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Nia Long, Star Jones, & More Hit The 2012 CBCF Phoenix Awards Gala With First Lady Michelle Obama

This past weekend in D.C., celebs & politicians hit up the nation's capital for days of partying and conferencing in honor of the Congressional Black Caucus and its Foundation.  Check out pics inside, plus the Phoenix Awards gala where First Lady Michelle Obama gave a rousing speech...

Nia Long was on hand for the CBCF Annual Leadership Conference in DC this past weekend.  While congressmen, politicians and more conferenced about government strategies, celebs were on hand to party it up during the umpteen events going down.

Fab chick Nia was spotted at Roland Martin's annual Ascot Affair Saturday night after the Phoenix Awards Gala.  Roland, who is the host of TVOne's "Washington Watch" said about the event:

"I host this party because I like to remind people that politics can be fun.  We work hard to make sure the political process works for the people, but at the end of the day, we play hard, too!"

Chris Tucker and former Atlanta Hawks baller Dominique Wilkins were all there to party.

And he chilled out with Awards dinner host Robert Townsend (whose co-host was actress Sharon Leal).

First Lady Michelle Obama was the keynote speaker for the Dinner Saturday night at the Convention Center.  And she looked stunning in a black one-shoulder Michael Kors gown with a sparkling sequined waist.

FLOTUS urged the $750/plate crowd of thousands to keep her husband, President Barack Obama, in office another 4 years.  She gave insight into their own upbringing, the amazing things the President has done for the black community simply because he believed it was right, and more.

And she even took time to meet and greet the audience.

And was spotted chatting up Star Jones.

CBCF President & CEO, Dr. Elsie Scott, looking fab in a multi-print Alberto Malaki gown, wrapped her last year as President of the Foundation by honoring Director George Lucas (who gave a heartfelt acceptance speech about the difference between victims and heroes--likely in response to Mr. Romney's gaffes) and his work on Red Tails, Congresswoman Corrine Brown and The Honorable Harvey Gantt

Other celebs in attendance--Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Sheryl Lee Ralph and actress Debbie Morgan.  Fab times!

Check out our First Lady's speech below:


Photos: TheYBF.com; Earl Gibson, courtesy of The FrontPage Firm



Wow, I see a legend in the

Wow, I see a legend in the building. Mr. Robert Townsend. One of those African American men who tried to do uplifting and positive things in the AA community through avenues like film, TV, theater, and various broadcast. Before there was Tyler Perry (known), there was Robert Townsend. I haven't forgotten about you! Thanks man!
Featherlight's picture

Those are a LOT of lashes on

Those are a LOT of lashes on FLOTUS......guess Nia gave up trying to hitch a husband...lol
star's picture

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tom015's picture

Nia!!! She's gorgeous!!!

Nia!!! She's gorgeous!!!
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

So Nia and her girlfriend

So Nia and her girlfriend said "F*CK the DRESSCODE..." They look EXTRA FADED!!
tori's picture


rjacksonlv's picture

Nia looks AMAZING!

Nia looks AMAZING!
Jernero94's picture

And still this black

And still this black president will continue to do nothing for poor and working poor folk who are going to vote for them without any stipulations.
sunra's picture

Child please, Obama's

Child please, Obama's SUPPORTS education, and after checking out your poorly worded comment, YOU NEED THAT! The correct wording is "vote for him" sweetie, the Presidency is not a duality.

beautiful black positive

beautiful black positive people, love it!!!
monash's picture

Our FLOTUS is indeed a joy to

Our FLOTUS is indeed a joy to behold everytime we get the opportunity to. No idea who's the guy in the pic with Roland & Chris but that is definately NOT Dominique Wilkins!!
Realist's picture

I wanted it to be someone

I wanted it to be someone else as well, but alas, he's older, fatter, and shades browner these days! :)

@ shuga - lolol u an't

@ shuga - lolol u an't rite...lololol
lifeisgood's picture

I'm thinking Michelle could

I'm thinking Michelle could run for the presidency!

everybody looking

everybody looking good..........and then there's Star Jones.
shuga's picture

Right!! She always look like

Right!! She always look like she holdin in the hiccups!! LOL
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Our first lady is gorgeous.

Our first lady is gorgeous.
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