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Mehcad Brooks & His Newest Blonde Model Chick KISS IT UP At The EW Pre-Emmy Party...

Mehcad Brooks loves himself a tall model blonde...or brunette.  Check out the latest chick the 31-year-old tv star was spotted kissing on the carpet at the Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy party inside...

"Necessary Roughness" star Mehcad Brooks had his newest chick on his arm last night.  She's Danish model Amalie Wichmann and the twosome showed off their tongue and lip work at the 2012 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party at the Fig & Olive in Beverly Hills last night.

The twosome have been dating since this past summer.  And clearly have no problem showing their affection for the cameras.  He did the same thing with George Clooney's model ex Elisabetta Canalis.  Guess he likes to parade his chicks.  Do you boo.

Pics: Getty




Mechad looks

Mechad looks uncharacteristically bad in these photos. He's dishevelled and appears to be high. What's happened to him?
The Real Thing's picture

Im confused as to why some of

Im confused as to why some of us black women, get upset when they see a black man with a WHITE woman...that is his preference, and if he did like black women, doesnt mean he would choose any of you...now we where all just to thrilled when we seen serena with that RICH WHITE man, but now that Mr.Brooks is being seen with a white woman its some noses being turned up, smh i dont get it, stop the discrimination, let him choose who he wants, at the end of the day i doubt it be you.
_speak's picture

I think the "UPTIGHT BLACK

I think the "UPTIGHT BLACK FEMALE WHO'S MAD AT A BROTHA FOR DATING OUTSIDE OF RACE" is an irrational stereotype. It simply is not that pervasive of a problem. Some few women are offended when they see a black man with a white women, but the majority of black women could give a rat's a$$. I think it's mostly society's hatred of black women that causes society to caste us all as UNHAPPY and MEAN, rather than the strong, fierce, heads of household that the majority of the black women that I know are. We as black women (or as women of whatever color, race, creed) should be supporting each other instead of tearing each other down. Don't you know that men get off on watching women fight one another, and we just feed into it by stereotyping each other and race baiting.
The Real Thing's picture

I don't really think him

I don't really think him dating out of his race is the problem. Here is the issue I see. Black men have a tendency when they are dating out of their race to bad mouth black women publicly and even to other races. This is an obvious excuse as to why they are interracial dating. If you are comfortable with your choices there would be no reason for you to bad mouth anyone else as justification. There is no racial group that has the lock on perfection in relationships. All of them are flawed as hell. It is a rarity that you will ever see black women going on tv or bad mouthing black men to other races. We might have that conversation on a black female blog or with our little groups but never to others or on a national platform. Black men should be the last ones to bad mouth anyone since they are hated worldwide more than gender/race. There are too many black men that love black women for us to care about the ones that don't. Don't let the media fool you, that is their goal.
Keys's picture

Im not fooled at all, im not

Im not fooled at all, im not only going by this blog that was posted, i see it damn near everyday, when your in the mall and you see a black man with a white woman holding hands, i see black women whispering, hell even my close friends and family do it, so its not just the media, im speaking on behalf of, its outside the media as well...and regardless of whether we speak badly about black men secretly or not...WE STILL DO IT, how is that any different from them talking badly about us? at the end of the day im sure white women have much to say when they see a white man with a black woman and vice versa...it just needs to stop period...and point,blank.
_speak's picture

C'mon now badmouthing someone

C'mon now badmouthing someone on a national platform or to other races is a hell of alot worse than sitting around with your girlfriends having a chat. That is just common sense. I'm sure there are black women that take issue with interracial dating, I'm not stating that there aren't. BUT I do know that black men certainly fuel the fire by berating black women openly on a regular damn basis. If you have not seen all the national black women bashing by our own men then maybe you have not been on the planet Earth for the past 5 years.
Keys's picture

