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Teyana Taylor COVERS "VIBE Vixen" Fashion Issue, Dishes On Lesbian Rumors & Lessons From 2 Chainz

Teyana Taylor covers VIBE Vixen's debut Fashion Issue were she dishes on lessons learned from her G.O.O.D. Music homie 2 Chainz, being a role model and learning to not let lesbian & non-virgin rumors get to her. Get cover and highlights inside...

Singer/actress Teyana Taylor stars in the VIBE Vixen Fashion issue as the hot cover girl.  And she's telling what it's like getting spoiled by her labelmates on G.O.O.D. music and things she's learned from 2 Chainz. The "Her Room" remixer also dished on how her choice of attire has caused folks to make comments about her sexuality.  Here are the highlights:


Teyana on what she's learned from 2 Chainz:

He's the closest to my situation. Being signed to another great person before coming to Def Jam, the situation is not really working in your favor and now look. He's showing me that everything is about timing, so don't ever think that your time is not going to come. My season is coming up soon.

Teyana on her relationship with the fellas from G.O.O.D. Music:

All of them play all day, and I love that. With work ,everyone is down to business. It's good that everyone has a serious side but also a sense of humor. It definitely makes work fun. That's the good thing about working with the boys. They spoil you. I'm a spoiled brat [laughs].

Teyana on being a role model:

I do think the way I dress and the way I brand myself--I'm very proud of myself that I can inspire young girls. If you have a body, embrace it. You ain't always got to be sexy. Sometimes less is more. Like less make up is more. If I want to be in Jordans, a half top and shorts then that's what I'm going to wear. Call me gay, call me what you want to...And now everybody is doing it.

Teyana on being judged by her fashions:

I feel like I'm at a point where I don't have to do that anymore. Once I got older and matured more, it was still a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. When I was dressed in my streetwear, I was gay. Then, I do one shoot, show some skin and now I'm not a virgin. I can't win for losing.


Teyana is working on her own music and will be dropping some new ish soon.  The full article will be available in VIBE Vixen tomorrow.





She is amazing!!!

She is amazing!!!
corneliaspumpf's picture

I personally am not gay and

I personally am not gay and love Teyana's style. Just because her fashion style is not SEXY like everyone else doesn't mean anything. She's unique and that's what makes her, HER. I can relate because when i was younger i was a serious Tom Boy with the Jordan's, baggy pants, loved basketball (still do) and all. I got older and now like a classy sexy look, however I still love my sneakers, fitted/snap back hats, and sweat pants too. We use to be in a time where you had influencers like TLC, Da Brat, X-scape, and Aaliyah dressed like boys and it was cool and didn't define their sexuality, but we are in a time now where any boy resemblance makes you gay. Even though in todays time there are more gays than ever, fashion is fashion and it shouldn't define you.
Hater Recognizer's picture

teyana taylor has an amazing,

teyana taylor has an amazing, you just have to youtube her singing & dancing. i think more people see her as a socialite & are not aware of her massive talent. i was like that but i got her mixtape & it was DOPE

She's a Leo....She's Def into

She's a Leo....She's Def into girls on the low!
star's picture

her birthday is in december,

her birthday is in december, she is a sag, where you get your facts from?

From YBF! They showed pics

From YBF! They showed pics from a BDay party and cake for her on this site several weeks ago.whatev
star's picture

I don't get this girl. She

I don't get this girl. She has no talent and is like the Kardashians... famous for nothing.
JJFad's picture

Teyana always reminds me of

Teyana always reminds me of Kimberly Elise for some reason.
Realist's picture

I like TT.....

I like TT.....
Jersey here's picture

don't know much about her....

don't know much about her....
monash's picture

really beautiful lips tayanna

really beautiful lips tayanna has.... i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

looking at these posts I

looking at these posts I realize that being rich and famous is not such a great experience. hollywood is chewing them up and spitting them out!
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Jersey here's picture

oh ok.

oh ok.
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