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Stephon Marbury's Wife Tasha Set To Become Newest "Basketball Wife" + Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin Sued For BIG BUCKS For Mortgage

Stephon Marbury's wife Tasha is about to become the newest star of VH1's "Basketball Wives."  She needs something to keep her busy while her man is over in China most of the time playing for the Beijing Ducks.


Deets inside, plus Tisha Cambpell Martin & hubby Duane's mortgage drama with the bank...


"Basketball Wives" (the original) is finally getting an actual wife.  Since the only two chicks who were actually married during their season--Meeka Claxton and Kenya Bell--are no longer a part of the show, and Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams & Kesha Nichols got the boot as well, it's time to fill the slots.

VH1 tapped Tasha Marbury (pictured above on her wedding day to Stephon) because she's actually married to an ex-NBAer and is already friends with some of the cast (pictured above with Evelyn).  Not as if that friendship thing mattered in previous seasons.  According to TMZ:

Sources close to the production tell us ... Tasha Marbury is in final talks to join the show -- a much needed cast replacement after Royce, Jennifer and Kesha were all axed.


Sources tell us, Tasha was previously asked to do season 1 of "BB Wives", except Stephon nixed the idea -- but now he lives in China part time playing for the Beijing Ducks ... and changed his tune.

By the way, Evelyn still hasn't been officially signed on for next season.  Looks like there could be almost a totally new cast.


In other news, Duane Martin and his wife Tisha are catching some heat from the bank over their mortgage.  The couple owes over $400,000 after allegedly defaulting on a 2008 loan for their waterfront Lake Arrowhead, California home.

The loan was actually a second loan taken out by the couple from City National Bank.  They allegedly already defaulted on their first loan of over $700,000, taken out from Aurora Bank.  After the bank foreclose don the property and sold it at auction for $925,000, Aurora was paid back first and the remainder given to City National.

Their City National loan ballooned to over $630,000, and only $193,000 was used from the sale of the property to satisfy this amount.  Now, of course, City National wants the rest of their money.  So they are suing the couple.

The Martins' response?  Their rep says they shouldn't be "bullied" into paying the loan because the bank received $400 million in government subsidy back in 2009 to help in situations like these.  Plus, The Martins say they are being discriminated against.  Not sure how you're entitiled to get out of a loan scott-free simply because you can't pay for it, but OK.

TMZ says the rep would not explain HOW exactly they are being discriminated against.  Alrighty then.





cant wait for RHOA to air in

cant wait for RHOA to air in Nov, forget that BBW Miami crap, nobody is going to watch anyway
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Thats a lie they are on Will

Thats a lie they are on Will & Jada payroll. Them swingers.
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Tisha and Duane must be

Tisha and Duane must be joking....you have to pay your bills like the rest of us. How are you going to use discrimination and the bail-out as a way to weasle out of paying bill especially when you have much more money than the average person?? Stop living above your means trying to impress Will and Jada.
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Damn They Giving Everybody

Damn They Giving Everybody Who Is A Nobody A Reality Show.
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Is it me? Or is Evelyn

Is it me? Or is Evelyn increasingly becoming unattractive?
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Brothas..... If you had a

Brothas..... If you had a woman that would join a show like "Basketball Wives" LET HER ASS GO ASAP!!! Black women love drama, and these entertainers are some "Sucka for love ass negros" when it comes to black women. You can tell a brotha that came from a single parent home, because these black women will run over them, join some ignorant ass show for fame just to be on the TV screen. Smdh.
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"You can tell a brotha that

"You can tell a brotha that came from a single parent home..." - Yes, you surely can. Pot meet kettle? Nothing but constant negativity, it negates the alleged point you're trying to make. I hope you aren't like this in your everyday interaction with people. I'm sure they roll their eyes on the regular. Sometimes you make valid points but they got lost in all the bitter delivery. Hopefully, you can find a more effective way to communicate your thoughts because if you could maybe some of the truths you speak would get across. You put an awful lot of time and energy in to cutting people down, which says more about you than the people you're attempting to vilify.
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C'mon now, WOMEN in general

