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LINGERIE GALS: Jennifer Hudson Mimics Her Man's Wrestling Poses...In Her Panties + Memphitz Tweets Wife Toya's Bra Game

Jennifer Hudson couldn't be more proud of her new bod.  The singer tweeted pics of herself trying out her fiance David Otunga's wrestling poses.  And she proved she can do it too...and in lingerie.


Pics of her, plus Toya Wright flaunting her lingerie as Memphitz's "Bonnie" to his "Clyde"...

Celebs love to show off their personal sides on Twitter.  And that includes their most personal clothing..lingerie.  Jennifer Hudson wanted to prove that anything men could do women could do better.  So she put on her cute high-waisted panties and a sexy bra to show off her version of David's WWE wrestling poses. 

Jen said she forgot the baby oil, but can still work it with CoCoa butter.  Cute.  By the way, Jen is appearing "Oprah's Next Chapter" this weekend.  And we've got a couple more sneak peeks from her sit down with O.  Her man said even though she looks great now, he really loved her curves.  Plus, they talk about future plans for their family:


The full interview airs Sunday at 9p ET on OWN.


And lingerie must have been the Twitter theme of the day yesterday as Memphitz Wright tweeted his wife, Toya, in her bra while both were getting ready.  His quote...

Hi There, Get it Wright. shes Mrs Bonnie , I'm MrClyde

Oh?  Meanwhile, VH1 is remaining tight lipped about his new multi million dollar lawsuit against their parent company Viacom.  All because they allowed the airing of "Love & Hip Hop ATL" star K. Michelle's indirect accusations of him beating her.  When we asked VH1 about the situation, they said, "No Comment."




MY HUSBAND would Ocho me if I

MY HUSBAND would Ocho me if I EVER did anything like this. HE LET'S it be KNOWN that these are his goodies and his ALONE!!!! Unless, it's for a fashion magazine or a professional shoot, ladies, COVER IT UP! U got married/engaged for a reason, to show those babies off to your man!!! What can you say about Toya though, she was raised by a crackhead... Plus, her husband is trying so hard to let everybody know that he's not a woman beater... Those that try so hard at trying to prove others wrong are usually guilty hun... I thought more of JHudd, but I guess since her man can parade around in his bikini's, then she thinks it's ok, since she is doing his wrestling poses... I guess it would look dumb if she were fully clothed and doing those poses... NOT! Cover it up thirsty bitches! Also, what kind of MAN allows his woman to post this mess online, let alone post it himself. Toya, seems like yo man treats you like groupie material...

so, you're his own personal

so, you're his own personal SLAVE then (very sad): ...... i guess you're not ALLOWED to wear a bikini either. there's no difference.....smh...........slavery ended 350 years ago
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Is anything sacred in a

Is anything sacred in a relationship anymore? Seriously. At least TINY respects TIP enough not to do this type of stuff. My goodness ladies? You can still be sexy without all your man's goodies being shown to the world. It's official this marriage with toya and this guy is just so fake. No man wants his "stuff" being shown to the world like that. This also lets me see that Jen Jen and this guy are a joke too.
mzbrownlady's picture

I dont have nothing nice to

I dont have nothing nice to say so let me keep my mouth closed!
doll's picture

That goes for Toya as well,

That goes for Toya as well, cover up. Ladies?
hazelbeauty's picture

Naw Jennifer, you doing a

Naw Jennifer, you doing a little bit way too much, and your husband got you out there like that? Mines would be 38 hottt if I even showed a quarter of what she's showing...
hazelbeauty's picture

…that is a beautiful color

…that is a beautiful color dress that Oprah has on, and that Color goes well with the Other Colors in the Background!
rebellious soul's picture

I think that Jennifer Hudson

I think that Jennifer Hudson has some very sexy lips, and I don’t know why she doesn’t promote her lips more! -- If I was in Jennifer's shoes, I’d be trying to convince one of those Top Fashion Designers, to put her lips on one of their skinny models photos, so that they can make some serious money!...like I said, black, white, and green mesh well together!
rebellious soul's picture

