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FASHION HEADS: Lil Kim, Angela Simmons, Tika Sumpter, Sanya Richards-Ross & Tons More Flock To NY Fashion Week Show

Lil Kim decided to make her way out to the NY Fashion Week shows this weekend.  And we've got pics of her hamming it up with Angela Simmons.  Pics of those ladies, plus tons of others like Tika Sumpter, Joan Smalls, Miss Teen USA 2012, Miss Universe Leila Lopes, Nicole Murphy and tons more...


Oh Kimmy.  The original rap Barbie made her way to the front row of the Nina Skarra show Saturday. And if you're not feeling her look--or the wiggery--blame her stylist Anthony La-mourr.

Kim rocked her satin grey & gold look and was attempting a sophisticated look.  We still love her though.

And Angela Simmons rocked another flawless face at the same show:

We're in love with the hot pink lip and little white dress and stiletto booties:


Friday night at the Korto Momolu Spring 2013 show at the Helen Mills Gallery, pretty gals Nik Pace (from "ANTM" and is also a mom now) and actress Elise Neal kicked it front row in all black:

Miss Universe Leila Lopes looked her usual gorgeous self there as well.  And all those shows worked up a chick's appetite.  So Elise headed out for some grub at La Esquina--where her girl Vivica Fox met up with her:


Fun times.


Back at the Lincoln Center Saturday, Sparkle actress Tika Sumpter looked amazing in a fashion forward look of a white pencil skirt with longer cheetah side panels, and a blue & white jacket over a black cropped corset:

This hair is hittin'.

The gorgeous chick hit up the Rebecca Minkoff show with her new gal pal, Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, who has been looking just as hot lately.

Loves it.

The fab actress kicked it front row next to reality star turned fashion designer Lauren Conrad, Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte, and "90210" actress Shanae Grimes. 

Miss Teen USA 2012 Logan West brought her talents tot he front row of the Academy of Art show at the Lincoln Center.

And while she's a stunning girl, this dress was all wrong.  Were we supposed to look at her panties as part of this look?

Stylist June Ambrose made her rounds at several shows, and even let her moni me Summer rock her popular mouse ears & lace hat.

John Legend's fiance and model in her own right, Chrissy Teigen, hit up the the Elle Fashion | Next - Spring 2013 show in sequined pants and a bright smile.  Very pretty.  By the way, we hear she's in the running against Khloe Kardashian for the "X Factor" hosting spot.

Modelesque chick Nicole Murphy stepped out on the red carpet for Harlem's Fashion Row 5th Anniversary at Jazz at Lincoln Center:

Not loving a thing about this look. 

But she's working this one. 

Vanessa Williams and her model daughter Jillian Hervy also attended.  Great genes!

And Vanessa also posed it up with the creator of NY Fashion Week, Natalie Cole & Tasha Smith.

Over at Nicole Miller, model Joan Smalls kept it sheer and sexy.

Fashionista Alexandra Burke came over from London to attend the shows at Lincoln Center.  She and model Jessica White hit up the Charlotte Ronson show:

Absolutely LOVING her black bob.  No more red!

Actress Dania Ramirez made her way over to the show as well.

Fab times!




Actually, Kim looks very cute

Actually, Kim looks very cute about the face, the hair is a tragedy. Angela and Leila look adorable. Say what you will about Elise Neal but she's putting young fat baby mama chicks to shame....
KENNEDY78's picture

at this point I dont think

at this point I dont think its possible for Lil Kim to ever look really good again. this is the best she's looked in years and she still looks bad. if only ppl spent that much effort working on the INSIDE. be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and financially!!
shuga's picture

lil kim's wig is funny.... i

lil kim's wig is funny.... i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

NO People need to stop

NO People need to stop playing games and get real with love or die.

