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So...Fantasia's Baby's Daddy Antwaun Cook ADMITS In Court That He DID Cheat On Wife With Fanny! [Court Docs Included]

Remember when Antwaun Cook, his publicist in a formal statement, and Fantasia claimed that Antwaun and his wife, Paula, were split up before they started dating?  Well, even though we already knew this was a lie, Antwaun has finally fessed up in court.


Get the court docs inside...


We got our hands on filed documents (from August 28th) from Mecklenburg County Courthouse that show that Antwaun Cook finally admitted to what his wife has said over the past 2 years.  'Twaun was indeed still married during his relationship with singer Fantasia Barrino.

Why would Fanny & 'Twaun try to cover up their cheating?  Because in the state of North Carolina, a wife has the right to sue a mistress.  So all attempts were made to prevent that from happening.

When Paula and Antwaun Cook went to court in 2010 to have a judge determine their official separation date, it is was widely claimed that he and Fantasia lied so that Paula wouldn't have grounds to sue Fanny.

Now, Antwaun, who's rumored to have recently dated "Bad Girls Club" chick Kendra James, has finally admitted in a legal document that they didn't separate in September of 2009 as he first claimed, but it was actually June of 2010. (Note #3 in Section 1)

This means that the two-timer was still with his wife when he and Fantasia were publicly dating, traveling, and making Baby Dallas (pictured above).

Personal financial information about Paula has been blacked out.  As of today, Paula has only sued her estranged husband Antwaun.  Is Fanny next?

Check out the court docs attached.



Antwaun Cook Admission Court Doc1.44 MB



Oh Please...Duh!

Oh Please...Duh!
star's picture

I don't think his wife's

I don't think his wife's intentions with the lawsuit was ever for Fanny's money, it was the principle. If she's still upset, she might go through with it, but some reason, I don't think she will.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Cheatin-ass, dog-ass,

Cheatin-ass, dog-ass, punk-ass, ain't-shit-havin'-ass,BROKE-ASS, coon-ass, NEGRO fool! And Fantasia's silly ass had the nerve to have a baby by this man after she aborted the first child she conceived for him, only to have his DOG-ASS turn his back on her at the eleventh hour and recant his courtroom statement/testimony, possibly leaving her open to some form of litigation! Stupid is as stupid does!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Ain't that the truth?! And

Ain't that the truth?! And just think, she opened the industry door for him, as far as spoiling him with perks, and he's been shittin' in her face every since. smh...I'd HANDLE that big d@#% nicca!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

All that's prolly happened is

All that's prolly happened is he's back with his wife while still screwing (whoever) on the side and this is his way of getting money in his household on a free ride - by pumping his wife back up to sue Fantasia. Duh. He's acting like a real dirty mofo, it couldn't be me cause I'd HANDLE that nicca!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

This is why you shouldn't lie

This is why you shouldn't lie down with dogs, because you will get fleas (in other words bit eventually). I thought this whole situation was dead, why would he bring this shit up now? Not only is he trying to hurt Fantasia I guess by coming out with this info, but he also hurt his damn self! What an idiot! You can't trust these no good men! If he did dirt to his wife then trust me when he's done with you he will do the exact same (and I mean more than just cheating)! Fantasia is a ghetto hoodrat that should have known better!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Really nice picture of

Really nice picture of Fantasia. Her son is a cutie!
Happy Lady's picture

Funny how some celebs can do

Funny how some celebs can do dirt to the hilt and y'all will make excuses for their azz no matter what. I guess in the hood right and wrong is subjective based on who we like and hate huh. SMDH
Kai's picture

I Still Say That Twaun Took

I Still Say That Twaun Took Advantage Of Fanny When He Found Out That She Was A Lil SLOW. LIl Twaun Is Cute.
Keyths'Girl's picture

I just don't have enough

I just don't have enough energy today to say all i need to say about Fantasia..I just think she is a dummy that got fooled and used by a no good 2 timer..your typical low self esteem woman...tsk...tsk..tsk...I keep telling these girls if he treated his wife badly he will do the same to you.....DAMN its NOT HARD!!!! Find a SINGLE MAN!!! you will save YOURSELF a lot of grief and heartache......
Didshesaythat's picture

I'm a HUGE Fantasia Fan. I'm

I'm a HUGE Fantasia Fan. I'm not saying that what she did was right, it was very wrong. But in life we all make mistakes that we aren't proud of. I'm still a fan of her music (not her personal life). And I just hope that she make better decisions in the future. On another note baby Dallas is a true BLESSING and he's sooooooo adorable. Praying for all parties involved in this messy ass situation. SING ABOUT IT TASIA..... Shut these mutha futha fucka up!
shewrites's picture

Dude ain't no damn good and I

Dude ain't no damn good and I hope Fantasia starts BELIEVING her 'girl power/empowerment' lyrics and makes better choices going forward. But her lill boy is a CUTIE-PIE!!


Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

Finally, a cute pic of

Finally, a cute pic of Fantasia. Coincidentally, it's only a head shot. And Baby Dallas is a cutie. That's all I have for this foolery.
MrsCPA's picture

I will say though that her

I will say though that her hair is cute in that pic. She should wear it long more often.
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

Now Fanny has 2 mouths to

Now Fanny has 2 mouths to feed and no father to give a helping hand for either child. SMDH.
PacificGirl's picture

2 mouths...you're forgetting

2 mouths...you're forgetting about HER MAMA, TEENY, AUNT BUNNY, RICO and the rest of her FREELOADING FAMILY MEMBERS!!
tori's picture

"....state of

"....state of GEORGIA??"...it's NORTH CAROLINA YBF, Charlotte to be EXACT!!! How is Paula going to sue Fantasia, you CAN'T get MILK from a DRY COW!! Fanny ain't got NO MONEY, don't let the BANK OWNED MANSION, REPOSSESSED CARS, or FREE CLOTHES, SHOES & HANDBAGS fool you!!
tori's picture

Are 'Twaun and 'Tasia still

Are 'Twaun and 'Tasia still together?
Anonymous10's picture

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