Daaaaam David's looking

Daaaaam David's looking scrumptious!
Realist's picture

JHud rocks, ALL the time. She

JHud rocks, ALL the time. She is just amazingly fabulous. Beautiful lady!
Angelique's picture

I'm rlly not buying into this

I'm rlly not buying into this "perfect" relationship memFISTS and Toya are trying so hard to put out there for everyone. It's only a matter of time before this dude smashes them boobies of hers into her back from a helluva beatdown. I was once a fan but then i realized she still got that HOOD RAT mentality
C00kiesNweeD's picture

...so MemphIHITZWOMEN is Mr.

...so MemphIHITZWOMEN is Mr. Clyde and Toya is Mrs. Bonnie??? So I guess a few years ago K. Michelle was MRS. ANNA MAE BULLOCK and MempIHITZWOMEN was MR. TURNER???
tori's picture


Anonymous10's picture


C00kiesNweeD's picture

What is wrong w/ these people

What is wrong w/ these people taking pictures in their Underwear! I don't think either one of you would make it as a VICTORIA'S SECRET MODEL! Especially J-Hud w/ your badly shaped physique self. Losing weight don't automaticly mean you have a nice shape and 2 left legs don't help matters none. Both of you are mother's have some class and allow a Magazine to approach you about doing a swim suit spread like Jordin Sparks did. Jordin showed off her new body in a classy way but then again Jordin has a nice body and no magazine would likely approach either one of you. Very Very Unclassy to say the least!
Shay's picture

@ Shay- Buckey You are

@ Shay- Buckey You are bitter! Jennifer Hudson has been on a lot of magazine covers ever since she lost weight so the shut it. And I don't see why anyone post photos in their underwear but that does not mean they want to be Victoria Secret models. What is wrong with you? You are so hateful it is disgusting.
jeze003@ymail.com's picture

@jeze003@mail.com I can't

@jeze003@mail.com I can't help that you are a Jennifer Hudson groupie/stan. Which means you are #1ugly #2 ugly & fat and look to the still unattractive formerly fat J-Hud as your inspiration to lose weight! Good luck w/ that. I can state my opinion just like everyone else does on this site. When you post pics in your underwear looking like she does and being thirsty for attention like she obviously is. Prepare to be told the truth about it. I know she has been on the cover of magazines but no one has ever put her on the cover of a magazine in a swim suit like Jordin Sparks was on the cover of Shape magazine. They asked Jordin because she has a much nicer shape than jennifer does. In fact most of J-Hud magazine covers show her covered up. This is the first time I've seen her without clothing. Which is why showing pics of her self is so pathetic. That's because no one asked Ms. bad body to pose on their magazine in a swim suit. OK! Again losing weight don't automaticly mean you have a nice shape. Shay-Buckley which is probably a made up name or a stage name for her. That Shay lives in ATL loser! I am a long ways from living anywhere near that place. This Shay which can be spelled Shay,Shae Shai,Shaye Shea and is an Iris name meaning is "admirable" or" hawk like" which is apart of my Black/Iris background giving to me by my black/Irish father and it actually has meaning! My name is not part my mom first name and part of my dad's first name like I am sure yours is w/ no meaning at all. A person like me green eyes and all would never ever have a reason to be bitter over someone looking like Jennifer Hudson or her groupie/stans look alikes! Since when does telling the truth makes you a bitter person?
Shay's picture

I LOVE J Hud. I walked down

I LOVE J Hud. I walked down the isle to "Giving Myself" ....but she is waay to thin. Her head isnt matching her body. But if she is happy, I am happy. As long as she is healthy!
t.anonymously's picture

You are weird. How can you

You are weird. How can you call a 5'10-11 woman who is a size 6 too thin? You guys amaze me with your definition of skinny, slim, thick. And then you call a size 16 and up healthy, curvy and thick. I'm sure you think Gabby Sidibe/Precious is thick...
jeze003@ymail.com's picture

In your underwear?

