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Nicki Minaj Gets "Trilogy Of Specials" On E! -- NOT A Reality Show

Nicki Minaj just landed herself a trilogy of specials on E!.  It's not the reality show series that was reported by other sources yesterday.  But E! gave the official word today that Ms. Minaj will indeed be featured on the network this November.


Deets inside...

It's not a full reality series, but you can expect a few specials around Nicki Minaj to air on the E! network this fall.

According to the network,

The platinum-selling rapper, who just signed on as an "American Idol" judge and launched her own perfume, will offer viewers exclusive intimate access to her personal and professional life...including never-before-seen footage.

The pop chick and sometimes rapper will likely be doing a special very close to her 2010 MTV special "My Time Now".

Will you be watching the inside look into Roman, Roman's mama and all Nicki's other multiple personalities?




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jouli1989's picture

WTF is white people's

WTF is white people's obsession with Nicki Minaj? I don't get it... I really wanted to give her a chance but she has been nothing but a joke. And now that the white media have become OBSESSED with her, she's gonna be all over commercial TV. Pepsi commercials, American Idol, E!? What's next? They're gonna let her host the Grammy's? I'm just so over her but it seems she will officially forced upon us no matter what. Young Money has got to be the wackest, most commercial pop-ish "rap" group EVER!
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

shes eclectic and white folks

shes eclectic and white folks eat that up
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Yes they do but she's Not

Yes they do but she's Not really eclectic. It's all feigned but if they believe and buy it, good for her
star's picture

shes eccentric too and white

shes eccentric too and white people love that even more
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Again it's ALL FAKE. Im sure

Again it's ALL FAKE. Im sure she doesn't even know what these words mean...but she knows those with the money and power like ish like that, so she fakes it and it's making her a Rich Bitch.
star's picture

Fashion Police is the only

Fashion Police is the only show I watch on E, so they can give this Gimmick as many outlets as they want I certainly wont be tuning in.
Realist's picture

This is ridiculous! and the

This is ridiculous! and the people that are following her are so pathetic to me. the sad thing is we are sitting back just let these kids idolize this woman! who raps about having sex with women getting f***** in the b*** and saying is okay to dress like a clown and not take life seriously. she is not a role model E! should be ashamed of themselves given this garbage a platform. I have never once heard this woman say anything positive . she is ratchet I mean she already call everybody lazy b****** for not being rich like her. she told you she wasin a role model for your children ,. Fuck! what do we have to do to get rid of her seriously! I mean this is just gross. and 1 more thing all you grown ass women over 27 and call me yourself barbie kill your f****** self please
REd™'s picture

This is the death video of

This is the death video of Derek Williams. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PORDYlI8HjM There are somethings that are more important then Nikki Minaj, Beyonce, Jay-Z and other frivulous things. Our sons are literally dying out here. Please wake up!
missbliss's picture

Trilogy Special...Reality

Trilogy Special...Reality Show...whatever you want to call it, it's STILL GARBAGE!! Kim K already got the "FAKE A$$ & FAKE PERSONALITY" reality GAME on LOCK over at E! Oh well, good for her, BUT I WON'T BE WATCHING!!
tori's picture

I know I will. I've recently

I know I will. I've recently come the realisation that I'm a Barb. :-/

has she EVER been linked to

has she EVER been linked to any guy or date anyone (i think she is A-Sexual)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

*a Blank

*a Blank Stare....FOREVEr!!!!!!
Like Really's picture

Nobody wants to see this

Nobody wants to see this inflated clown.
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