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MORE PICS From Solange's "Losing You" Video Shoot In Cape Town

More pics have emerged from the brightly colored "Losing You" video that Solange recently shot. See the new photos inside....

We told you previously about Solange's eye-popping Cape Town, South Africa video shoot for "Losing You" and now new photos have emerged.

The clothes were selected by Asanda Sizaniwas, ELLE South Africa's Fashion Director.

Yesterday she tweeted, 4 DAYS until "LOSING YOU" VIDEO comes out!!! 4 DAYS until "LOSING YOU" is out, & available to cop!


And in case you missed it, watch the teaser here:

Photography by Daniele Tamagni, Styling by Ty Hunter




based on this, i think i'm

based on this, i think i'm going to like it. I liked her last album, i thought it was different. I don't know why people think she's trying to ride her sisters coat tail....the difference in their styles is totally opposite!

Solange has a FABULOUS

Solange has a FABULOUS BODY!!! The girl is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigJohn's picture

OK, I'm feeling the

OK, I'm feeling the vibe...yes, Solo this is your time to shine!

Solange is so hot!!! I think

Solange is so hot!!! I think it's her time now... she's a good writer & the track seem like some old school jump off shit... It's a good look.
RO's picture

LOVES my HTOWN girl! really

LOVES my HTOWN girl! really excited for her new project. solange...when you do a mini tour...tour...what have you...u BETTA brang yo behind down on Hadley or somewhere near...we will expect nothing less! =)
ooooimTELLIN's picture

Solo, love your afro! She

Solo, love your afro! She looks cute.

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I really like Solo-Angel and

I really like Solo-Angel and I love that she is doing her own thing apart from attention-starved sister but sometimes I look at her 'vintage' photos with her friends and it looks like a video from YouTube titled "Sh*t Hipsters Say..." LOL!☺
Peace Silas's picture

Pic #4 <----- so she paid

Pic #4 <----- so she paid Africans to sit around her while she laughs at them for being so poor.....smh....................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Lol...Solange has thought

Lol...Solange has thought poor since born...I mean *my sista being a superstar n' all....hehe she gotz alot too prove...however the Jonas bros did it with a breeze!! Haha and that's sayin a lot with Kim disfigured Fam on E repeat!!! Smhlol...She just tries too hard for it to be in sync!!!
Like Really's picture

SOCLOWN needs to just go

SOCLOWN needs to just go away!
Shay's picture

Like Really Really... Being

Like Really Really... Being different wud be in ur favor...if ya dont try so Dam hard to make it a fierce point! Lol
Like Really's picture

Solo... This remind me of ur

Solo... This remind me of ur best dayz... Yea that movie u did with Bow-Foul...now I'm looking for Tony arse! Hahahe...!
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Nice. Solange looks

Nice. Solange looks beautiful.
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