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ON THE SCENE: Jackie Christie Taps "Basketball Wives LA" Co-Stars To Model For Her NY Fashion Week COLLECTION

TheYBF.com was on the scene for "Basketball Wives: L.A." star Jackie Christie's showing of her new clothing line for New York Fashion Week.  And it seems she's made nice with her co-stars after last season's drama.


Check the pics inside--with the risque clothing--and find out which one of the BBW's Jackie says she wants to be the face of her line....

Jackie Christie, who snapped a pic with Elise Neal above, is gearing up for Season 2 of "Basketball Wives: L.A."  And the reality chick put her new clothing line, "The Jackie Christie Collection" on front street off-site at the Helen Mills Event Space Saturday night.  We've got pics from her Spring/Summer 2013 Pure Beauty Collection debut.

Backstage, co-stars & sisters Laura & Gloria Govan rocked looks from Jackie's collection before they took the runway.  And clearly, Ms. Laura is far from shy from showing off her brand new post-4-babies bod.  She slipped on a nude sheer lace high neck dress with nude Louboutin pumps.  While Gloria showcased the metallic blue and silver plunging neck evening gown.

The newbie of the group, Brooke Bailey, was also in the show.

Laura hit the runway showing off all her assets.

Glo did her best model walk.

Draya Michele rocked Jackie's bright blouse and cheetah print short shorts to hit the runway.

Newbie Brooke Bailey hit Jackie's runway too.

And co-star Malyasia Pargo was the finale look in a gold trench coat, dramatic makeup and Giuseppe Zanotti spiked booties.

When asked about the upcoming season of "BBW LA," Jackie told us that she can't reveal anything, but there's even more drama than last year.  But the girls are all working to mend relationships.  Is that possible?

About her fashion line, Jackie said it can be worn by all women--one that crosses nationalities and sizes.

And leave it to Jackie to say, "Being at NY Fashion Week is a life long dream! But I dor it for the people."

Interestingly, when asked about which of her co-stars she would have as the face of her line, she chose Malaysia.

"Her fearless attitude paired with fierceness and a Leo spirit would make her the perfect person. All the wives are fierce."

By the way, her husband who's usually attached at her hip, Doug Christie, was not in attendance because he is preparing to be an NBA coach!

Pics & Source: James Turner & Shayla Sommerville For TheYBF.com




her clothes are late!!!

her clothes are late!!!
RO's picture

OMG!! why?? Laura my love

OMG!! why?? Laura my love this outfit...skeleton in a dress, and draya why? that top, shorts and hair...the only ppl who looked decent was Gloria & malaysia...idk what happened with this line/collection, but i will not be purchasing, but E for Effort
_speak's picture

women these days..i tell

women these days..i tell you DRAYAUNCUTT_COM
2kyra j52's picture

All these hoes is messy!

All these hoes is messy! Jackie didn't these hoes turn on you? Didn't they throw your old desperate ass "off the island"? why oh why are they in your horrible fashion show? These Govan sisters is the worst, I thought they hated Jackie, I can't take this kinda phoneyness*. I love Jackie business sense, and the other girls with the exception of Malaysia can only dream of what she has, but for the love of gawd Jackie, stop designing clothes! You suck at it! Your clothes look like they should be sold in Ross and Rainbow...
KENNEDY78's picture

who is telling laura that

who is telling laura that this looks good?? who's responsible this?!?!
shuga's picture

Utter and complete garbage

Utter and complete garbage would aptly describe each and every piece in this line. Gloria Govan looked exactly like the opportunistic hoebag she really is and Draya looks like a damn ostrich
Realist's picture

Jackie has some fashion

Jackie has some fashion skills...alright then.
Lola's picture

Ugh...HOES!! I've seen BUMS

Ugh...HOES!! I've seen BUMS on the Path train with CUTER sh*t on. Jackie needs to stick to planning her ANNUAL WEDDINGS with Doug, until he grows a pair and DIVORCE her psycho a$$!! Am I the ONLY one who thinks ELISE NEAL looks like SUPERHEAD (5 years ago)???
tori's picture

About Elise Neal: No you're

About Elise Neal: No you're not I thought the same thing. I had to take a second look to make sure also.
Peace Silas's picture

Malaysia and Draya looked

Malaysia and Draya looked hot! Everyone else looked like a wannabe.
Denise2007's picture

Like really really...Draya

Like really really...Draya looks like a dam Mosquito..that's probably carrying something waaay worse than the West Nile....! Tehe
Like Really's picture

Draya is the only one that

Draya is the only one that looks nice. and kinda made the outfit look ok.
BBCAT's picture

Jackie clothing line looks

Jackie clothing line looks like costumes. garbage. Trash like her giving women of color a bad name.
BBCAT's picture

Jackie Chrisitie she needs to

Jackie Chrisitie she needs to see a Psychologist ASAP! Old and tired woman.
BBCAT's picture


BBCAT's picture

I wish Laura and Gloria were

I wish Laura and Gloria were pretty on the inside so maybe they'd be prettier on the out =(
Peace Silas's picture

I just heard this and made me

I just heard this and made me think of what I wrote here so I came back to post it: "Maybe she should eat make-up so she'll be prettier on the inside." - Amber from Beverly HIll Nannies LMDAO! too funny and so true about these two
Peace Silas's picture

Laura Laura Laura i see we

Laura Laura Laura i see we have a lot of your "sexiness" to look forward to this season.....smh....is it necessary for a woman and mother your age to be exposed like that???....... The outfits look whack ass like Jackie, not feeling anyone of them......maybe if you got real models it may have looked better.... nahhhhhhh still would have looked a H.A.M ................lol

I'm confused. Don't fashion

I'm confused. Don't fashion designers/houses put out collections? And aren't collections supposed to have a consistent theme??? These pieces don't even look like they came from the same collection, let alone the same designer. o_O
VagabondSpirit's picture

i congratulate laura on her

i congratulate laura on her weight loss but y does she feel like she has 2 bare it all since she lost all this weight...jennifer hudson lost a whol bunch of weight but u don't c her showing all of her assets...she still dresses as tasteful as she did b4 her weight losee...

So true, i think she has an

So true, i think she has an alter ego.....lol....leave the assets for your man Laura, right now you just selling yourself short.....


Let's get it poppin's picture

the first pic is very

the first pic is very slut-ish!!! I guess the sisters are showing their slutty capability.....
Let's get it poppin's picture

Well Malaysia... Is the only

Well Malaysia... Is the only model on that runway...gloriho just looks stupid!!! Like really really...!
Like Really's picture

1/ What kind of runaway is

1/ What kind of runaway is this? Looks like a cheap one. 2/The body showing thing is just ridiculous!!! LEAVE SOMETHING TO THE IMAGINATION. Besides they all have kids. Sad...
Let's get it poppin's picture

The metallic gold trench coat

The metallic gold trench coat worn by Malaysia and PERHAPS the deep, plunging neckline dress worn by Gloria are Fashion Week appropriate. Everything else looks like it was bought from the Women's section at Walmart!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture


LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL--it was just very odd. The runway/atmosphere was rather no-frills looking: Laura needs a burger and that new chick needs to put a better bra on. I actually like the top Draya wore--but in person it might look like a kite LOL

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