Poor Kim, she pretty much

Poor Kim, she pretty much just destroyed her face. She was pretty before the plastic surgery. It would be better if she didn't wear such dramatic makeup. Nicole WHYYYYYY?!!!!!!! Why does Angela always give that deer in headlights look? Vanessa Williams' daughter's hair looks like a lion, but I like it. Awww and Ryan Lochte & LC would make such a cute couple!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

im so loving jessica white's

im so loving jessica white's hair she looks great (finally) nicole murphy so looks like a man right here and im sure that cute teen usa girl did not know the lining of her dress rode up causing it to show her panties
litebrite's picture

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I'm mad at the front part of

I'm mad at the front part of Lil' Kim's lacefront, but I've gotta' give her an honorary pass 'cause she's STILL that chick! The rest of this post...there's just way too much foolery going on on the rest of this post to comment on...just let it be...smh...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Lil Kim looks like Storm from

Lil Kim looks like Storm from XMan and a little bit of Wonder Woman......I CAN'T
Naomi's picture

Vanessa Williams looks 10

Vanessa Williams looks 10 TIMES BETTER than her daughter! I would not be out in public with my mom if she looked younger, thinner, and prettier than me. I thought the daughter was her mother. Lil Kim..no words. I just want to wash her head in a bucket of water and watch the paint and weave and colored contacts drift away.
BEEMA's picture

I don't know which is worse:

I don't know which is worse: The photographer who took the photo of Miss Teen USA without informing her that the LINING of her skirt had risen (probably after being seated) and was exposing her underwear, or the people on this site that believe this child would actually dress in such a provocative manner as a representative of the youth of America - or better yet, that the Organization would allow it. If it were intentional, she would not have had her hands strategically positioned in her lap to prevent exposure of her lady parts......but, I digress. Angela is really coming into her own. Someone made the comment that she is a "wannabe" socialite, but by definition, the word does apply to her as it applies to Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and the likes (it simply means one who is well-known/recognized in various social circles, particularly in those of fashion and entertainment...and, well...here she is, front-row center at Fashion Week). Loves Tika! Beautiful woman, but her choice in wardrobe here does her body no justice, whatsoever. Miss Universe Leila Lopes looks fab! And, Chrissy Teigen has that "life-is-good" glow about her....Very pretty!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

kim should take that wig

kim should take that wig off... i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Lil' Kim looks like an

Lil' Kim looks like an alien...Nicole looks beautiful...but why is she wearing a neck brace?
Lola's picture

Absolutley loving Angela's

Absolutley loving Angela's makeup,especially the lipstick..And it looks like she's done a little something to her face..I wonder what? Loving Nik's hair and makeup. I'm glad Jessica finally listened to me (lol) and realized that she looks Better with shorter hair, xcept for that Ugly lipstick and the way her lips are looking is kinda ugly.
star's picture

Tasha Smith annoys me because

Tasha Smith annoys me because she is an acting coach. Which I dont know why because she is a very bad actress. She has to much attitude and plays the typical ghetto black women in everything she is in.
BBCAT's picture

Nicole Murphy looks lke a

Nicole Murphy looks lke a MAN. Angela Simmons looks nice but she isnt a celebrity. She is a wannabe socialite. Lil Kim looks like a plastic little barbie doll. Yes the word Nicki Manaj stole from her. Elise Neal & Vivica Fox are man eaters they been in this business well over 20 yrs and they havent gotten and good lasting work. Lets see how Elise Neal (Ricky Rozay ex) does on Scandel. She isnt the best actress. Tika Sumpter she did ok on that horrible remake of Sparkle. IMO it was terrible Jordan Sparks needs have take 10 seats with the acting thing. Jessica White still looks like she is on that white powder.SMDH!
BBCAT's picture

What was that Teen America

What was that Teen America representative thinking? Was there no one that could have advised her how inappropriate that outfit was? For the first time I was not impressed with how Nicole was dressed. Im just glad Lil Kim's face looked a little less mannequen-ish this time around.
Realist's picture

Kim's outfit is actually

Kim's outfit is actually decent...but that HAIR...no! Miss Teen USA...really? That was the best fashion choice? No ma'am. First dress Nicole has on...no ma'am...same for Angela's pink lips...Lauren Conrad and Tika's whole get up...the hair on Vanessa's daughter (unless she was modeling in the show), Elise and Nik's hair color....other than that, good looking ladies.
Chica-Chica's picture

Nicole Murphy face is too

Nicole Murphy face is too hard. It's sad that Elise Neal will not embrace her age. The bad weave and questionable clothing does not make her look young or trendy.

