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Justin Combs MAKES HIS DEBUT As A UCLA Bruin!

Diddy's son Justin Combs hit the field yesterday for the first time as a member of the UCLA Bruins football team. See the pics inside....


Scholarship recipient Justin Combs took the field yesterday as a #20 on the UCLA Bruins football team for the first time. His proud papa Diddy tweeted, Dreams do come true.My son @jdior_ is actually a UCLA BRUIN!! IM BUGGIN!!!!!!!!! RT TO THE WORLD!!

Justin said, "I used to dream about this when I was younger. Crazy! If you believe with all your soul your dreams will come true I promise you!"

Justin didn't actually play in the game against Nebraska as he is red-shirted.  But that didn't stop his pops from being proud.  He said, "The day has finally come. My son is red shirting, but he still gets the opportunity to run out that tunnel."   He also tweeted a first look at Justin's jersey.

Justin's proud mama Misa Hylton tweeted pics of herself at the game.  She tweeted, UCLA let's gooooooo!


Diddy posted a special video from the game where he congratulated Justin about making the team and said how proud he and Misa were as parents.  Watch it here:


Congrats Justin!

Photos via Twitter




Lawd have mercy... why oh why

Lawd have mercy... why oh why did you guys post this. This a talented young black man who got good grades, played high school football and as a result was given a scholarship to an awesome college! Surely you knew the vultures would have at this kid... Some people are truly dark on the inside... I don't care if you're just kidding or if you have a right to your opinion... some foolishness you should just keep to yourself.
VIRTUOUS1's picture

HILARIOUS!!! Being that my

HILARIOUS!!! Being that my son is a junior and only 5'9 160 pounds and has 9 different D1 schools looking at him. It is possible but my son KNOWS that he will have to redshirt his first year because of his size. He is also a cornerback but his skills are SICK. It all depends on your skills and foot and hip work. There are a few great corners in D1 ball. #21 on USC is a 5'9 starting corner. But isn't he shorter than 5'9? Not sure. Good luck to him but he will have to wait his turn. I am sure his parents are proud of him no matter what. But you have to remember the kid has a great GPA as well. When I did hear about him getting offered I was like WTF NOT NEVA!! but hey... it all depends on his skills.

For the VERY 1st time, I have

For the VERY 1st time, I have to agree with Ms. Subconscious - Justin is way to small to play cornerback. He's the lowest ranking cornerback in the C/O '12 to receive a full scholarship to a D-1....The free ride is for the presence of Diddy (just like Romeo Miller @USC who scored a whopping 4 pts his VERY short career there) & any celebs he brings to fill those seats...O_o Next up, Snoop's son who got a full ride offer to UCLA also for football at 15 (though at least he is over 6' & has some talent)...SMH...

Snoops son has WAY more

Snoops son has WAY more skills than Justin. I have seen him play and yes A LOT taller but you must remember, he can be on the shorter size but must work on his weight and muscle mass. If his skills are great then he will play.

you're an angel :)

you're an angel :)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Good job Jus! I wish him

Good job Jus! I wish him luck. Because at the end of the day...he's still a "child" with feelings. He needs encouragement & support - just like any other scared kid, living his dream and trying to perform and do his best...in front of the world...regardless of WHO his dad is. *let's support this black child, yall.

Justin turned out very

Justin turned out very HANDSOME and WELL-ROUNDED, considering his mom was a VIDEO GIRL and his dad is a MUSICAL PIMP, maybe there is some HOPE after all for WIZ' and AMBER ROSE kid!!
tori's picture

i watched the entire game.

i watched the entire game. UCLA has MANY FRESHMEN STARTERS <---- He was redshirted b/c he's not good enuff to even get on the field. I told ya'll this was a scam! smh
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Clearly you know nothing

Clearly you know nothing about college football. UCLA's starting quarterback redshirted last year and he's ballin now. It's not about lacking talent when you redshirt, you still have to wait your turn to shine in some cases. Stop hating! GO JUSTIN and GO BRUINS!!!
MoniP's picture

Uhhh, Hundley came in late,

Uhhh, Hundley came in late, coach gave him some time, but the dude is 6'3" & over 220...??? Justin is not even the size of your average D-1 cornerback. Get real....Justin's a little talented guy....HS is fine, but he's not big enough to do much more than run through that tunnel.

the truth is not "hating".

the truth is not "hating". I'll be following his "career" with an eagle eye and will be 100% correct. he's too small to play against those guys....which means the full scholarship was bogus.
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

STFU, you have no idea what

STFU, you have no idea what the hell you're talking about, stick to fashion talks next time.
MadStyle's picture

he's big enuff to play a

he's big enuff to play a situational 3rd Down running back "skat back" and maybe a kick-off returner....but....he plays Cornerback....and these big Wide Receivers will EAT-Him-Up
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

When i read your comments. I

When i read your comments. I think some women should stick to fashion or in the kitchen .
karlinhobrown's picture

when i see gays guys like

when i see gays guys like you....i think you should stick to suckin' dick <-------------- (i know my football)...................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LOL dayum! "Meyow!!"

LOL dayum! "Meyow!!" *scratch*
Peace Silas's picture

And sadly you are correct,

And sadly you are correct, Justin isn't built for division 1 FB...maybe Humboldt State or one of the HBCUs...
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