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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Frank Ocean Rocks "SNL" Stage With "Thinkin Bout You" & "Pyramids"

In case you missed it, check out Frank Ocean's performance on the premiere of the new season of "SNL" Saturday night...


For Saturday's premiere of season 38 of "SNL," Frank Ocean was the musical guest.  He hit the stage and performed an acoustic version of "Thinkin Bout You," with John Mayer backing him up on the guitar.  Nice!


The twosome returned to the stage later in the show to perform Frank's track "Pyramids."  And Frank even decided to partake in a little arcade game action while John handled the guitar solo.  

Check the clip above.





What is with the comments on

What is with the comments on his sexuality, some of y'all are really close minded and ignorant
Musiclover19's picture

He sounds good, but them Gay

He sounds good, but them Gay Ass faces tho...lmaoooo

All I see is a fudge packer.

All I see is a fudge packer.
sianna1's picture

he kilt it as

he kilt it as usual! DRAYAUNCUTT_COM
2kyra j52's picture

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congrats to him, really,

congrats to him, really, talented black male in this society & he is doing it. congrats frank ocean & you did great

I LOVE Frank Ocean and

I LOVE Frank Ocean and "Pyramids" is definitely one of my FAVORITE songs on Channel Orange, but it seems like Frank has stage anxiety. He really connects with his audience in his songs, but when it comes to performing them, he always seems hesitant to engage with the crowd. I hope it's just "new artist stage jitters" because if not, he will STRUUGLE HELLA HARD performng in front crowds larger than a spoken word group!
tori's picture

I think you're absolutely

I think you're absolutely right he does seem shy but i think that's part of his appeal. channel orange being such an "intimate and personal" album his stage anxiety as you called it helps sell the fact that he's bearing his soul through this album. I really like him, he is a true artist.

I love Mr. Ocean on so many

I love Mr. Ocean on so many levels. He is a genius...such a gift to pop culture.

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