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Young Jeezy CELEBRATES His 34th Birthday AGAIN, SELLS 5 Million Records WORLDWIDE!


Rapper Young Jeezy celebrated his 34th birthday last night at Reign in Atlanta after a dinner party at STK.  See pics inside and find out about his recent music industry honor....


We told you earlier about the Snowman aka Young Jeezy celebrating his 34th birthday (in advance) with a black-tie event in Atlanta, and last night, he had a second party hosted by Diddy at Reign.  Erika Liles, wife of Kevin, snapped pics of Jeezy's Versace birthday cake.  Jeezy, who is also the new Sr. VP of A&R at Def Jam, tweeted:

We in reign heavy! Gangsta Gibbs, Pusha T, Pecas, whole CTE we shutting the city down!

I don't know what it is but this bald head has been doing wonder for Mr. Jay Jenkins.  Lookin' kinda sexy there...

As Stephen Hill looked on, Jeezy was also presented with a plaque to celebrate selling over 5 million records worldwide.


Kevin Liles and wife Erika were there to celebrate with Jeezy.



She rocked a gold Chanel chain and a red typewriter printed dress.

Jeezy and Sean Pecas had some fun.


Fun times.


And Diddy tweeted a special toast to the Snowman featuring Ciroc Coconut. 

Congrats & Happy Birthday Jeezy!

The Randomness:

1. The Game kicked out of Lil' Wayne's birthday party after brawl. Story.

Photos via Instagram, ATLPics.net




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tom100's picture

I REALLY like Jeezy! I love

I REALLY like Jeezy! I love to see rappers EVOLVE and actually get REAL INDUSTRY MONEY (Senior VP of A&R at Atlantic Records)! It's funny that the people Jeezy partied with at Reign were dressed BETTER than the people at that "Black & Tired" event he had!
tori's picture

Jeezy's SEXY ass! I'd just

Jeezy's SEXY ass! I'd just SOP his sexy ass up with a biscuit! It's a damn shame that Game's big, OVERGROWN ass can't ever go out in public and act like a civilized human being. It's a damn shame, just goes to show that even if you give a Negro a whole lot of money and move their uncivilized out of the hood that they'll always have that savage blood and mentality inside of them. Damn. Puffy just HAD to cleverly ease his lousy endorsement gig in there, didn't he? I'm so over the whole Ciroc evolution.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Old Jeezy. p.s. he looks 45.

Old Jeezy. p.s. he looks 45.
Ethel Mertz's picture

I love JEEZY! So happy for

I love JEEZY! So happy for him and all his success!!!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

these guys pushing 40 years

these guys pushing 40 years old need to come up with a new prefix other than: Lil', Young, Scrappy Doo.........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Yeah they all Need to come

Yeah they all Need to come out of the closet and have a new prefix like...HOMO
star's picture

Thank God I never bought one.

Thank God I never bought one.

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