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DMX Says On The Breakfast Club He'd Like To Catch DRAKE & "BEAT HIM UP", Gives Real Talk About The Rap Game!

Hilarious rapper DMX dropped by The Breakfast Club this morning where he revealed he'd like to catch Drake and beat him up on an elevator! This dude....


Listen to the interview inside........

On Power 105. 1's "The Breakfast Club," rapper DMX admitted that he isn't too impressed with the rappers on the scene now. While DMX said he is bringing "integrity" rap to the table (oh?), he said other "rappers" should admit that they aren't doing hip hop.

He said, "Just because you are black and wear jewelry doesn't make you a rapper."  Well we gotta agree with him there.

And on the subject of his close late friend Aaliyah, he said he felt it was disrespectful of Drake to produce her upcoming album. 

"It’s disrespectful; like that don’t even make sense, that’s like wrong man. Man I wish it was like 10 years ago, catch a n*gga on the elevator and beat him up….He ain’t gotta be by himself. We wolfed out in this joint."

And when it came to reality tv, he blasted stars of "LAHH ATL" saying,

"I might watch it for a few minutes. It’s like ‘Really?’ Some of it I can’t even stomach. I don’t see nothing real about it. Ain’t nobody made one got damn song on the show. I don’t see any love on there and no music. It should be called ‘N*ggas on Some Bullsh*t."

Who knew we'd be agreeing with DMX this much?

He also revealed that he and ex-wife Tasheera Simmon are officially over.  He said, "I'm glad I got out of it when I did."  He said he is still involved with his kids.  He added that Tasheera "didn't watch" their money.  He didn't say they were broke, but he let it be known that she was supposed to be in charge, and she didn't handle it.  Womp.

He also added that he doesn't find Nicki Minaj attractive saying,

"I’m good on that. I wouldn’t do that. I don’t know her to not like her. I’m not attracted to her. It’s too much going on. I know she don’t hop out the bed lookin’ like that."

Check.  When asked about Kanye and Kim, he shook his head saying he would never date her because she got famous from a sex tape.  WOMP.


Watch the interview here:




I can't knock him, he is just

I can't knock him, he is just to real!! he crazy as hell, but the man made some true valid points!! im just really trying to see whats the issue with this aaliyah and drake thing, i still have yet to see why its a horrible idea, bcuz i feel like everyone is disagreeing but they will be the first one in line or on itunes buying/downloading the album, but other than that i fully agree with him
_speak's picture

LMAO I love that dude!! And

LMAO I love that dude!! And just b/c he's a f*3k up when it comes to money doesn't mean his wife isn't too! He said she was in charge of the house money and he was trickin off his after party money....I guess most of ya'll didn't use your listening skills.... I would love to see or hear about him beatin up Drake behind Aaliyah.... And he was prolly tweekin off X or Meth; both will give you the mouth twitches. He still needs lots of prayer.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Is he really off that ish??

Is he really off that ish?? I would keep a safe distance. lol He was dead on with the LHHA analogy but I totally disagree with him being quick to blame his wife for his money woes when he was out there bugging out on drugs and getting arrested for stealing cars and immitating police officers. Negro please!!
Realist's picture

Nigga Please...sit your

Nigga Please...sit your washed -up ass down somewhere!
star's picture

DMX stop hating and bow

DMX stop hating and bow down... maybe...someone would help your broke out of work ass.
Lola's picture

Say Word!! "It should be

Say Word!! "It should be called ‘N*ggas on Some Bullsh*t."
GetUrLife's picture


I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE DMX...he keeps it so real. But didnt they say the album is in stores now? I havent heard anything about the album.
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

How come that Chinese &

How come that Chinese & Oriental Lady is always on YBF
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I love DMX, I heard his last

I love DMX, I heard his last intervyew on the Breakfast Club when he shared his "VIEW & OPINION" of Drake! I think L&HHATL, should change it's name "NIGGAS on SOME BULLSH*T!" X know damn well he would BOINK NICKI MINAJ, and KIM. K if the oppurtunity presented itself, because I have seen some of the BROADS he's smashes! I just feel had he not become a DRUG ADDICT, ALCOHOLIC, SCHIZOPHRENIC LUNATIC, he would be taken more SERIOUSLY at this point in the RAP GAME!!
tori's picture

Still Love X, arghff arghff

Still Love X, arghff arghff lol

DMX is a funny dude! A

DMX is a funny dude! A disgusting pig but a funny dude nonetheless. Everything he said had so much truth to it, but the way he said it was hilarious! People try to blow up Nicki's looks but in reality she isn't that cute. I really wish he would beat up that sissy Drake and his girlfriend lil wayne while he's at it.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I thought Chris had beat him

I thought Chris had beat him too it. But Drake can use a good beat down. that half breed thinks he can talk shit. keep sucking Lil wayne's dick Drake.
lola69's picture

Even a broken clock is on

Even a broken clock is on time twice a day...
SweetDivaT's picture

LOL @ "It should be called

LOL @ "It should be called ‘N*ggas on Some Bullsh*t."" X, you ain't neva lied.
Anonymous10's picture

His views on LAHH ATL is dead

His views on LAHH ATL is dead on - bunch of assholes....
lifeisgood's picture

Yes he was right about that:

Yes he was right about that: as an asshole & womanizer himself X recognizes the signs.

Nothing this dude says makes

Nothing this dude says makes sense OR matters anymore. X is a old-cracked-out hater. I would think that getting therapy for his mommy-issues and countless addictions is more important than hating on Drake who's almost half his age. His ex-wife's a fool for marrying an admitted thug and crack-head anyway. X should find Beanie Siegel so they can have a pity party and keep blaming other ppl for why they ain't -ish.

Ain't that the truth! And

Ain't that the truth! And blamin his ex-wife for him being broke...why not be honest and admit you smoked up all your damn money in between robbing people and impersonating police officers. And to say that he wouldn't sleep with Nikki M. or Kim K. is crazy cause I doubt they're dying to sleep with a washed up, crack-head rapper. The only thing DMX should be discussing is when he's going to rehab...period!
new orleans hotness's picture

He said if it was 10yrs ago,

He said if it was 10yrs ago, He would be Drake ass! Not now duhhhh, and I do think Drake was disrespectful to make the album even her family doesn't approve.

Duhhhh ya damn self: its not

Duhhhh ya damn self: its not 10 yrs ago & DMX is STILL doing dumb -ish. That's not Drake's fault & nobody elses'. I don't care about the Aaliyah album either way: I see how some ppl find it offensive yet this isn't the 1st time a dead person's music was released. Betcha DMX would love the idea if Drake or Aaliyah's fam asked him to appear on the cd so whateva.

dmx needs to beat up his

dmx needs to beat up his crack addiction first. this is why the elders dont get any respect. that gangsta shit is played the fuk out. how you gonna be mad at the new generation for NOT being miserable and drugged out? but I agree with evrything else he said....lol
shuga's picture

I was riding with him on

I was riding with him on everything until he came to his ex-wife… how is it her fault the money is low? He doesn’t think getting arrested and bonding out of jail cost? And don’t forget about the lawyer fees that had to be paid each and every time you did something stupid! And doesn’t he have like 5 kids with her and then a few baby mamas? I think he may need to take look in the mirror when it comes to the money being low... Also if you would have dealt with your issues head on, your money and career could be on a different level
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shylibra's picture

How you really feel, Earl?!?!

How you really feel, Earl?!?! LOL!!! His quote about LAHH ATL is hysterical and super accurate!!! LOL!! Gotta love his candidness...on that issue anyway!!
holmesa925's picture

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