nonsense. Stop milking this right now, boriqua!
thisclose's picture

Ok..this is what I don't get.

Ok..this is what I don't get. This so called incident happend a month ago at the most and now she's doing all of these public interviews telling all of their business and they are married. I call...bullshit. She's using this to keep her name out there and to add 15 more minutes to her fame.
Dasiamay's picture

LMAO @ how no one cares!

LMAO @ how no one cares!
Chica-Chica's picture

She finally got paid for her

She finally got paid for her flimsy little story. Girl everyone knew your marriage wasn't going to last except you.
Denise2007's picture

Yaaay she finally made People

Yaaay she finally made People magazine before her 15 minutes went up. I'm so happy and proud of her she's acomplishing some major goals for herself.... Lol. She's a joke, you can tell your sob story to the media but will not get marriage counseling or even some sort of your own. Its clear she has issues with her family and men and the media isn't someone you should be talking your problems to. She needs more help then I thought, its apparent she didn't take her vows very serious talking about leaving before the head butt incident. Well you should had been left the cheater not Marry him. Plus she isn't brand new to being with a cheater the basketball player she was with cheated on her and if I remember she was messing with her basketball wives co-star Tami ex husband as well while he was in a relationship. I feel sorry for the physical altercation but she's just taking this media outlit tour a little to far. Only time will tell if she gets a spin off show of her titled " After an abusive relationship Happily ever after" where she visits domestic violence homes and gives her two cents on a Head butting altercation. Tina turner didn't do as much press as this chick and she literally almost lost her life. But again congrads to her for getting a spread in people. Plus she looks beautiful being a battered sheltered domestic abused woman.
wordstolivefor's picture

Girl double bye, when your

Girl double bye, when your girl jen told your stupid ass to leave that fame whore along. You wanted to kick her ass. You thought she was hating on you ! Now you want us to feel sorry nope cant do
stepup2's picture

I know she threw bottles and

I know she threw bottles and jumped on tables.....etc. yea, that was wrong. And all the karma talk .....ok, I understand what other ppl are saying. BUT, I still have to side with Evelyn on this one. Being on the end of an angry mans fists is something I know firsthand. It is horrible to have to live that way. Having to watch what you say, when you say it, how you say it...because you don't wanna get hit. It changes who you are. It's not "living". It's a life of misery and fear and I wish Evelyn the best.
sianna1's picture

Hey Evelyn, guess it ain't so

Hey Evelyn, guess it ain't so cool when the shoe is on the other foot.... U spent years sleeping around with married men in the NBA, now somebody slept with ur husband! U been fighting women throwing bottles and carrying on and the man that u finally fool to marry u and he whips that azz... There's a reason that first dude called off the wedding u ain't wife worthy and even after u got married it couldn't last a month. U are reaping all that you have sowed hoe!!!
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

Evelyn and K Michelle are

Evelyn and K Michelle are sipping from the same cup. Please go away and deal with your situation privately. Going public isn't helping you play the victim and get sympathy votes. If anything it's hurting!
PacificGirl's picture

Some folk called it and, sure

Some folk called it and, sure enough, she's making a shit load of cash off of all of this. It's sickening how she's been made the poster child of Domestic Abuse. It's even more sickening how she's suddenly changed her look to appear all wholesome, pure and domestic. She's playing the victim role just to get a ton of quick cash in the divorce settlement and move on to the next big Vamped. Just watch, all of these strategic and manipulated videos of her getting counseling with Oprah, Iyanla and 'nem will be shown in court in a little bit. She's a smart witch, she and her buddies (Shaunie) knows how to dig deep for gold.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Must I quote Queen Latifah?

Must I quote Queen Latifah? "A man don't really love ya if he hit cha"
diem's picture

She's a nasty disgusting

She's a nasty disgusting rectum licker and that's why he married her. No man could have respect for such a dirty woman.
DominicanQueen's picture

I hope she's not using this

I hope she's not using this domestic violence incident as a publicity stunt. The man has lost his job and has children that view him as a role model. Let's not pour gasoline on a burning fire. In no way, shape, or form am I accepting Chad's behavior; but, this (interviews, magazines, etc.) is a bit much.
C2C's picture

Evelyn is one of those

Evelyn is one of those straight-jacket-crazy chicks that never points the finger at herself for her own actions. You can never tell her that she is wrong, hence jennifer, tried to warn her but instead of taking the criticism she lashed out on her. She is riding on chads coat-tails until the wheels fall off. Eve see an psycotherapist in private. As if she could'nt see how Chad ocho cinco really was, he spoke to her disrespectfully throughout BBW. SMDH she to old for this, money can't buy happiness especially when its done in a scheming way.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Beauty truly is subjective

Beauty truly is subjective because some people keep calling this BIG frankenstein head with chicklet gum sized teeth pretty SMH. This ugly wench is NOT attractive at all to my eyes physically or internally. I do NOT believe her, I think she's lying to set Chad up & that was her intent from the get go. She's a bully, surely a man who is the same way she is was right up her alley. Didn't this Rihanna forehead chic give him permission to cheat as long as he used protection??? We ALL saw that episode where she told him that so, why did she get mad when she saw the comdom receipt? What is the name for a person who says something is okay then gets mad about it anyway?
I_love_laughing's picture

