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GIRL ON FIRE: Alicia Keys Rocks 2012 MTV VMAs Stage...With Nicki Minaj & Gabby Douglas!

Alicia Keys took that stage Thursday night at the Staples Center to make her official comeback.  And she rocked the MTV VMAs crowd with her new single "Girl On Fire." 


Check out her big performance, with her baby boy Egypt and hubby Swizz Beatz looking on, inside.  Nicki Minaj & Gabby Douglas turn up in the performance as well...

AK is back...with a bangin' body, a hot look, gorgeous skin and her brand new line of Reebok Classics she designed.  Alicia hit the VMAs stage Thursday night to perform her brand new single "Girl On Fire."

Check out her performance below.  She brought out two other chicks who are on fire--Nicki Minaj, who raps on the song, & Olympian Gabby Douglas, who twirled and tumbled her way into the performance.  Gotta love it!





I liked this Burning Song,

I liked this Burning Song, and I hope that others will also, find themselves renewed by its freshness.
rebellious soul's picture

i dont get it AK ruins 2

i dont get it AK ruins 2 important preformances and she still got fans... about gabbi i'm from Holland but still proud of her. Nicki minaj i am/was a fan but uhmm i think she need to get back to her "root(S)" music.
QueenQuin's picture

song was horrible. alicia

song was horrible. alicia shouldn't of dumped her ex man for swizz beatz. krucial keys made alicia hits, they made timeless music together. these new songs aren't cutting it. love the look, the new music NOT SO MUCH.. krucial i know this picture had to hurt: http://www.myspace.com/echoingsoundzinc/photos/26402125#{%22ImageId%22%3A26402125}
palmer6's picture

Gabby Douglas is so cute and

Gabby Douglas is so cute and sweet, I can't help but wish her the very best. In a year's time, she probably won't have to worry about money again, this is her time to shine. I think she has longevity and in time will build a fantastic global brand.
Angelique's picture

Did not watch the MTV Music

Did not watch the MTV Music Awards not enough A-Lister's there or people I really wanted to see. Besides the DNC is more important. Listening just now to Alicia Key's performance reminded me of her yelling not singing at Whitney's furneral. I think Alicia is losing her touch. Her new song is Horrid and working w/ Nicki Big Thighs speaks volumes about Alicia's bad musical choices these days. I never thought that I would see the day when I would say that the talented songtress Alicia Keys SUCKS! Gabby is doing what all the other Olympic Gold winners do. They make appearances as much as they possibly can until their management team tell them to have a seat. Duh? The whole idea after winning a GOLD medal is to get major Endorsements like all the other Athletes do. The media and her fans decide which athletes generate more attention and get the spotlight . After all the sacrifices she has made and her family and coaches have made it's HIGH time for her and her support team to sit back and get paid. OK! Let me see some you people that are tired of seeing her make appearances get your fat thighs and elephant cankles on a balance beam or and uneven bar and live to tell about it. Exactly!
Shay's picture

I didn't watch either for the

I didn't watch either for the same reason you didn't. The DNC was on people!!! They'll replay that awards show a million times this weekend but do you know what political issues are up for debate and how decisions will impact your very near future? Gabby is striking while the iron is hot as she should. What's wrong with these people?
Denise2007's picture

People still watch MTV? I

People still watch MTV? I haven't watched MTV in so long I forgot what channel it came on.....I watched the Democratic Convention instead...OBAMA/BIDEN2012
Naomi's picture

Yes! good for you, we gotta

Yes! good for you, we gotta do better and aim higher...☺♥
Peace Silas's picture

My only question is WHERE WAS

My only question is WHERE WAS BRANDY? Why wasn't she performing at the VMA's? Brandy's new song would have been perfect for this event. Brandy FIRE your people! ASAP. She pushed that album back to compete with the fall releases and she is not doing any performances for a successful album! Grrrrr
BEEMA's picture

pshhh@some of the trifling,

pshhh@some of the trifling, shallow, petty, jealous heifers on here. Even though she sounded a lil pitchy I still enjoyed Alicia's performance and she looked great, also Im so proud & happy for Gabby I could never get tired of seeing her shine.
Realist's picture

I am a fan of AKeys but y'all

I am a fan of AKeys but y'all know that she sounded a mess last night and that performance was horrid.
Miss T's picture


star's picture

1. I'm glad she's finally

1. I'm glad she's finally listen to all of the blogs when we said.. you look like a hobbo and need a stylist.. sheesh.. it's about time.. 2. The performance was decent... BUT everything with AK seems false and forced.. she was trying so hard to come off as sexy.. that pose at the end was HILARIOUS.... girl... STOP... I guess being a homewrecking slutbag would seem like part of the transition from "round away homegirl" to "sexy vixen".. the problem is.. sexy just isn't you.. which is weird b/c you are so damn pretty... maybe it's the hoebag part that keeps messing me up.. IDK.. she just tried too damn hard... effortlessly pretty just isn't your thing girl...
Janelle McIver's picture

Alicia Keys you did a good

Alicia Keys you did a good job. Sounded great. AK G.O.F.MOVEMENT!!!!!