Keep in mind some of these

Keep in mind some of these chicks are non-black that come on this website. Of course she will pretend she is not one of them. I'm not apologizing for any of my feelings because she thinks she so rational. All that high school "it needs to stop" crap is just that. Alot of more important things need to stop. Go focus your energy on that.
JJFad's picture

to you and @keys i am indeed

to you and @keys i am indeed black lol...and at the end of the day who cares AGAIN i state...if you are so concerned about a man who doesnt give two SHITS about you, then maybe you should focus your energy on other things, you act as if saying "sitting around with your friends talking about black men" justify that you indeed bash other black men as well!! thats whats wrong with us, bcuz we dont talk about others out loud that makes it right?? these homosapiens i tell you, its not about being "HIGH SCHOOL" all im saying is why not support them and accept there love, if your not one of those black women who cant stand to see a black man with a white woman, my statement wasnt directed towards you, therefore you shouldnt have commented, and if you are one of those bitter black women who thinks a black man should be with a black woman...even though that black woman may not be you, then i guess we are on a roll...im black my fiance is white...but that doesnt take away the love that i have for black men, not every black man bashes black women, you dont like for ppl to put you in a category dont put all black men in a category of hating black women...so bcuz you heard one or two black men in the MEDIA bashing us that means they all do, lol thats sad, so im going to shoot that question back to you...where the hell have you been in 5years?? it sure as hell aint earth...either one of you are more than welcome to answer.
_speak's picture

I don't care what the other

I don't care what the other person said and I don't care if you are purple. Address her directly since we are not some sorority. You are way too defensive over nothing. You can be as passionate as Al Sharpton about your point, but I still see it as an issue on both sides of the coin with black men do fueling this fire because they have a level of self hate that is through the roof. I love my brothers but I will not act like they are just some victims of the "angry black woman". You're welcome to dump all of this in our laps and make it our fault, trust me it won't be the first time we black women have experienced that. We are the scapegoat for everything.
Keys's picture

Hun i dont think anything is

Hun i dont think anything is your fault, and no i wrote it how i best saw fit, and i wasnt trying to stress anything to YOU or DUMP anything in ur lap, it was you who decided to comment on what i wrote, my opinion and my beliefs, just like ur entitled to urs, but please dont feed me words that i never digested, im not trying to convert you into seeing things my way, but if you comment on what i wrote as if you wanted to discuss it, then im more than happy to reply and debate about it...how you feel is how most other women feel about black men...your no different from them...now im tired lets move on, next post please
_speak's picture


Realist's picture



Absolutely no idea who either

Absolutely no idea who either of these people are...
DFWiRadio's picture

Ladies you don't have to

Ladies you don't have to justify any of your feelings to this lone man that is always on our blog screaming at black women as if we are going to really listen to his insulting, self-hating, irrational ignorance masked as "truth". My suggestion is skip his comments.
knm931's picture

I NEVER heard of this guy.

I NEVER heard of this guy. Who is he & WHY is he famous???
I_love_laughing's picture

Wait about 10 years when her

Wait about 10 years when her looks start to fade... The "others" mostly only got a rip of 15-20 good years, after that its a wrap...
hazelbeauty's picture

Between the ages of 25-30

Between the ages of 25-30 they age like hell.
Keys's picture

You black women funny as

You black women funny as hell!!!!lmao. I mean when Serana Williams and her white man was posted , YALL DIDN'T SAY SHIT!!!! His hand all on her ass and hips like he owns her , like he massa charley on the plantation or something, YALL DIDN'T SAY A WORDDDDD. When Tamera Mowry and her man is shown, you black women don't call her a sell outttt. When Sannaa Lathan is shown with her white man yall don't say shitttt!! Venus Williams SAMEEEE THINGGGGG!! Matter a fact you get black women saying silly shit like "Love see no color". Like wtf does that really mean?? " Love is color blind" what does that mean???Love is suppose to see everythinggg. But big up to this brotha AND HIS BEAUTIFULLLL MODEL CHICK "NOT BOOTY MODEL" NOT "VIDEO VIXEN" But a real Model!!! You black women HAS DONE NOTHING BUT CAUSE HELL IN BLACK MEN LIVESSS SO DON'T CALL BROTHAS SELF HATING AND STUPID WHEN WE HAVE A WOMAN OF A DIFFERENT RACE ON OUR ARM. I say that any brotha WILLING to date the majority of these black women that's out here IS SELF HATING, because you can't love yourself and date a woman that will emasculate you,take your children from you, take your money from you, time etccc!! BLACK WOMEN NEED TO SHUT THE HELL UPPP AND BE HAPPY FOR USSSSSSSS, REMEMBER LOVEEEEEEE SEEE NO COLORRRRRR LOL
LetsGetIt's picture