C'mon now, WOMEN in general LOOVE DRAMA, not just Black women! And what about all those damn Botox faced WHITE chicks on all those "Real Housewives of XYZ" on BRAVO??? You must have a little SISSY in you, if you come to an URBAN BLOG site CREATED by a BLACK WOMAN to bash BLACK WOMEN on a DAILY BASIS lol.
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Sista why you have to

Sista why you have to disrespect me and call me out my name lol. Im not bashing black women at all IM ASKING A QUESTION. But if you want to insult your brotha call me a sissy then grant it go ahead. But i got a question name me more than 3 white women who have dated a black man AND THEY TRYING TO LIVE OFF THEY NAME LIKE THESE BLACK WOMEN ARE DOING BLACK MEN!!! NAME EM!!! I mean you name real house wives and some shows off bravo BUT THEM WOMEN AINT FIGHTING EVERY DAMN SHOWWWWW to the point where they have people trying to protest to shut the show down.
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Lmao, I didn't call you out

Lmao, I didn't call you out your name, I said you MUST HAVE SOME SISSY IN YOU. And you CLEARLY must not watch the RHONJ, or Jerseylicious cuz them chicks FLIP TABLES, PULL OUT WEAVE (FUSIONS) & I won't even go there with Jersey Shore and the GOVERNOR Chris Christie DENOUNCING the show along with UNICO Nat'l requesting the show be cancelled before it aired! And you will be VERY happy to know that on the NEW Season of L&HH a BECKY by the name of "Jen the Pen" will be making her debut. Her BABYDADDY is rapper Consequence!!
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OMG Please educate him. He

OMG Please educate him. He always have something negative to say about black women. Man his mother must have really did a number on him for him to be so hateful. I hate it when people open up their a$$ and speak about something they clearly do not have all the facts about.
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Beautiful....sista....!!! Im not negative towards black women at all, I just tell it like it is . If i was a mangina ,steve harvey ass negro, you black women would take advantage of me. But my beautiful sisya TELL ME WHERE IM WRONGGGGGGGGGGG, don't say i don't have the facts TELL ME WHERE IM WRONG!!
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"Black women love drama," he

"Black women love drama," he says. Your entire life must have been a FALLACY for you to generalize and group ALL Black women together as though we are one in the same. Whatever, 'Brotha-who-is-also-from-a-single-parent-home'! I guess Black women will run over your WEAK ASS too!
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If it's the majority, YOU

If it's the majority, YOU CAN'T HELP BUT GENERALIZE!!!I never said allllll, just the majority i see out here!! Alrite sista!!!!You aint gotta call me out my name and all of that , it just shows how typical alot you black women are!!
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Pray tell us Black women who

Pray tell us Black women who you consider to be the "majority"! The ratchet women in your family who were only fit to be baby mommas instead of wives? Marqueeta and LaChardonnay who live next door to "Grand-momma 'nems"? You have an illogical way of thinking, my 'Brotha'! Do you know every single Black woman from every Black culture in every Black community that exists in the entire world? Of course not! Therefore, everything you say from here on out is as invalid as your very existence. The end!
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"DAYUUUUUUUUUUM GINA"....Just beause a BANK gets a BAILOUT, DOESN'T mean YOU do too! Pay Ya Bills boo!! As far as the new "BBWives HOUSEWIFE" go, she looks BORING, and I REFUSE to watch if Tami ain't on BOARD!!
tori's picture

"Basketball Wives" (the

"Basketball Wives" (the original) is finally getting an actual wife. Since the only two chicks who were actually married during their season--Meeka Claxton and Kenya Bell--are no longer a part of the show..." ---------------- How is the show "finally getting a wife"??? Wasn't Jennifer Williams, who was, at the time, married to retired NBA player Eric Williams, a member of the original cast? Or does her presence not count because her husband was no longer an active NBA player?
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Haha...Kenya Bell just got

Haha...Kenya Bell just got paid out the azz in CASH... She said F that show and all the fake Bishes on it!! Lolol...
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Dang......in that first pic,

Dang......in that first pic, she looks like a crossed-eyed Vivica Fox
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Marbury's wife may be the

Marbury's wife may be the prettiest BBW in the show's history.
Saphistocation's picture

If only people would learn to

If only people would learn to live within their means...
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People want to impress

People want to impress others. LOL This sucks cus I like Tisha Campbell and Duane. Oh well!

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