Song was a mess, alicia as

Song was a mess, alicia as usual always behind a damn piano(do something diffferent). Nicki wig looked nappy and raggedy. And Im all for Gabriel Douglas, but damn we get the point she won gold medals! im getting tired of seeing her face like hearing Drake sing on another track
Mieshalove's picture

I actually liked the

I actually liked the performance. It was good. My sisters did good.

didnt her pants bust open???

didnt her pants bust open??? I thought it was wrong of them not to have ALL of the five olympians on stage with alicia since they were all there. it was biased to me.
shuga's picture

I agree with those saying

I agree with those saying Alicia screamed instead of singing last night and Gabby's part in the song looked random. You could tell the whole performance was just thrown together
ZingaG's picture

*Girl on Fire...shudda been

*Girl on Fire...shudda been titled *Girl that screams....Like really really!!! Ugh!
Like Really's picture

Alicia Keys body looks GOOD &

Alicia Keys body looks GOOD & I never get tired of pint sized cutie Gaby Douglas because she is living history being another African American to win gold (still love Dominique Dawes) but I do not like this song & I couldn't understand what Nicki was saying. The only thing that was clear was "go Gabby." When is Nicki going to go away?
I_love_laughing's picture

Yall gonna really lie and say

Yall gonna really lie and say that Alicia Keys sounded good last night......I swear you people just talk and criticize certain celebs based on who yall like and despise. ....I like AK but lets be honest AK did not sound good and the song is horrid.
Kai's picture

This puppet to Swizz

This puppet to Swizz Beatz/Home wrecker does the same thing at every stage performance, a 2 step behind the piano. She was so happy to flaunt she was pregnant with Swizz baby on one of her previous performances that she was rolling all around on top of the piano preggers. I would have at least wanted to see that from her on stage. Her voice is beautiful but she screams in one key sometimes longer than necessary. The Gabby scene was very out of place. I love Gabby, but they got her doing some strange skits. I am not here for Alicia Keys.
thebossbitch's picture

LOL, the performance you're

LOL, the performance you're speaking of is when the artist PRINCE was being honored for his many years and many albums in the music business and she was singing one of his songs. Everyone on the planet knows Prince is a freak sexually so, Alicia Keys rolling on top of the piano was her homage to Prince delivering/performing/singing the song the way Prince would have sang it before he became a Jehovah's Witness. When the camera cut to Prince, he was smiling with a big smile & he was VERY pleased at the way Alicia performed his song.
I_love_laughing's picture

I didn't even see the

I didn't even see the performance and i can almost guarantee that it was horrible. Every time i sit down to watch or listen to Alicia Keys, she leaves me with bloody ears. Her loud, No Soul , Screaming singing is the worst in the industry and her songs are always horrid! Sorry but this Woman never impresses me....and i do mean NEVER!

Thank You she has always been

Thank You she has always been overrated. She needs voice lessons she has never did anything but scream and holla. She always brings others out to help her performance but that does not take away from her horrible voice.
Ms Nay's picture

I love the song! I cannot

I love the song! I cannot wait for her new album! I also love how she includes others in her stuff, great job AK!
Beautyfulones's picture

That whole performance was a

That whole performance was a blubbering mess!! TRY AGAIN ASAP
khrissyk's picture

Haters Plz send me all of

Haters Plz send me all of your addresses so i can send you all a bouquet of seats #real-talk Alicia and Nicki show'd out , Alicia is always a little pitchy LIVE but love her regards !!! and super excited that Gabby is getting this publicity. Positive exposure for our young YOUTH.
Dana Marquis's picture

that guy needs to work on his

that guy needs to work on his vocals. he's better than that.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Well...she looked good at

Well...she looked good at least...
amw825's picture

Alicia sounded a mess and

Alicia sounded a mess and that song is horrible.
kelis's picture

two words AWE SOME!!!!!!!

two words AWE SOME!!!!!!!
Pamelicious's picture

Alicia sounded great and that

Alicia sounded great and that song is beautiful. Of course, not everyone could understand or appreciate that because they are too busy listening to the cookie cutter music with little or no substance.
rosa's picture

Rosa, I know my music. I

Rosa, I know my music. I enjoy REAL music like Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Teena Marie, Minnie Riperton, real vocalists. I did not attack Alicia's lyrics or the substance of her music. However, you can't deny that since Diary, which I LOVED, her music has been going downhill at a rapid pace. Not to mention, vocally, she has never sounded worse, except at Whitney's funeral. If you think she sounds good, then you are the one who cannot understand nor appreciate good music. Besides, this is a blog where everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.
kelis's picture

Excuse me, did I say everyone

Excuse me, did I say everyone wasn't entitled to their own opinion? I don't think so, but I feel like I can state mine as well as anyone else can. I will say that as far as I'm concerned Alicia's music has not went downhill at all. I love her music as much today, if not more than when she first started. She has proved herself and earned much respect. Granted, vocally she may not be quite as strong but she still has a beautiful and powerful voice and she still sounds great and projects that beautiful passion and emotion in her voice. And even more she is not some cookie cutter copy of anyone. She does her and if people don't like it then they don't have to listen. I do like it and will continue to enjoy and support her music.
rosa's picture

I cant be the only one tired

I cant be the only one tired of Gabby now.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Let me find out you watching

Let me find out you watching Basketball wires, love and hip hop atlanta or any other useless reality show, and then turn around and say you tired of seeing someone doing something positive. Girl BOO!
Classic87's picture

Actually, I never watched

Actually, I never watched love and hip hop atlanta and I stopped watching BB wives like 2 seasons ago and that still doesn't change the fact that I'm tired of seeing her ass. I cheered for her and now it's time for the both of you to have a seat.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

smh...why does she have to

smh...why does she have to have a seat. She's representing! It's worthless to even keep going with you. lol have a nice day.
Classic87's picture

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing, but EVERYTIME anyone (me) say anything about that child, people act like its WWIII or someone said something about their mama. I guess the girl is building her brand while she's still young and relevant, because in 4 years there will be a new "IT" girl who steals her spotlight, ask Shawn Johnson (who?? EXACTLY).
tori's picture

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