In your underwear? Desperation at it's best. J hud is trying so hard to be sexy (with her new slim figure) but she's FAILING horribly. I use to like Toya but her childish antics and pics like this are turning me all the way off! What is with these momma's showing off their goodies on twitter and instagram? If my mom did some ish like this I would be horrified! What real man would want his wife showing off herself in her underwear for all the world to see, especially since it's not some professional photo shoot? I see right through Memphitz pathetic attempt to try and make it seem as if his marriage isn't rocky. All of them are a major FAIL!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Right!!! Toya has a nearly 14

Right!!! Toya has a nearly 14 year old daughter, what if Regine did something like this on a social network site? Not classy at all but then again who said Toya was classy? She's just a pretty face.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Both ladies Look Great! Glad

Both ladies Look Great! Glad they are getting their bodies healthy
Didshesaythat's picture

I am a huge Toya fan.. but

I am a huge Toya fan.. but she is a self portrait fiend! In your bra, sis?? Doing wayyy too much!
lovelyj's picture

Jennifer Hudson is as happy

Jennifer Hudson is as happy as a fag that she lost all that weight and she doesn't know what to do with herself. Doing lame poses in granny panties? Girl please go sit down somewhere wit yo corny self.
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

She's wearing granny panties

She's wearing granny panties to hide her tummy tuck scar and fake belly button. Her scar is from hip to hip which is why you will NEVER see her in anything bikini cut
new orleans hotness's picture

LOL @ granny panties. I

LOL @ granny panties. I suspect she is wearing her undies that far up is because she is trying to hide the stretch marks on her lower abdomen. If you have to hide something, that is probably the Universe's way of telling you that you ought not to do it.
PR22's picture

LOL, right!

LOL, right!
I_love_laughing's picture

J-Hud is so EVIL, I bet she

J-Hud is so EVIL, I bet she made JULIA snap these pics...or maybe the OVERSIZED nanny! I like Toya and her ASSets are the TRUTH, but this sh*t ain't a good look when you have a DAUGHTER that's the SAME age you were, when YOU got pregnant, plus you're MARRIED!!
tori's picture

Unlike Bey &

Unlike Bey & Jay......Jennifer doesn't NEED 27 body guards (look at her MAN...he protects the family!!) Plus, she sings circles around Crayonce' too....lol.........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

However...NO ONE is buying

However...NO ONE is buying anything Jen is selling. I'm far from a Beyonce stan, but I call it like I see it. If Jen stopped appearing on all those damned Weight Watcher commercials, she would be an afterthought. She and Beyonce are not in the same league. Jen will never appeal to the masses like Beyonce. Just the truth. Beyonce has the package and the universal appeal. Jen lost weight and still can't sell a record. She needs to be happy with her beautiful child and delicious husband! (I love an articulate black man!!! SO SEXY.)
tinytexan's picture

JHud has her own appeal and

JHud has her own appeal and her own lane. I don't think she should forever be compared to beyonce because they were in Dreamgirls together. Jennifer is extraordinarily successful and down to earth. She is steadily building her own brand. One can see from the friendships she makes with designers such as Michael Kors that she is a charming and personable lady.
Angelique's picture

Jenny doesn't care about the

Jenny doesn't care about the Spotlight (in fact...she hates it)...meanwhile, Crayonce' NEEDS IT...MONEY & FAME are her LIFE-BLOOD <------- that's why she's evil
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

No one is checking for J-Hud

No one is checking for J-Hud so she has no use for bodyguards only superstars have those.
sweetpea1989's picture

Jenny has something BEY would

Jenny has something BEY would KILL her only Surrogate for.........an Oscar Award AND Grammy (both)....BEY will NEVER even sniff an Oscar Award (she's barely allowed to attend the show to watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ......Sit DOWN <------------------
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

You really hate the Carter's

You really hate the Carter's huh? Kind of creepy and scary......just saying!
lj's picture

Sometimes ppl can do and show

Sometimes ppl can do and show a lil too much...


Janelle McIver's picture

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