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DO WE LOVE IT?: The Brooklynette Dancers Reveal Their...Uniforms

New team...new arena...new dancers.  There's a whole lot of newness over in Brooklyn.  But are we feeling the Brooklynettes' (yes, that's the name of the squad who cheers on the ballers) new uniforms? Check 'em  inside...

Nope, this isn't merchandise up for sale for you to hit the club or the corner in.  They're the new uniforms for the 20-person team of cheerleader/dancers for the Brooklyn Nets.

Jay-Z, who is partial owner of the team, had the responsibility of designing the new Nets logo.  And the black and white themed arena and team colors have, of course, extended to the Brooklynettes. 

Some folks think it's a glammed up refreshed look that will shake up NBA dance teams.  But we don't know if that shake up is a good thing.  The NY Post spoke to the designer, who says he loves a "pop star look", for an explanation:

“The uniforms are feminine and strong,” said the costumes’ designer, David Dalrymple, who has worked with fashion icon Patricia Field for decades, collaborating on costumes for “Sex and the City” and “The Devil Wears Prada.”

“This isn’t palm trees and sunshine. It’s New York City, and it’s Brooklyn. It’s a different sensibility. We go hard,” the designer said.

“They have a jumpsuit, a neoprene scuba blazer with sequin leggings, a little cropped warm-up jacket, and painted sequin leggings,” Dalrymple said.

All the looks feature the logos in black and white...with short skirts and pleather-like low cut material and multi-printed catsuits and all.  And yes, the fingerless gloves, boots and latex are all a part of the look.  Not sure how these chicks are about to dance in this, but I'm sure we'll see soon.

We have an eerie feeling HouseOfDamnIt'sWrong has something to do with this.  But still...




Tacky. Looks like Destiny

Tacky. Looks like Destiny Child's grandchildren...ugh. I just WISH that Beyonce and Tina would realize that designing clothes is NOT their strong point. I just get so angry inside every time I see Tina's ugly clothes in Walmart. Tacky...Tacky...Tacky!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

i hope this is a joke....

i hope this is a joke.... #tacky
nikasosmo0th's picture

Made straight from House of

Made straight from House of Dereon.
jyourichi's picture

These are straight Halloween

These are straight Halloween hooker costumes. Next.
The Real Thing's picture

What in the skank-ass-hell?!?

What in the skank-ass-hell?!? These "uniforms" look broke down and sad and the photo looks like an ad from Scores or King of Diamonds. And ya girl on the bottom photo in the Brooklyn mini-dress with the side vents and knee-high boots with Brooklyn on the side is straight-up KILLING ME!!!
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HATED IT in my "In Living

HATED IT in my "In Living Color" voice! that shit is whack... There is no other team rocking this ridiculous type ish. Just when you think Jay and Bey are classy, they show their hood asses!!! This is why they won't let Blacks be wealthy (not rich) wealthy... Who the hell signed off on this... I love the Carter's but NOSIR to this!!!!!

#GirlBye these look like

#GirlBye these look like Halloween Costumes. I immediately think of the Ham Burgler. I shant!

LOL... The boots with

LOL... The boots with Brooklyn on the side! I can't!!! lol

@rant - courtside Destiny's

@rant - courtside Destiny's child -lolol I can't.....
lifeisgood's picture

Why is it that just because

Why is it that just because it's a Brooklyn team that the outfits have to be all hoochie-fied? I've lived in Brooklyn for 10 years and it's definitely not ghetto. It's EXPENSIVE! As a matter of fact, Brooklyn is the second most expensive place to live in the country. Manhattan is first. The damn stadium sits right next to Park Slope, a Brooklyn neighborhood that would give any uppity suburb a run for it's money when it comes to yuppie-ness!
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Well I can't say that "I LOVE

Well I can't say that "I LOVE IT". I can say that the uniforms are very urban and look to be appropriate.
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i like the little outfit on

i like the little outfit on the right in the 2nd pic...i think those could work

Hated it!! (in my Blaine

Hated it!! (in my Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather voice) *With 3 snaps in a Z formation!!!
holmesa925's picture

Just an observation, isn't

Just an observation, isn't that Dwight Howard's ex, Christine Vest, in the first pic on the left? Anywho, I believe these will be a major distraction for the team, they're a little too revealing, a little too tight, and a little tooo outrageous LOL

If I were the dancers I would

If I were the dancers I would be highly embarrassed. It looks like a party city ad
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

Let me find out House Of

Let me find out House Of Dereon contributed to these looks....
Classic87's picture

maybe these r halloween

maybe these r halloween costumes i agree they look like inmates ..go back to the drawing board this shit is hideous
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rjacksonlv's picture

-_- These right here are

-_- These right here are some fugly ratchet messes, clean it up.
Peace Silas's picture

-_- These right here are

-_- These right here are some fugly ratchet messes, clean it up.
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Angelita's picture

They look cheap and

They look cheap and purposeless.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


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I'm CONFUSED, are the dancers

I'm CONFUSED, are the dancers SUPPOSED to look like the REFEREE or INMATES?? I know "BROOKLYN, WE GO HARD, WE GO HARD" but DAMN!! I hope the NEW uniforms give the Net's some SUPER POWERS cause we SUCK!!
tori's picture

Lol..they can't be

Lol..they can't be serious..what are they called again? court side destiny's child
rant's picture

Best comment!!!

Best comment!!!
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