I'm confused. Evelyn is

I'm confused. Evelyn is neither YOUNG, BLACK, nor FABULOUS... so why is she getting a mainpage post? Shouldn't it be under "In other Randomness?" GO AWAY EVELYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just Keepin It Real's picture

S.T.F.U Evelyn you are

S.T.F.U Evelyn you are vi0lent to. This is called Karma you are not a victim. I do not feel sorry for you In my opinion you deserved it.
BBCAT's picture

I agree 100% If she's telling

I agree 100% If she's telling the truth. I believe she is lying. As HUGE as her forhead is, Chad should be in a coma if a head butt truly took place.
I_love_laughing's picture

Why don't u bishes leave this

Why don't u bishes leave this woman alone..I actually think she's a very beautiful woman. Maybe no class but whatev
star's picture

This is a cute pic but she

This is a cute pic but she needs to stop. Sit down and deal with your divorce then come back into the spot light. I know when u aint a real star u gotta do what you gotta do to stay relevant. But come on! Enough is enough. Whether he really head butted you or not, fall back until u settle ur divorce or whatever u gonna do!
t.anonymously's picture

If he had already been

If he had already been violent then she shouldn't have married him in the first place. He didn't show her nothing new in 41 days that she hadn't already seen. Just was dying to finally get married to somebody (even if it didn't last).
DreadfulBeauty's picture

im so tired of her, it seems

im so tired of her, it seems like she's everywhere now...
taela's picture

As a woman my heart goes out

As a woman my heart goes out to her, no one no matter their status in life should be abused.......i'm not a fan of her behavior in any way at allll, i've had my share of bashing her on BBWs..... but i am happy that she has seen the errors of her ways in spite of her past circumstances and decided to seek help to become a better person..... You all need to stop being so judgmental and hateful..... DON'T JUDGE HER OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER THAT SINS DIFFERENTLY FROM YOU....we all have fallen short.......


Yas's picture


OOOOOOOH MY WORD! This thing is a living breathing LEACH!
Yas's picture

Pretty soon she'll be

Pretty soon she'll be directing her story on Lifetime. Please sit down somewhere.
holmesa925's picture

Couldn't have said it better

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Sometimes we need to step

Sometimes we need to step outside the box of our ignorant mind set, im sure half of you have been a bully or a bitch to OTHER WOMEN, do you deserve to get your ass beat as well? its sad, im not or will i ever be a fan of EV's but i be damn if i say she got what she deserves, she had every right to ask her husband about some condoms, and bcuz he had a problem with her confronting him about it, he hits her, smh and its sad that women can blame her and say she deserves that, i just hope for some of you, you will never have to place your feet in her shoes
_speak's picture

I have never been a bully i

I have never been a bully i was brought up with morals and respect for myself and family. EVERYONE PERSON ON THIS EARTH ISNT A BULLY. This biocth dun slept with the NBA, NFL jumped over table. Threw bottles and I should feel sorry. Oh please. She got what she deserved. She is ignorant and has no class. Evelyn knewwho she was marrying.
BBCAT's picture

Luckily for me, I don't wear

Luckily for me, I don't wear shoe size: THIRSTY H*E, so I will NEVER be in her shoes!
tori's picture


whatev's picture


BBCAT's picture

Common sense! I thank you. I

Common sense! I thank you. I agree with everything you said.
Iridescent One's picture

Oh Goody! Now the pity party,

Oh Goody! Now the pity party, shoulda/coulda woulda nonsense ensues. Let's say Chad was violent before--not that I believe anything Chic-let/Nutcracker teeth Evelyn says--but if he was, she married him anyway...for his money, a baller-wife's lifestyle, more reality TV deals and dreams of copping more designer, materialistic -ish! Whatever. This situation is an example of reaping what one sows. Evelyn is a well-known slore who had the NERVE to claim her whorish ways and managed to still bully and fight other women with better character than her. GTFOH!! And now that SHE wanted to be married, she expected monogamy and respect? The VERY things she ignored when she slept around--and when she dissed and fought women on TV. Please!! A whore dressed in Gucci is still a whore.

She really is going on with

She really is going on with this sympathy tour I see. Evelyn Boo Nobody gives a f--k!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Reign's picture

Go Away Hag! Nobody Freakin

Go Away Hag! Nobody Freakin cares! You 2 Idiots could not even keep it going long enough to get paid like Kim K did. No one is interested in 2 broke violent DUMMIES! VANISH, DISAPPEAR BE-GONE!
Shay's picture

Evelyn needs to have a seat!!

Evelyn needs to have a seat!! She and K. Michelle need to STOP IT, with their "ABUSE STORIES" they're both BULLIES, who finally got a taste of their OWN medicine! Hell, with all the sh*t Chad going through, he shoulda snuck a few blows in IJS...DON'T DISH IT, IF YOU CAN'T TAKE IT!!! With that said, Evelyn does look nice lol.
tori's picture

Well isn't that special? I'm

Well isn't that special? I'm surprised that the woman that he used those condoms with hasn't stepped forward for her 15 minutes.
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

She's such a fuckin wimp,

She's such a fuckin wimp, sellout, golddigger etc. Now she is wants to dress extra classy!
Classic87's picture

photoshopped to the 10th

photoshopped to the 10th power, i bet if those child support checks from his baby mommas stopped rolling in, they'll be just like her telling this same damn story how violent, possessive, etc he was
monash's picture

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