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KIM KIM: Lil Kim Performs At Fashion Week + Kanye West Says He Sexed Other Chicks While Watching Kim K.'s Sex Tape

Lil Kim isn't just attending the Fashion Week shows in NYC, but she's performing as well.  Check the video of her hitting the stage at Opening Ceremony's 10th Anniversary party, plus Kanye West talks about how HIS Kim helped him sex other chicks...

Over at Webster Hall, Lil Kim took the stage as Opening Ceremony's clothing company's surprise guest.  She turned up the audience with "Crush On You."  And in the audience: M.I.A., A$AP Rocky, Paris Hilton, and Chloë Sevigny.

Check out a snippet of her performance above.


And in other "Kim" news, Kanye West (either his camp or Kim's camp sent TMZ this info we're sure) told folks he watched now girlfriend Kim K.'s sex tape while he was sexing other chicks.  Apparently, chick lying in bed like a board turns him on.  But nonetheless, Kanye said he used the Kim K. Superstar tape to get in the mood and to get it in with other chicks.  That explains why he's been trying to get at her for years now.

So now that he has his own Kimmy K....he no longer needs that tape we guess.  But didn't Kanye previously say he never saw the tape?  Interesting...



kanye? zzzZZZZZZ

kanye? zzzZZZZZZ
lovelyj's picture

I actually Love that neck

I actually Love that neck piece Kim is wearing....It looks gorg on her.
star's picture

I'm just tired of Kimye and

I'm just tired of Kimye and all of the attention whoring. Why do you need to share EVERY aspect of your relationship with the world? Then you wonder why people think it's just a publicity stunt. Kanye, if Kim farts I don't need you to tweet about it, damn! Learn to keep some things PRIVATE!
DesignDiva's picture

Who the F cares about Kim's

Who the F cares about Kim's attention sloring azzz...she'll end up just like Evelyn Lozada, superhead and Kat Stacks (broke, alone, irrelevant and totin an STD)

Kanye says things for shock

Kanye says things for shock value. Who says stupid things like this PUBLICLY? He's a moron and a fool to boot.
Sunflower Jones's picture

The best I've seen Lil' Kim

The best I've seen Lil' Kim look in a while

What he means is that he

What he means is that he watches the Kim K tape to see Ray J. We all know he likes meat not fish.

No he didnt!!

No he didnt!!
Realist's picture

Kanye, that sounds really

Kanye, that sounds really disgusting! I really think he needs help because it sounds like he is loosing it. LoL
Beautyfulones's picture

I'm wondering WTH is going on

I'm wondering WTH is going on with Kanye. I mean doesn't he have any aunties, uncles, somebody to do an intervention/ exrocist on his ass and cast out whatever spirits he has bc this negro has lost his damn mind! His mama would be soooo proud
Onyx's picture

I try to turn my head

I try to turn my head whenever I hear anything about them as a couple, but this is just getting ridiculous! Kanye West is so NOT classy and is turning into a complete WEIRDO!!! Who the hell brags about their girlfriend having a sex tape and getting off on it? That's like bragging off of your boyfriend because he use to kill people. It's just completely BIZARRE!!! I don't understand him anyways, because he said after Amber he wanted his next relationship to be serious but it's like he's making a mockery out of this whole relationship. I also thought he was an in the closet gay, so he just completely confuses me. He use to stand for something and I respected him so much as an artist (even though he was an asshole), but now white people and everybody else have every right to laugh at him.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

See how black men have

See how black men have totally relinquished their pride and dignity to be with white women. Here is a black man bragging about getting it on while watching Ray-J ran rod this chick up the butt. Remember how particular brothas were with sistas? Wanting to know how many men we'd slept with and if we had possibly been anyone they know. It was a pride thing... a man thing. No man, especially a black one, wanted a woman who had been around the block. But this new generation of black celeb males are actually lining up to take turns with white women who have been with EVERYBODY. Kim know our men and know what her value is to them. Her value is her whiteness and no matter how many men she has been with on and off tape she know she can pull a millionaire, politician... anybody. It must be nice... that white skin privilege and all.
Dana's picture