All of the ladies look lovely

All of the ladies look lovely ... Kim outfit looks well put together , I love Kim.

Love Jessica's bob, it looks

Love Jessica's bob, it looks so fab on her. Chrissy looks horrible in this outfit and not modelesque at all. Kim - YIKES! What have you done??? Tika's skin is gorg. Love, love Nicole!
Denise2007's picture

Tika Sumpter's hair is on

Tika Sumpter's hair is on point... Thats the way a weave should look!!!!!!!!!!! Lil Kim is doing the best she can. I wonder if she realizes she should had left the plastic surgery alone.
LO99's picture

I like Angela Simmons Make up

I like Angela Simmons Make up and hair.....Tike looks better w/out the leather jacket. Ugh to lil Kim's wig..... 1st time in a long time Jessica White has on a cute outfit...Love me some Nicole Murphy and Vanessa Williams has beautiful children.
Jersey here's picture

How fitting Vanessa Wiliams'

How fitting Vanessa Wiliams' daughter wud be so beautiful, she got it honestly and Vanessa still kills the room. Tika Sumpter cute outfit but it was hot as hell. Nicole Murphy luv her, she is my boyfriend's Hollywood crush and he's 28, I luv her body & her personality, but I really wish she wore something other than that dress on. The carpet. Lil Kim...well it was nice of her to come out....
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

Lil Kim looks crazy as hell.

Lil Kim looks crazy as hell. No matter what kind of clothes she wears, all those plastic surgeries have ruined her. Angela Simmons is really developing a nice sense of style--and I like how she has one pop of color with her lipstick shades. She's not made up with too many colors. Nik Pace looks too pale or ill or something. Elise Neal is shapely but dresses like a thirsty-groupie chick sometimes. She's too old for that-so sad...June Ambrose looks fab as usual. Miss Teen USA is pretty, Vivica looks nice...Vanessa Williams & her daughter look so nice & so much alike. Nicole Murphy looks crazy: proof that nice looks/shapes can still look eff'd up in bad clothing. Yuk!!! Tasha Smith looks FAB; love her hair and Jessica White's shiny bob too. Natalie Cole still looks sickly.

Miss 'Teen' USA... Very

Miss 'Teen' USA... Very inappropriate dress for an ambassador to our youth.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

I love me some Nicole Murphy.

I love me some Nicole Murphy. She's my favorite on Hollywood Ex's. She's beautiful, classy, humble and funny as he11 on the show, BUT this look she got going on in these pics are a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. On the show she took some pics and everyone was drop dead gorgeous. One even appeared on a billboard in Vegas. She has the type of body that just looks good in anything.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Lil'Kim looks like the

Lil'Kim looks like the EMBODIMENT of Michael Jackson (R.I.P), Dennis Rodman and Derek J .
tori's picture

No Nicole. She has a sick to

No Nicole. She has a sick to death body and can get away with some things but that dress is not one of them. Lil Kim head to toe (let's go): THAT wig is hella wrong for so many reasons (I hhhhhate it!!!), the face is beat (both by a doctor and MAC), L♡♥ღ the outfit (very chic and sophisticated - never thought I'd say that to describe Lil Kim but there's a first for everything I guess), I'd love to see the shoes but oh well. But that wig MUST GO in the garbage (or donate it to Nicki - she'll take anything of Kim’s LOL!). And I swore Nik from ANTM was just another white lady until I read the caption. She was not that pale/fair on the show. ^_- *side-eye
Peace Silas's picture

Tika, leather? in NYC?... in

Tika, leather? in NYC?... in September? NO MAM!!!
RO's picture

That hair she's wearing also

That hair she's wearing also looks Hot as hell.
star's picture



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