…I bet if you click your

…I bet if you click your hooves together; you wouldn’t have to listen to the Voices of “Sisters” anymore because you’d be back in the Pasture, snacking on grass with your homies; and praising each other’s stained teeth, and hoof care!....Well, on a more serious note; you really need to let go of the Aggression toward Women!....
rebellious soul's picture

Ohh shut up & go join a

Ohh shut up & go join a bitter black man support group!! U always ranting. First of all, tell me how is it that u determined this woman is a real model? Where have u seen her, what major publication cover, what runway??? We all know the names of the booty models and video vixens u trying to ridicule, but who knows this chics name or even knew of her existence bf this post? U always perpetuating race wars and putting the entire black male race against black women. Serena Williams has dated black men, but how many black men in hollwywood are checking for her type? Not many? There aren't a lot of black men who will walk beside Serena with pride, despite how attracttive she is, her skin is too dark & natural hair isnt soft or long enough for the avg black man who is looking for a mixed or straight white chick to hang off his arm & bear his kids, so yea women like Serena have to expand their dating pool if they are looking for a man. And Tamera Lowry is bi-racial, her father is white, so she is not dating outside her race. Just like Halle, Kerry and the rest of the swirl girls. Furthermore, all these black women who date white men don't do so exclusively; they will and have dated black men equally throughout their careers. But black men in Hollywood tend to date white women EXCLUSIVELY at a point in their careers shunning black women completely... There's a difference. And u need a reality check wit all that, rah rah go on black brother crap u spewing as if a white woman would give u the time of day, u ain't got nothing in common wit those brothers...
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

LMBO! Amen! I think he's a

LMBO! Amen! I think he's a gay boy or a girl behind that pic shim/she/he found on google images because ONLY a girl or a fag whines rants and b1tches like shim/she/he does. Actually REAL women don't "hussy fit" rant as much as shim/him/her does LOL. Pure comedy LOL. Shim should start taking progesterone LOL.
I_love_laughing's picture

lol now here you going call a

lol now here you going call a black man gay or a fag BECAUSE IM TELLING YOUR ASS THE TRUTH!!! I tell you black women all the time IM ON TINYCHAT all the time, if you want to see letsgetitttt I'LL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO CHOP IT UP WITH YOUUUUU!! lol. Im not bitchin sista, im just speaking truth, now instead of insulting your brotha TELL ME WHERE IM WRONGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! TELL ME IM LYINGGGGGG, YOU BLACK WOMEN CAN'TTTT
LetsGetIt's picture

lol, you know i love you

lol, you know i love you sistas. But I gotta rant / speak the truth!! I can't have you sistas bashing brothas because of their preference , but then see that you all don't say shit when black women are kissing these white men ass!! I have to speak on it !!The agency that she works for DOESN'T MATTER, she's not shaking her ass for a magazine cover, or for some clown ass negros in a video. THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS!!!Serena Willams dating common was allllll showww, she wasn't really connected to that brotha LIKE YOU SEEN HER CONNECTED TO THAT WHITE MAN HUGGING , KISSING AND HOLDING HANDSSSSSS!!!A ton of successful brothas WOULD LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TO have a sista like SERENA WILLAMS , areeeeeeeee you serioussss when you say "How many black men are checking for her type" hahaha. I think for the most part BLACK MEN LIKE MYSELF know that dark skinned women are self hating, and don't want kids THAT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE THEMMM!!!So we know not to run up on a dark skinned CELEBRITY because most of them, including dark skinned regular black women, HAVE A THING FOR WHITE MENN, i mean i go to the mall here and see so many dark skinned sista, with children on they arm THAT DAMN NEAR LOOK WHITEEEEEEE!!Or some afrocentric , natural sista, kissing in line with some white man IT'S RIDICULOUSSSS!! But aint nobody mad at them!!!The reason why black men date white women EXCLUSIVELY is because LOOKKKKK AT WHATTT THESE BLACK WOMENNNNNN ARE DOING TO BLACK MENNNNNNNNNNN!!!! Why would you want to date a black woman?? WHYYY!! Look at what they have to go through just to spend time with their own damn kidsssssss!!! THEY DON'T GO THROUGH THAT TYPE OF SHIT WITH WHITE WOMEN!!!! I mean if a black woman DATES A WHITE MAN, I COULD CARE LESSSSSS. Im just asking the black women on here not to be bias!!! Stop getting mad when you see a brotha with a woman of a different race but don't say shit when u see black women on white men!!! THAT'S ALL IM SAYING, I AINT MAD AT BLACK WOMEN WHO DATE WHITE MEN, more power to them. Because you black women obey white men, and see them as god anyways WHY NOTTT!! lol..
LetsGetIt's picture

