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Heat Baller Udonis Haslem & Fiancée Faith Rein's ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS

Miami Heat champ Udonis Haslem is on his way to copping another ring....a wedding ring.  Check out the 32-year-old baller's new engagement pics featuring him, his fiancée Faith Rein, and that pretty ring of hers...

Photographer April Belle--who seems to be every Heat wife/girlfriend's choice of picture taker--snapped a cute engagement photo session of Udonis & Faith recently.

The twosome, who have one son together, met back in college at University of Florida.  Faith was a track star and, of course, Udonis was a b-ball star.  They've been together for years and have finally made it official.

Faith tweeted the images saying she's "excited" and revealed, "My fiance and me. On the way to official status." 

I'm glad he got rid of the braids and all, but couldn't we also get a better haircut for engagement pics?

And if you're wondering if Faith could be the next addition to "Basketball Wives," that doesn't look like a possibility.  Check out her interview with Ballertainment last year saying Udonis would never go for that.  Good call.

Congrats to the couple!




Light skin girls are still

Light skin girls are still winning!
Hannibal's picture

These athletes all date the

These athletes all date the same kind of women. lol they all look the same, barely black or non black smh.
KENNEDY78's picture

tatts on his hand...knuckles

tatts on his hand...knuckles and shit...ugh...
Laia's picture

Of course she's white!

Of course she's white! (sarcastic)
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Well I see looks don't

Well I see looks don't matter. I guess congrats and watch her spend your money.
BBCAT's picture

She looks like one of the

She looks like one of the GOVAN GROUPIES, I mean SISTERS, and he looks like a NEANDERTHAL, good luck with that!
tori's picture

Congratulations brotha!!

Congratulations brotha!! Although i hate the heat!!! But big ups to you and the Queen!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Like Really Really...U a

Like Really Really...U a Funny lil dude.... Hehe!
Like Really's picture

What i do sista???

What i do sista???
LetsGetIt's picture

Haha...I'm not ur

Haha...I'm not ur sistas'...yea the ones u really mad at... Yea the same ones who called u out for every weak bonehead thing ya did... Hated all the gutter hood ratz u brought home... And the sistas' that told u everything u didn't know about urself!! U are a combative as hell but at times u make good points...hehe when ur're not provoking the entire site with Letsgetit insecurities!! U seem passionate enough for plenty girls to luv ya...but ur truths need to balance what's positive too Mann!!
Like Really's picture

Beloved, queen, sista, black

Beloved, queen, sista, black woman!! I'll be positive when the black community is the most powerful community ON THE PLANET!!!Until then i have nothing to be proud of or positive about. MY PEOPLE ARE AT THE FUCKING BOTTOM, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO BE NICE!!!But sista a black woman has never told me about myself, SHE MAY HAVE THOUGHT SHE DID , but she didn't. If anything i tell black women WHAT'S REAL AND MOST OF THEM HATE IT BECAUSE IT'S COMING OUT OF THE MOUTH OF A BLACK MAN!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Lol....u BETTA find some

Lol....u BETTA find some TIME..Itzs the only waaay u are going 2 get sum good pussi that's on ur level mentally!... Hehe..And if so I truly dont believe u'd have this much clock on ur wrist 2 analyze and then bash all day!! If I'm ya sista.... Treat me like one!! Heheha....
Like Really's picture

You black women, always

You black women, always trying to bait a brotha with the goodies!!! And most of the time it works, but your brotha letsgetit is smart enough to jump out when the gettins good. And you right it's going to be tough finding a woman that's on my level, i agree I DON'T EVEN EXPECT TO FIND A WOMAN ON MY LEVEL, BUT i think i can find that one that close. She aint gotta be where im at, JUST LOVE YOURSELF AND YOUR PEOPLEEEEE!! Which most black women don't ... But that's all im looking for a natural black woman that loves her people!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Like Really Really...Well

Like Really Really...Well dam...if u dont except then u'll never receive.. So i suggest u take ur own advice and Luv urself...u might find sumthing thats not worth bashing!! Hehe... Goodnight buddy!
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ummm, who?!?! ...and why do

ummm, who?!?! ...and why do they look so unkempt?
My2Cents's picture


That Ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cashin' Out has a condo around his neck.....she's wearing the whole neighborhood!)............................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

The photo of the ring on the

The photo of the ring on the flower is super cheesy. Other than that, I don't know anything about either of these two. They do make a nice looking couple though and the ring looks nice.
Ethel Mertz's picture

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