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WORKING GALS: Lauren London, Alicia Keys, Keke Palmer, Kandi Burruss & Chance Combs Hit The J.O.B.

We've rounded up pics of a few of our fave YBF chicks doing what they do best on Friday...WORK.  Check out what Lauren London, Alicia Keys and more were up to today inside...

Actress Lauren London posted a rare snap of herself on the set of a new project today.  The hot mom gave a nice flip off in the pic, but we still love her.  Hey Lauren!

Alicia Keys posted this sexy pic right before hitting the iTunes Festival tonight at Roundhouse in London.  She debuted another piano-driven ballad called "Brand New Me" for the packed audience.

After whipping through her classic cuts and "Not Even The King", Alicia debuted "Brand New Me," which appears on her Girl On Fire album. She said she wrote the personal lyrics alongside one of our fave newbies--Scottish singer Emeli Sandé.  Check out her full set above.


This little girl makes us say "Awww" every time we see her.  Little Chance Combs had a small taste of the working world today as she hit up V103 radio station with Daddy Diddy today.  He was on hand to do promo before hosting Jeezy's birthday party tonight, and before hitting the stage at tomorrow night's 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards.  Diddy tweeted it's "Take Your Daughter To Work Day."

LaLa Anthony threw on her thigh high boots to work it out with her bestie Po Johnson today.  Po was shooting her new video with Maino, and of course, La and Dice were tapped to be featured in it.

YBF chick KeKe Palmer showed off her edgy fashionista style with her studded white blouse collar and pink suit as she got ready to hit "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" today.  Her Lifetime movie, The Carlina White Story, premieres next Saturday, October 6th.

Kandi Burruss posted herself at the Google offices having a mysterious meeting with the search engine gurus.  Wonder what she's up to...


And Kandi's bestie Toya Wright was at Paul Quinn College today in downtown Dallas continuing her "college tour" to inspire the kids.  She posted the above pic saying:

Thanx to Paul Quinn College for having me today! Today's discussion was powerful. #greatpanel #toyaoncampustour

All before she hosts the DFW Literary Soulfest Kickoff Party tonight in Dallas.

Keep up the fab work ladies!

Pics: Twitter/Instagram




Lauren London would make a

Lauren London would make a good Alayiah.
THE BUSINESS's picture

Why does Toya always poise

Why does Toya always poise with her chest stuck out. She needs to ease up on the body injections shes starting to look like K Michelle.
Ms Nay's picture

Ummmm, should people who

Ummmm, should people who didn't graduate from high school, be doing "college tours"?
allnatural's picture

rumor has it..........Chance

rumor has it..........Chance Combs was just offered a full athletic scholarship to UCLA Football as well (based on merit)......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Lauren London is so damn

Lauren London is so damn BORING! I see they got her wearing Tia's old/leftover VIRGIN REMY INDIAN HAIR on the set of "The Game..is Over" KeKe is so PRETTY, I like the fact she doesn't dress like a HOLLYWOOD HOOKER, but I wish she would wear clothes that were more geared toward her age. Chance is such a CUTIE PIE...at least DIDDY takes care of ALL his kids...even Cassie!
tori's picture

Diddy may not be a fave celeb

Diddy may not be a fave celeb to anyone these days, but that boy works his but off being in a million different places at one time! Chasing that dolla dolla bill shortens your life, but I guess that's all he knows...Have I been sleeping on Po? Is she up-and-coming? KeKe, don't let them put all that make-up on you! Embrace your youth and work it out, chica! Toya is so pretty...but that one and only side pose is tie-yered!
Honey BOOM's picture

"but that one and only side

"but that one and only side pose is tie-yered!" I could not agree with your more...:)
PR22's picture

Love Alicia's style. She

Love Alicia's style. She looks amazingly beautiful here and her hair really suits her. Love everything about this lady, especially her singing and the new song, "Brand New Me". So glad to see the entire show again. She was amazing!
rosa's picture

Ok Alicia.....lol

Ok Alicia.....lol
star's picture

That's the finger Lauren

That's the finger Lauren should have gave Wayne when he asked for her phone number. Diddy better touch that gray up in his beard before Cassie trades his old ass in. And I really want a pair of Louboutin "come f^*k me pumps" like Toya's.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

I have no respect for Lauren

I have no respect for Lauren after procreating with that fungus. Alicia's top look like it was made by a student on the first day of sewing class and I so so so wish that she would do something about that ridiculous Moe from The Three Stooges ass haircut. KeKe looks cute. I'm sorry, but who and how is Toya gonna inspire anyone?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

To some extent, people can't

To some extent, people can't help the way that they look, so I am generally not critical of people's looks, but I literally LOL at "fungus". I hang my head in shame :)
PR22's picture

Lauren London is probably on

Lauren London is probably on the set of that dying show 'The Game.' I wonder what it must feel like to have a rich but ho as a father? I know a lot of ignorant people will say, "at least their father is rich," but money doesn't buy happiness. I personally don't know if I would be able to deal emotionally with the fact that my father (i.e. Stevie J, Diddy, Russell Simmons, Hugh Hefner, etc) consistently cheated on my mom and put his needs (his d!ck) before his children.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

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