Hahhhaaaaa!!! Ur dumb. U need

Hahhhaaaaa!!! Ur dumb. U need to start life anew... There are social programs that will take u thru the rebirthing process, childhood & raise up all over again, cuz ya mamma dem got it wrong the first time. And sweetheart u ain't telling nobody's truth on here bc ur tunnel vision limited exposure to life ass would never be able to teach anyone anything cuz u refuse to stfu and listen sometimes. Can't teach a dummy like u nothing and can't learn nothing from u either... Go and live and stop being so broke down bitter and angry. U imitation of a man!!!
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

Sista, Queen, Goddess,

Sista, Queen, Goddess, Beloved, Beautiful, Black woman!! Tell me where im wrong sista,thats all i want you to do. I come from you black woman, SO SHOW ME WHERE IM WRONG PLEASE. Don't say im a dummy, don't say im angry, TELL ME HOW IM WRONG SISTA!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Brother ... and all the women

Brother ... and all the women on this, please listen to this song called "White Girl Lost" http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2012/09/24/devine-carama-white-girl-lost/#comments -- you are quick to down the way black women treat black men, but listen to this BLACK MAN rap about how white women objectify black men and use them as pawns to make some sort of statement -- I agree that relationships between black men and black women are a MESS right now -- both groups don't trust each other, both groups are hurting, both groups have been pit against each other by websites like Media Fake Out -- I agree that if we're in support of love, it should be colorblind for black males and white females just as it is for black females and white males -- but please don't sit here and act like white women are the solution to the problem!
Girl's picture

It Ain Nut'n To Say.

It Ain Nut'n To Say.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Sistas all you have to do is

Sistas all you have to do is stop supporting them. It's that simple.
Keys's picture

I do believe true love is

I do believe true love is damn near impossible to find these days. If you do find it, who gives a fuck what race they are. However, I do have a problem when someone intentionally excludes an entire race of ppl. I don't know this dude's dating history, but if this is what he does...he has a few other issues going on besides a simple dating "preference".
sianna1's picture

I really liked Mehcad with

I really liked Mehcad with that chick from "Breakout King!!" That Danish broad look like one of Russell Smmons TRASHY "one nighters!!"
tori's picture

He looks like he likes to pay

He looks like he likes to pay for nasty, stank sex with foreign chicks in the basement of some whore house lol
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

LOL He was gone! Did he have

LOL He was gone! Did he have to hold on to her the rest of the whole night?

those niggas love white girls

those niggas love white girls
parispanthere's picture

He looks pretty wasted lol

He looks pretty wasted lol
brownlace's picture

Does this brother EVER date

Does this brother EVER date sistas? SMDH!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

she like "Can't wait to suck

she like "Can't wait to suck his money dry"
sexybrownpyt's picture

everyone's a "model" huh?

everyone's a "model" huh? anyway, he looks bad...
Laia's picture

So sad!

So sad!

She's not cute at all and she

She's not cute at all and she looks like she does strange sexual activities. Anyway, He looks proud. SMH...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Lol!!!! These fools & their

Lol!!!! These fools & their snow bunnies
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

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