I agree SOME black men have

I agree SOME black men have completely lost their minds but not because they date white women (I could care less), it's because they have such low standards and a weak mentality. It's completely gross and deranged how he is turned on by another black man being inside his now girlfriend. Oh but Kim can't have anyone she wants. I believe and it's been mentioned many times before how white A listers (Jen Aniston, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, etc) pretty much want nothing to do with her because she's trash. Kim hangs out with black people in the industry because most believe she's more on their level (sad to say). I honestly feel like the industry believes she's good enough for the black society (b/c they already look down on us) but is not for white people.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I absolutely agree with you

I absolutely agree with you but I'll also give a but of encouragement. Even though it may seem white the white women/ hoes are winning, they're really not. I work in a hospital lab and you would not believe how many ppl are walking around with stds/sti's. It's really UNBELIEVABLE so if these brothas wanna share women and get the monster, that's all on them.
Onyx's picture

Amen, Bravo, Cosign and ALL

Amen, Bravo, Cosign and ALL that good stuff!! But I just want to add one thing: while women women's whoring ways are routinely overlooked, nowadays it seems like black men prefer slores-in-general to decent women. Slores of ALL races: like Evelyn Lozada, Superhead and countless video vixens. Women--mostly black women who are decent and loving, who don't sleep around and who look anything like these dudes' mothers or sisters are rarely even considered attractive. That's why I respect LeBron & D-Wade...I don't know what they do in private but at least they keep real black women on their ARMS and by their SIDES.

Your answer - Current rap

Your answer - Current rap videos...whether we like it or not Rap music affects the black community ....current rappers glorify whores and strippers a lot...therefore black men.....
HAPPY's picture

Where the hell is KANYÉ WEST,

Where the hell is KANYÉ WEST, because I'm NOT digging this KANYÉ KARDASHIAN characer?? ''Yé will most likely KNOCK up Kim's ATTENTION SLORING a$$ and sign a 10 yr contract for a REALITY show on E! Lil'Kim looks like RuPaul's younger BROTHER!!
tori's picture

I'm really trying to not let

I'm really trying to not let Kanye's personal life affect the way I feel about he's creativity as a musician. But dammnit he is pushing it!!!
Jersey here's picture

i wouldnt even jerk off to

i wouldnt even jerk off to that boring sextape.... i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Lil' Kim, you're looking

Lil' Kim, you're looking FABULOUS, Girl! That's SICKENING (if true) about Kanye. They're trying to do the most lately to do damage control by making light of that shit that'll follow them FOREVER in hopes that it'll go away. Kanye, you're with a nasty bitch and you're the only one who thinks it's cool.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

she starting to look like

she starting to look like nicki minaj DRAYAUNCUTT_COM
2kyra j52's picture

I like lil kim's necklace.

I like lil kim's necklace. the story about Kimye is probably fake but ppl will get riled up over it anyway. *kanye shrug*
shuga's picture

Kanye never said anything, he

Kanye never said anything, he hasn't even had an interview since the 2010 GMA incident. TMZ is just BSing as usual.
saHTC12's picture

Kanye go have several seats

Kanye go have several seats and go get yo life....Kim K used to be so fab and likable until you stepped into the picture and started playing dress up with her.......#LAMEASS
Naomi's picture

Lil Kim looks much nicer in

Lil Kim looks much nicer in these pics than she did while watching the fashion shows. Kanye is so stupid & obsessed with Kim K that its ridiculous. He's so talented musically but otherwise he's an a$$hole.

Is this a surprise to anyone?

Is this a surprise to anyone? He fell in love with a stripper, now he's has his trophy whore.
rant's picture

so sick of hearing these

so sick of hearing these infatuation stories from Kanye about Kim. Ok we get it, you are really into this girl, now move on to something else!!!!!
monash's picture

Yeah....I am not buying that

Yeah....I am not buying that Kanye story!
MissNYT's picture

There's nothing sexier than

There's nothing sexier than laying like a cold fish moaning ohh baby in a whiny voice. Men love that shit. OAN Lil Kim looks nice.
Klashing's picture

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