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50 Cent Launches His Own Investigation Into Chris Lighty's Death, Chris' Will Raises Eyebrows

50 Cent is still not convinced the medical examiner's initial report, ruling his long time friend and manager Chris Lighty a suicide, was fully correct.  Since Chris' brother and mother also feel further investigation should be done, 50 is paying for his own investigation into Chris' death.


Details inside and why the will is raising eyebrows...

When Violator, Inc. founder Chris Lighty was found dead of an apparent suicide last month, people close to Chris and throughout the industry were shocked.  While suicides are rarely predictable, this case appeared totally out of the ordinary for someone like the industry exec.

After a second autopsy was ordered by Chris' family, it was performed by former NY Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Baden, and results were found to be "inconclusive".  It is no question that a gun shot was the cause of death.  But tests are still pending to determine if the shots were self-inflicted or not.

Now, 50 Cent has hired a high powered private investigation firm, at the request of Chris' mother, to look further into the case.

What has raised even more eyebrows is what was in Chris' will.  The final document was obtained by Fox 5 in NY. 

Chris willed his wife, Veronica Lighty, everything.  Plus, he left a $1.6 mill trust to his kids.  Interestingly, many believed Veronica and Chris were divorcing years ago when she filed papers.  But just recently, she made it known that she retracted those papers a few weeks later.

Except for a fund set aside for his children, the will says if he is survived by his wife, "I give my entire residuary estate, real and personal, to her."

That's a lot of power and many in the industry are questioning a few things.  Check out Fox's report below:

New York News | NYC Breaking News

In other surprising news, Warner Music's top creative executive Lyor Cohen has stepped down from his position.  The 52-year-old, who was close friends with Chris Lighty, ends his long time career with the company at the end of this month.  The chief executive of the recorded music division said in a statement:

“To all the artists and employees who live and die for the music every day, and who personally sacrifice for the good of the creative process: ‘keep on keepin’ on’ in the tradition of a company that respects and honors the artistic community.”





You know I am into facts and

You know I am into facts and observations and if the people that were around him the most feel like this wasn't in his character then they have a right to investigate...I am not saying that people don't have their moments because I have had mine (hell I have even talked crazy once or twice about not wanting to be 'here' anymore) but people who truly know me know that suicide is a not an option!!"
Money First's picture

This is great news and I

This is great news and I highly commend 50 Cent for stepping up and having his Brother's back instead of sitting back in a shadow of doubt and letting shit ride. Thank God.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Here comes a new episode of

Here comes a new episode of Snapped!!
My2Cents's picture

Poor Chris Lighty...he STILL

Poor Chris Lighty...he STILL can't REST IN PEACE!!
tori's picture

I told you these simple

I told you these simple minded fuckers wouldn't let it go as a suicide. Some insurance policies don't pay if the holder commits suicide. That is the prime reason behind not accepting suicide. Also, black folk tend to think black folk don't have the same emotional issues that the rest of society deals with. That is, of course, not true. So combine the money and the stigma and you always get the same thing. People wanting their own private medical exams. I'm sure 50cent is paying just because the family can't afford to pay.
The ZuluKing's picture

shut up dumbass a second

shut up dumbass a second opinion on something like this is never a bad idea....the simple minded fool is the one who just believes what they are told like your dumbass fulu self.
Tom Jones's picture

Hmmm... Sounds like a

Hmmm... Sounds like a Lifetime movie I just saw. Woman marries man for money, man tells wife she can no longer spend money on extravagant things, woman kills man, woman gets everything, but then woman is eventually caught.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I mean, Chris and his wife

I mean, Chris and his wife were still married. Even if she was thinking about divorcing him, many times, people forget to update their wills. At least he set aside money for his kids.
Tagirl27's picture

Wow....Lyor is stepping

Wow....Lyor is stepping down?? He has been around for forever. As far as the Chris Lighty thing, a lot of ppl have been questioning the suicide ruling by the medical examiner. It may be a good idea to have a second look at the findings but you really never know whats going on in a persons mind.
Ethel Mertz's picture

......"What good is it for a

......"What good is it for a man to gain the world...and lose his soul", this business is soulless, depraved....
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Good job 50 cents (Sherman

Good job 50 cents (Sherman Hemsley's aka "Mr. Jefferson" family is still fighting over his money and his body is still on ICE and its been like 2 months in the FREEZER for his dead carcass) smh........................
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