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WINNING: Serena Williams Cops 4th U.S. Open Crown! + Venus Williams Cops New Cuban Boyfriend

Serena Williams is on a winning streak.  Tonight (Sunday) at the USTA Billie Jean King Center in Flushing Meadows, NY, the Olympic Gold Medalist copped her 4th U.S. Open Crown.  Deets and pics inside of the champ, plus what her tennis pro sister just "won" as well...


It's a celebration!  30-year-old Serena seems unbeatable these days as she knocked off No. 1 seed Victoria Azarenka Sunday night to become the champion of the U.S. Open.

And what does the Champ win exactly?  A shiny new trophy, bragging rights, and a FAT check for $1.86 million.

Serena said after the win: "Oh my God, I honestly can't believe I won.  I was really preparing my runners-up speech because she was just playing great."

From Wimbledon to the Olympics to her 4th U.S. Open Crown...this YBF chick is on fire.   And by the way, Serena is only the 3rd woman history to win Wimbledon, Olympic gold and the US Open in the same season.  The others: Her older sister Venus and German great Steffi Graf.



Meanwhile, her big sister Venus Williams has a new man:

People.com reports Venus' new man is hottie Cuban model Elio Pis.  Rumors last week had her paired with an Italian businessman named "Enrico," but based in the new and more credible info--plus this pic of them holding hands at a recent U.S. Open match, we're going with the model.

Will he be accompanying her to her EleVen fashion line showing at NY Fashion Week this upcoming week?  Hmmm....

He's 24, she's 32.  Get it Venus!


The Randomness:

1.  Chad Johnson says he refuses to sign the divorce papers.  STORY

2.  "Basketball Wife" Kenya Bell just scored BIG in her divorce settlement--she gets half her hubby's cash, two houses and half the future cash and investments. STORY


Photo Credits: Andy Kentla; Getty




I love these women so much!

I love these women so much! i'm a couple of years younger than Serena but she & Venus completely inspired my parent to put my brothers and I into tennis lessons! Granted, we only played competitively through college, but to this day we still play. They really deserve all the glory that they've received. I remember how we were treated even on a grammer school & collegiate level and how much resentment we received for being good; so to play at the level that THEY are at, and still maintain their humility and graciousness is inspiring still to this day! <3 them :)

so happy for her!!!!!!!!

so happy for her!!!!!!!! beautiful AND talented what a lucky woman....loves her she's truly ybf
litebrite's picture

Lil sis brought the heat when

Lil sis brought the heat when it absolutely, positively mattered. Congratulations on #15, baby.
JN's picture

Nail-biting match, and

Nail-biting match, and incredible effort on the part of both women. I thought she was a goner, but she managed to eke out a victory; I hope she wins another five slams to surpass those two hags, Navratilova and Evert.
PR22's picture

What's up with Serena's

What's up with Serena's Eyebrows..those shits look like they are waxed or tatted on & Venus wants anyone thats Not black
star's picture

Maybe you'll prefer this:

Maybe you'll prefer this: http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0cj99awdYl4fP/x950.jpg
JN's picture

serena looks nice lately... i

serena looks nice lately... i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Kenya Bell......Winning!!!!

Kenya Bell......Winning!!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Congrats Serena, you really

Congrats Serena, you really had to dig that one out. That match was a blast.
Realist's picture

she's winning at everything

she's winning at everything she does!! DRAYAUNCUTT_COM
2kyra j52's picture

serena llooks so hot

serena llooks so hot lately.... i mean just googgle kelsnetwork!
reane's picture

congrats to Serena!!!! wonder

congrats to Serena!!!! wonder where she puts all those trophies at???? good for Venus too, hope it last!
monash's picture

LOL ~ He not just holding her

LOL ~ He not just holding her hand, he's carrying her purse! Must be serious! LOL
srenitamoore's picture

lol...hey now! im happy for

lol...hey now! im happy for both the williams sisters. ♥ the insensity and passion that they have during their matches. so inspiring.
shuga's picture

Congrats to Serena!

Congrats to Serena!
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jouli1989's picture

Serena, you are the best.

Serena, you are the best. Forget about the negative stuff and enjoy your victory. Do you!

yuck to Serena's eyebrow and

yuck to Serena's eyebrow and eye make up. Terrible. Go ahead Venessa because no black man can handle you they to busy chasing after the Kim K's and Evelyn's. Sad but true.
Lifeatbest's picture

Get it Venus? Are you

Get it Venus? Are you serious? You cannot be! He is with her because she has money and does not. Same thing here when a black male athlete has relations with non black women, it's a damn business arrangement for that non black person. Black people cannot seem to get it through our thick ass heads.
sunra's picture

Awesome match! Definitely was

Awesome match! Definitely was a nail biter. Congrats, Serena!
Elle's picture

Crazy amazingly intense

Crazy amazingly intense match! So glad Serena pulled one of her vintage comebacks!
Tagirl27's picture

Congrats serena..good for

Congrats serena..good for Venus..hope he treats her well. Chad and Evelyn are both th goldiggers..she won't stay with him while he's unemployed and he probably wants to cash out on her ends..hang in there Chad lol
rant's picture

i chewed off all my toe nails

i chewed off all my toe nails watching that match. Serena is the REAL QUEEN BEE <----------------
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Some people are blessed with

Some people are blessed with LOOKS, while others are clearly blessed with TALENT....CONGRATS SERENA!!
tori's picture

her body is banging and she

her body is banging and she has talent to spare. go serena for being smart and strong enough to make something out herself.
sunra's picture

for unjustice

for unjustice



Serena looks so much better

Serena looks so much better when she's more natural and not fixed up like a drag queen. Congrats.
allnatural's picture

Congrats Serena! Is there

Congrats Serena! Is there any championship this woman hasn't won this year? Wow!
Denise2007's picture

Serena was amazing tonight

Serena was amazing tonight and definitely deserved the win. She really had my heart pounding in the second set and the beginning of the third but as the champ that she is she pulled through and persevered.
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